WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 10

WWE Desire's John Cena

[The camera shows John Cena pulling into the Fright Fest arena in his car. The fans are all piled up outside in there Halloween costumes celebrating awaiting for the show to start. John steps out of the car and tell an agent to take his bags to his locker room because he is going to take a walk. John starts walking outside down the sidewalk as the camera follows him. The fans are all lined up waiting to get in all dressed up and being stupid trying to get the camera to notice them.]

[Cena][:: Just look at all these people! Just look! They are all making fools of themselves to try and get there 15 seconds of fame trying to get on TV. Its utterly disturbing. I hate looking these people they disgust me to death. To go out night after night and perform for people like this just sometimes doesnít seem worth it at any means. What are they good for? Nothing. Ya no when Iím walking down the street just like I am right now people come up to me on the streets and ask me ďJohn when are your 15 seconds going to be up?Ē Then all I can do is smileÖyou wanna know what I tell them? I get right into there face and I tell them ďMy 15 seconds have turned into 15 years little man. Iím gonna ride it until my legs fall off!Ē Thatís what I say to them. I wont lie Iím telling the truth about it. I want to stay in this business until I canít anymore. I will not quit until I get what I feel that I deserve and that is IMMORTALITY!!! I want to be a damn immortal in the WWE. To be untouchable, to be better than anyone else, to be considered as AN ICON!!! I want that with all of my being and that starts tonight in front of all of these Neanderthals. Iím going to make HISTORY!!! These people may not realize it but it is coming and there is no stopping it. Iím like a damn frait train just plowing through all obstacles! Thereís no stopping John Cena. You canít stop what you canít see and guess what? YOU CANíT SEE ME!!! I just look at these people out here and wonder if they deserve to see me out there in that ring night in and night out on Smackdown! But the truth is they donít deserve it but yet I give it to them anyway because I want to be the best and I wont stop until I am the best. Look at my opponents tonightÖjust look at them! Gabriel and the current IC Champion MV! What the hell is wrong with that? I am the only REAL undefeated superstar in the WWE and that streak will not stop tonight and it wont stop for a long while running. I see MV running around with the IC title and he is a disgrace to that title. That title is supposed to bring superstars respect and honor and yet the name is being tarnished by MV holding it. I will not allow that to continue past tonight. Just look ay MV he is over shadowed by his foul mouthed partner Violator. Violator is getting a WWE title shot tonight and you people are focused on him because of it over looking Mv because MV is over shadowed by Violator. MV will always be in Violators shadow because of it. The same goes for Gabriel. Gabriel is over shadowed. You would think that since Cold Blooded are split up a little bit that Gabriel could make a name for himself on Smackdown! But I cause heís just a lost cause. Dark Tiger is in the headlines facing Tank tonight in a steel cage. Giant Tiger was in the headlines when he was challenging Shawn Winters for the World Heavyweight Championship. Even Darknyss was in the headlines winning the Womanís title. Where has Gabriel been huh? He has been over shadowed by his teams success. He isnít apart of that same success! What does this mean for the IC title? The fact that MV is holding it and the fact that he is over shadowed by Violator and all. What does it say? It says that the IC title is going nowhere and that being the champion doesnít mean anything anymore. I donít want to be apart of thatÖunlessÖunless I can change the future by winning the title and making that title more worth it! When I win that title tonight that title will get itís recognition BACK!!! I need my respect and winning the IC title is my first step at getting it.

[Cena is walking down the sidewalk and the crowd is cheering and raving for the show.]

