WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 5

WWE Desire's John Cena

[The camera shows John Cenaís hotel room where he and Babz are staying for the night. Cena and Babz are laying in the bed sleeping. Babz has her arm over Cena and Cena the same with her. The moments later Cena starts to move a little. He opens his eyes and rubs his eyes to get the sleep out of them. He then rolls over and looks at the clock and notices that it is 6:30 in the morning. He sits up and kisses Babz on the check and picks up her arm and gently lays it down on the pillow as he gets up. Cena gets up and puts his pants on and notices the camera. Cena looks at it in disgust and then walks over to the desk in the corner and sits down. He turns and focuses on the camera.]

[Cena][:: Well what did I say last time huh? I told you all that on Monday Night I was going to show the world that John Cena means business. I showed the world that John Cena is the best MALE superstar in the WWE. Hell Iím not going to cut my woman Babz here short cause she without a shadow of a doubt is the best FEMALE superstar in the WWE. We will go down as possibly the best team in WWE history cause lets face it WE have the best chemistry in the WWE. We just connect. We can tell what each other are thinking before the other even knows what they are thinking. We know each other that well. Ya see right now I can tell you what Babz is thinking right now! See her over there just sleeping so quietly and so softly. I will tell you right now. She is thinking about me John Cena. Nothing else could sooth her as much as John Cena. Now back to what I did last night on RAW. Soul Taker what did I tell you my friend? I told you that you are a no talent 6 foot 9 piece of trash and I proved to the entire world that I was right. Hey I canít change the fact that John Cena is just so much more superior than you and nor do I plan on wanting to change it. You see right now all of you people are looking at the future Intercontinental Champion. Now I noticed that I have a tournament to wrestle in on Smackdown. Well as I can see that Vince McMahon is getting tired of D-Generation X having all the gold and that he is going to take it upon himself to take some titles away from D-X. Well what better way to ensure that this will happen than to put John Cena in a tournament to become the IC title number 1 contender. Now I guarantee to all of my loyal fans out there and to Babz here that I will win this tournament and I will then go on to beat the so called MV at Fright Fest and then become the NEW IC Champion. Then after that I will do exactly what I have promised and that is to get to the top and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world. I am John Cena the teacher of thug-a-nomics 101 and the principle of the school of hard knocks and that will be all that my opponents will be feeling on Smackdown is some HARD KNOCKS first hand from John Cena.

[Babz then starts to awake. She gets up and rubs the sleep out of her eyes. She then looks over at the clock and it says 6:45. Babz then notices the camera and smiles. She then gets up and walks right over to John and sits on his lap. The kiss.]

[Cena][:: Sleep well baby?

[Babz][:: Of course. I have been ever since youíve came back.

[Cena][:: I figured. You slept like a baby. Well after all the action last night we were both pretty tired. Hell not even the entire worlds stamina could have kept up with us last night.

[Babz][:: (smiling) We were very busy. I loved it very much. I missed you completely. Did you miss me?

[Cena][:: Of course I missed you baby. Everyday I thought about you. There wasnít an hour that went by that you didnít cross my mind. But now that we are back together we donít have to worry about the past cause all that is for us now is the future. In the VERY near future for me is the Intercontinental title. In the VERY near future for you is a LONG LONG LONG womans title reign. You will prove to the entire world that we are not to be underestimated and that we are rightfully in our spots in the WWE. We didnít take the short cuts and we didnít take hand downs. We earned these spots on the roster and my god we are going to make it all worth it. We will soon be the ones that the fans think about when they hear the letters WWE! Isnít that right baby?

[Babz][:: Of course itís right! So whats our plans for today honey?

[Cena][:: Well first off we need to get cleaned up cause we feel a little dirty donít we?

[Cena smirks as Babz smirks as well. They both get up and head towards the bathroom. They close the door behind them. The camera then cuts to a quick commercial.]

[The camera then cuts back moments later and John Cena and Babz are out of the bathroom and all clean with there hair all wet. They look at each other and kiss. Babz then walks over to the bed and sits down. Cena then goes over to the phone and for a few minutes is talking to someone.]

[Babz][:: Are our reservations cancelled?

