WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 2

WWE Desire's John Cena

--[ [The strobe light goes off as Word Life hits and the fans erupt in boos. John Cena makes his way out from the back and down the ramp.]

[Cena makes his way to the ring and slides in. He taunts to the crowd as they boo him even more. Cena raises the mic to his lips.]

[Cena][:: Yo, yo, yo listen up. You all need to shut up, collaborate and listen. All of you people out here in the scene tonight are just jealous of John Cena. Yeh, yeh, yeh thatís right. Your all just jealous of me cause I am here in this ring and all of you are just sittiní on your fat asses. Yeh thatís right. You all wish you had a job that pays like mine, that lays like mine but you DONíT!!! So just because you all ainít got nothiní bettaí goiní on in yo lives donít mean that you can sit there and bitch and moan about John Cena. Now if you people here would shut the f up than we might get somewhere AIIIGHT!!!!

Now as all of you people may very well have figured out by now I have my debut match this coming Thursday on Smackdown against some ďFallen AngelĒ Gabriel! Let me ask all yaíll who the hell is this ďFallen AngelĒ guy anyway? Hell I bet none of you people here know who the hell he is either cause this guy doesnít get much t v time and why is that? Itís because he ainít worth SHIT!!! You all know itís true donít deny it donít deny itís a fact. This guy ainít no Angel I will state that right now. He needs to just walk down here to this ring, MY RING and show what he got ya here me? Listen here Gabriel you ainít worth my time and my time is very precise to me. You ainít worth my time YO!!! I got my sights set on something, someone FAR better than YOU!!! Your just one of those ignoramuses who ainít EVER gonna get out of the dark matches. Hell the only reason your even gonna be on the Smackdown show is because your up against none other than John Cena YO!!! Iím the untouchable, the unseeable, the unbeatable the principle of the school of hard knocks. Ya see I got places to go and people to see. Iím goiní somewhere in this industry and your sorry worthless ass is just gonna stay right at the bottom WHERE YOU BELONG!!! I looked you up when I heard I was up against you and I saw some tapes of you. Man it looked like you be wrestling in Ohio Valley or some shit like that you suck so damn much. Now donít get all feisty Iím only speakiní the truth. You donít need to lie because I can see right through you! I can see through all the damn bullshit that you be speakiní. Your just full of crap and you know itís true. I know itís true and even if all these people donít want to believe it but they also no itís true. Your just a mere jobber here in this business. After I get through with your sorry ass your gonnaí be looking for a new job.

Now, now, now donít think that I forgotten about your old bag either whats her name? Oh yes Jessica Firestone. Hell she is about as hot as Martha Stewart. Shit dawg thatís a waist of time, money, and of space. Thatís all that bitch is. Hell Iíve seen her in action hell I will give her props, sheís got one hell of a big mouth if ya know what I mean. Hell last night I decided to get a little up close and personal with your old lady so I could see what the hell Iím up against. Yeh I went to see her and right away she jumped on my shit. She started humpiní me before I could even introduce myself. But of course she knew exactly who I was. You wanna know what she said when she calmed down? She said ďFinally a real man has come to pleasure me!Ē Then I shoved her ass off of me and told her ďBitch I ainít her to please your sorry ass. Iím here for you to please ME!!!Ē Yeah I think you know what I be getting at dawg. Now I will tell ya, I sort of see what you got her for. She could suck a damn basketball through a straw. Now for me to give you all a lesson in thug-a-nomics. Here we go. Give me a beat give me a beat.

Here we go again yet another ass to kick by John Cena. I guess I will just have to beat yet another ass all over the arena! I canít be stopped Iím just that damn great. I will run around you here on Thursday and make some figure eights! Now listen to me when I preach. Iím like the priest and you better learn what I teach! If you donít oh my good lord you will fall straight to my feet. Now I wont be sweatiní you not even a dribble. You scare me NOT, haha not even a little! Now I no Iím the true future of this bitch. So why donít you crawl back to your home inside your ditch. Your girl sheís a real sight for sore eyes. To bad itís her thatís makiní them sore. She ainít nothiní but a big fat WHORE!!! WORD LIFE!!!

[Cena drops the mic and taunts the fans as his music plays and it cuts to a commercial.] ]--

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