WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 2

WWE Desire's John Cena

--[ [The camera shows John Cena arriving to the Smackdown show that will start in a few hours. Cena steps out of his car and grabs his bags. Michael Cole rushes over to John Cena.]

[Cole][:: Well John I see that you have arrived to the arena for Smackdown tonight.

[Cena][:: You are retarded! You see that I have arrived to the Smackdown arena? What the hell is that? Now do you actually want an interview or not?

[Cole][:: Yes John I would like to do an interview.

[Cena stands there just looking at Cole for a few seconds.]

[Cena][:: Well? You gonna ask any questions?

[Cole][:: Oh yes sorry! Well first off it seems like Donavon Maxwell has declined your challenge against him next week on RAW. What do you have to say about that?

[Cena][:: Haha Maxwell you are really just a fool aren’t you? I can’t believe you actually think that I give a shit about what this Phoenixx fellow did. He is just a pathetic excuse for a human being. You make it seem like being related to him is a damn honor. It’s not like he is a damn hall of famer or anything. You both are just fucked up pieces of worthless trash that needs to be taken out. You remind me of an old dog who needs to be shot to take him out of his misery. Now I would be more than happy to be the one to shoot you BOTH. Now Maxwell that’s fine that you wont face me cause all that tells me is that you’re a damn COWARD!!! Hey I would be afraid of John Cena to. I wouldn’t want none of this! The thing is Maxwell I wont let you off the hook until I get you inside that damn ring and whoop your sorry ass from pillar to post like only the principle of the school of hard knocks can! So Maxwell where ever you are I will be right there around the corner just getting ready to beat your ass down like the little damn slave that you are. I will make you my personal BITCH!!!

[Cole][:: Ok well tonight is your debut match against “The Fallen Angel” Gabriel. What are your thoughts on the debut?

[Cena][:: Well Cole I have been waiting for this match for a while now. I have wanted to go out there in front of all the damn morons out there and show the entire world just exactly why John Cena is untouchable and John Cena is unstoppable. I am the teacher of thug-a-nomics 101 and tonight on Smackdown is going to be the first damn lesson! I plan on making it a lesson that none of you people will EVER forget. You can sit in those same seats out there exactly 20 years from now and you will still remember the shocking match that WAS John Cena’s debut match here in the WWE Desire. I am the true future of the WWE not this cockroach named Gabriel. What kind of a name is that anyway? Huh? Do you have a damn last name or anything? Or is it just Gabriel. Like Madonna and like Cher? What the hell is wrong with you, you nimrod? I don’t think you realize who the hell you will be dealing with tonight live on Smackdown do you? No you just think that I am some rookie who doesn’t no jack shit but the truth of the matter is that I am John Cena the ruthless John Cena and I plan on dropping your ass right out there in the middle of the ring with the F U and then get the quick pin fall …1...2...3! Just like that I will beat you senseless! You might be good there Gabriel but the thing is I am just that much better. The thing is Gabriel I got a quick question for you. How can you beat someone that you can’t see? Huh? I will tell you the answer to that exact question. YOU CAN’T!!! Ya see you can’t see me none of you people can. I am John Cena the one and only principle of hard knocks and the one and only teacher of thug-a-nomics 101 and like I said Gabriel your going to be my first lesson. Now after this lesson I highly doubt you will want to return for a second.

Now you stated that I pissed off the wrong guy here? That pissing you off was a bad move by me? What like I don’t know who the hell you are? I know exactly who you are and I know exactly who your little SLUT is also. You two truthfully are right for each other because both of you two are pathetic losers who will never get anywhere in life. That’s the funny thing cause sooner more than later you two will be out of the WWE Desire before your damn worthless and pathetic careers have ever really even started. You say that you are going to slip into a dementic state of mind? So what, is that supposed to be a threat to me? Am I supposed to be afraid of that? Are you trying to make me afraid of you? I think not. Ya see I wont back down that easily. Hell I’m not like you Gabriel. Now the thing is that really makes me laugh is the fact that you say that I am just jealous of the fact that you and Jessica Firestone have this great relationship and all that BS bullshit well all I have to say to that is HAHAHAHA you are more retarded than I thought you were. Like I said before Jessica she might be a fine piece of ass but she isn’t anything more than that. She is only good for one run and after that you just dump her and kick her to the curb like the rest. She isn’t anything to brag about my friend. Maybe when you first got her you were probably thinking that finally god has made up for all of the women that rejected your dumb ass while you were growing up with this girl right there in front of your eyes but the truth is Gabriel lets bring you back down to the real world shall we? She is just a piece of ass and nothing more than that. Hell she has sucked more balls than a damn fish. She’s just a mere slut, a mere hooker, a mere WHORE you nimrod. So why don’t you do the right thing here and just drop her ass on the street corner where you found her. Now Gabriel I have a little story to tell you about me and Jessica’s little encounter last night. Well it went a little something like this. Jessica came to my place and knocked on my door and of course I answered it like any gentleman would and I invited her flat chested self right on in and she told me that this wouldn’t be wrong because all she wanted was to give me a good rub down. Hahaha the thing is I was thinking…I have no idea where her damn mouth has been but while I am thinking she is unzipping my pants and going to town. She looked up at me and said “WOW you are ten times bigger than Gabriel!” Then I smiled and replied “I’m ten inches!” Then she looked on in shock and said “Oh well then I over estimated his. Your 20 times bigger than he is.” Then after it was done I told her to get at steppin’ and I kicked her ass out on the hard cold streets RIGHT WHERE SHE BELONGS!!! NOW GET THAT…WORD LIFE!!!

[Cole][:: Thank you John!

[Cena walks away and takes his bags into the arena.] ]--

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