[Cena][:: Oh yeah donít worry about it. Hell after our visit to McDonalds I thought I would make it up to you by taking you to a NICE restaurant. But after out ďtalkĒ in the bathroom I think what you have planned for later sounds MUCH better.

[Babz][:: (laughing) I new you would see things my way! Now we can see that there is a nice camera here from WWE to SNOOP on WWEís best couple. So we have decided to give all you people what you want! (the crowd loudly cheers.) No no no not that! That is for John to see and only John. Now Angel Mac I no your daddyís little baby girl but on Smackdown not even daddy will be able to save you in our match. I plan on having my way with you Thursday Angel. As the brand newly crowned Womanís Champion I feel it is my duty to set an example to all of the other Divaís in the WWE that I am not a girl that you can just walk all over. If you are going to want to beat me for this title or just going to flat out beat me you will have to pretty much kill me out there in that ring cause I will not give you an inch to get a win over me Angel you or anybody else. Ya see I donít make many mistakes and I think you can tell from my impressive undefeated record. So there wont be much at all for you to capitalize on come Smackdown. Ya see you wont have to just go through me but you will also have to go through John Cena who will be in my corner cheering me on move for move isnít that right baby?

[Cena][:: Of course I will always be right there in your corner just like you will be right there in mine in each of my matches on Smackdown. I am going to win ALL 3 of my matches on Smackdown that I will have. Yes you heard me right ALL 3!!! That means that I will defeat Weasel in the first round and then go on to beat either Edge or Gabriel in the second. Now I donít give a damn which one of the two beat each other cause it wont matter cause I am just that much better than them both. Hell yo I can take them both on in a damn handicap match and I will still go on to the finals and beat whatever chump walks into the match. It wonít matter to me and it wont matter to my baby girl Babz here either. I am the king of Bling Bling not Chris Jericho. I am the better singer not Chris Jericho or oh wait should I say Moongoose McQueen? Psh Jericho I plan on over doing all that you have done and thatís why I am mentioning your sorry ass. Now I no you havenít been seen here in the WWE for a while but still. Now listen here Weasel since you are my first round opponent I guess I donít have much else to talk about other than you my friend. So instead of me telling you why donít I FREESTYLE it to ya. So Come on baby give me a beat will ya?

[Babz][:: Sure thing baby!

[Babz starts to work a little beat for Cena to work with.]

[Cena][:: Alright listen here Wesley Iím only gonna give it to ya once. Thursday night on Smackdown Iíll beat you so bad youíll go sit in the corner with a hat that says dunce! Weasel you can call yourself what you like and I see itís the Big Bad Weasel Daddy. Hell you can call me irish but you need to learn son that this is mine to win little laddy! Iím tired of this stupid ass N.W.O. So me and my girl Babz we ainít gonna take shit no moí! Your called the New World Order. It seems to me like all you bitches need to stop hopping our border! Weasel all you are is just a simple little bitch boy. Hell dawg your not even good enough to be my girls little toy! I am the untouchable Weasel and Iím gonna win this. I will drop you with the FU and then look at your body and take a piss! Now there is no disrespect here youíre in the Hall. Youíll be like a damn marlin and I will plant you on my wall! You will be like a damn trophy that I can look at and remembaĎ. Iíll prove to the world that Cena is for real and not just a pretendaí! Hell yo I ainít like no Chicago Cubs who canít win shit. Hell yo Iím like the damn Yankees but only bettaí and if ya donít believe me you can suck my tit! Nah, nah, nah I didnít say that. But I still plan on using your face to max the mat! Yo dawg look at what I got to offer compared to you. Your like the damn foreigner who reeks of bad brew! All the French are alike just like MV. They all proper and shit always talking about there tea! I donít care if Iím wrong to me it donít mattaí. Iím crazy dawg more mad than the mad hattaí! You can think what you want about Babz and Cena trust us we donít mind. But when you look on the WWE ladder our names wont be hard to find! Right up there at the top is where we will be. And there isnít ONE damn person in the world who has it bettaí than ME!!! WORD LIFE!!!

[Cena then leans over and kisses Babz on the check as the both with one hand give off John Cenaís famous pose. As the camera cuts out.] ]--

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