WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 2

WWE Desire's John Cena

[The camera shows an SUV pulling up into the arena. The car parks and John Cena steps out and grabs his bags. He starts heading into the arena as a backstage agent approaches him.]

[Agent][:: John Cena, John Cena. Mr. McMahon said that he wanted to see you in his office right away once you got to the arena.

[Cena][:: Psh you mean to tell me that Vince McMahon wants to see John Cena in his office right now?

[Agent][:: Thatís what I said.

[Cena][:: Shit dawg I know what you said. What?! You think that John Cena is deaf or somethiní?

[Agent][:: No I justÖbut you saidÖ

[Cena][:: SHUT UP!!! Get the hell out of my way before I put you out of my way.

[Cena walks into the arena and walks into his locker room. He drops off his bags and then heads back out the door. Cena then starts walking down the long hallway until he notices a door that have WWE Chairman Vince McMahon labeled on it. Cena then opens the door and notices Vince McMahon sitting behind his large desk. Vince motions for Cena to sit down. Cena decides to sit.]

[Vince McMahon][:: John Cena on first hand I would like to welcome you into the World Wrestling Entertainment.

[Cena][:: Thank youÖI guess.

[Vince][:: Now I would also like to congratulate you on your debut victory that you had against Gabriel on Smackdown last week.

[Cena][:: Psh Gabriel wasnít nothiní! I am looking for some harder competition here and I get Gabriel and now I find out I get Soul Taker on RAW! Yo thatís just not right. I donít plan on wasting my talent and charisma on some nobodyís like these.

[Vince][:: Well that is one of the reasonís why I called you into my office today John. I see a lot of potential in you and I no that you are going to be a HUGE star here in the WWE in the near future I really do. Youíll be right up there with the greats I guarantee it. Now John I can guarantee to you that you will be facing some bigger talent names if you can do something for me.

[Cena][:: And what exactly would that be?

[Vince][:: Well I am talking about teaming up with myself Vince McMahon and my ally Tank. I think you two would make a VERY dominate team. You see Tank and I we see eye to eye and we are both on the same page. We both want Tank to get what he rightfully deserves and that is to be the WWE World Champion. I would like your help with all of this John.

[Cena][:: You mean you want me to help Tank become the WWE World Champion?

[Vince][:: Why yes, yes I do.

[Cena][:: Ummm well Iíll have to think about it!

[Cena gets up and walks out of Vinceís office as Vince sits back smiling like only he can. Cena then walks down the long hallway heading for the ring. The camera then cuts to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.]

[JR][:: Well it seems like John Cena and Vince McMahon may be making a deal with each other. I would hate for that to happen King.

[King][:: Neither would I JR! But we donít know if John is going to except Vinceís offer or not. Well he is on his way out here so maybe he has decided already.

[John Cenaís music blares throughout the arena as the fans all start to boo as Cena makes his way out from behind the curtain.]

[Cena starts walking down the ramp taunting the crowd.]

[Cena starts to smirk as he gets ready to walk up the stairs and into the ring. He notices a face screaming at him and threatens to smack him so he shuts up. Cena then looks into the ring and gets ready to enter.]

[Cena gets into the ring and grabs a mic from Lilian Garcia.]

[Cena][:: Yo, yo, yo, yo man all you fans out here are trippiní yo! You all need to just chill a little bit cause right now John Cena is out and about ready to teach you all a thing or two about thug-a-nomics. So all you ignoramusís need to just sit back collaborate and listen yo! Now on my way to the arena in my SUV I got a call from one of the workers backstage here at WWE and he told me that Vince McMahon has booked me in a match this Monday night on RAW against some bitch ass worthless piece of shit named Soul Taker. What the hell is a soul taker anyway? What you gonna try and take John Cenaís soul? Is that what your gonna try and do? Hell yo you wonít have much luck cause I have been known for NOT HAVING ONE!!! Yo, yo, yo, yo listen up when I preach cause this isnít no Algebra or Geography that I teach. I am teaching the basic fundamentals of thug-a-nomics yo! Soul Taker now I have seen you out here wrestling and all that shit. Hell Iíve seen you work this mic like itís a damn dildo. Stroking it like it was. Wishing and hoping that you might be able to spend a few moments alone with it. Haha yo, now that is just disturbing yo! Now you were probably thinking that you wouldnít want to do that cause then the people would think your just a big freak. Hell if I knew there was someone who gets his jollies off of a microphone than I would think he was a freak to. Now Iím not out here to crack jokes cause this is all in seriousness the fact that John Cena has to waste his time on some no talent loser like Soul Taker is just beyond belief yo. I donít understand it. Hell maybe the upper management doesnít like John Cena or maybe they think that Iím not worth SPIT!!! But I beg to differ cause evidentially Vince McMahon has given John Cena an offer that some people may say that I canít refuse. If I help out Vince McMahon and Tank then I will get what I want and thatís some damn recognition. Now I havenít decided on it yet. So you people need to wait upon John Cenaís decision.

Now listen up youíll I need to get back to my match against this Soul Taker dude. Now Soul Taker I have noticed a little something about you. You want to know what I noticed? Yeh I bet you do. What I noticed was that your just a big fat slow piece of shit that I am going to run rings around. Yeh now Iím not that fast but Iím faster than your big slow ass. So come on Soul Taker why donít you come on out here and show me what you got?! Huh? Why not? You scared to come out here and come face to face to John Cena? Hell dawg you canít even see me. Iím the untouchable but on Monday night on RAW I will force you to feel me. You will feel nothing short of pure pain and aggression from John Cena.

Now you all listen cause the principle of the school of hard knocks and the teacher of thug-a-nomics 101 will give you all yet another lesson. So check this!

Yo, yo, yo Soul Taker you like to come out and say your stupid phrase ďSLEEP TIGHT AND DON'T LET SOUL TAKER FRIGHTĒ. Psh you say that like you are something to be feared. Yo after your little shit with the microphone yo man your just flat out weird! You ainít got nothiní on John Cena not even an inch. Hell man I am as clutch as you can get I even come through in the PINCH!!! Soul Taker you and your 325 pound frame. Psh with all the lake of competition in the WWEÖI think your ass is one to blame. Yo, your just a mere replacement. One to come off the bench. Hell yo Iím a starter who lastís 4 quarters your like your mommaí a mere gutter wench! Shit dawg I see that your all tall and mighty your about 6 foot 9. Hell dawg Iím only 6 foot 2 and I look at you and I no that I will be fine! Like I said you are nothing to fear. I can be like Stone Cold Steve Austin and just sit back and drink bear! Ha no, no I am much better than Stone Cold he ainít even close to my equal. He sucks so damn badÖas bad as a damn pre-qual! Soul Taker you can shut your mouth cause you ainít no bettaĎ. Heís at least got some gold your nothing but a BITCH that will feel my vendetta! Soul Taker you can try and steal John Cenaís soul it doesnít matter to me. I got my soul right in my pantsÖhell my ďsoulĒ is bigger than Tommy Lee! Now to end this rhyme Taker on Monday night youíll be flat out of luck. But Iím John Cena and I donít give a FUCK!!! WORD LIFE!!!

[Cena drops the mic and taunts to the fans as John Cenaís music hits. Goes to commercial.] ]--

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