[Cena][:: What is the point of all this? Why are they all dressed up for Halloween? What the hell is Halloween for anyway? Itís not even a damn holiday and yet people celebrate it. What are they celebrating? There is nothing to celebrate. They all dress up like Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Witches, Mummyís and all that stupid shit. Itís all pointless. It wont be to long until you see kids running down the street dressed like John Cena. If I ever see a kid tarnishing my name by doing something like that I will whoop them right on the spot. I have never been a fan of Halloween at all. Itís pointless. Why bother? I often wonder. Look at these holidays that we have: We have Christmas, New Years, Easter, the 4th of July, ThanksgivingÖitís all stupid and pointless! Look at the Thanksgiving the WORST holiday of them all. What are we giving thanks for? The fact that pilgrims took all of the native Americans land? The fact that we have good food? TURKEYíS?! What is the point? I donít know and nor do I really give a shit. The only holiday that John Cena enjoys is his birthday, no I know that itís not really a holiday and all but the thing is it soon will be. Iíll be like Martin Luther King Jr. my birthday will be a national holiday and all these dumb asses will get out of school on that day because of me. Will be loved by all because of it. You think that kids now a days like Martin Luther King JR. because of what he did for our country? Oh no itís because his birthday gets them out of school thatís why. What can I say the kids now a days are getting even more stupid every year. They are all mindless. Just look at the WWE fans. Look at all these people. They all cheer for MV and Gabriel and they boo me like Iím the bad guy! Iím not the bad guy here yo. These fans are all brainwashed or something. They are all mindless zombies. They believe what they are told to believe. They canít think for themselves. They cheer who the WWE tells them to cheer for. They boo who the WWE tells them to boo. Itís all just pointless. Thatís what I hate about these people. Look at it this way! Why else would these people cheer for MV? He is French! HE IS FROM FRANCH!!! You understand me? Americans donít like the French and why is that? Itís because we the U S OF A have given the French everything and when we ask them for something what do they do? They deny us and they run away and tuck there tails between there legs and hid like little bitches. We needed them in that war and yet the wouldnít help us at all. Ya no what I think? I think that while we were bombing Iraq we should have saved just one more bomb and dropped it on France to get rid of all of them bastards. Yet these fans all cheer MV for what reason? Is it because of Violator that they cheer him? What is it? Thatís what I want to know. The same goes for Gabriel. Why is he cheered? What has he done for the fans? NOTHING!!! I have done everything and yet I get no respect and I get booed for it. Itís all because they are mindless and can make decisions for themselves.

[Cena walks down the sidewalk and turns the corner and notices that the line of fans is continued. He looks disgusted at all the fans. He just smiles and continues to walk on.]

[Cena][:: These people make me sick. The other day I was in Philly the ďCity of brotherly love.Ē My question isÖwhere is the love? Nah Iím not the Black Eyed Peas running around like jackasses putting question marks all over things. Nah Iím John Cena the principle of the school of hard knocks. The city of brotherly love has got no love. They only care about them selves. It is very disturbing to me. When I was in Philly all I saw were dirty ass homeless people roaming the streets with a damn shopping cart searching through peoples garbage. Is that the love that they talk about? The Philly people are just stupid. They boo everybody that comes there way. They boo there own kind. They booed when they drafted Donavon McNabb and what has he done for the Eagles? He has taken them to the damn playoffs every year. Is that not good enough? Damn other fans would pay to have someone of his talent. Look at the Bears. They would do anything to have someone like Donavon McNabb. Is he overrated? Your damn right he is but it doesnít mean that he isnít good. Look at the Phillies! The fans booed out the best player that they had right out of the city a couple years ago in Scott Rolen now look at them? They are nothiní! Pretty soon they will turn on Jim Thome just like they have turned on everyone else. Itís sad as hell when you think about it. Thatís why I wonder why people cheer for MV and Gabriel? Are they the greatest thing in the world or something? Hell no theyíre not! But yet they are loved by the people for some reason.

[Cena is walking still and a fan tries to talk to Cena but Cena just blows him off and continues to walk.]

[Cena][:: Fright Fest is live here from New York City the city of the YANKEES!!! Haha the Yankees are losers just like all the other people of New York. People criticized John Rocker for his comments a few years back but the thing isÖHE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!! I was happy to hear those words out of his mouth. John Rocker is a bad ass just like John Cena. New YorkÖthe Yankees lost to the sorry no account Marlins in only 6 games. The Marlins werenít even supposed to be there and what happened? They shocked the world by becoming the World Champions. They defeated the Yankees not because of luck, not because of stupid ass ghostís or shit like thatÖITíS BECAUSE THEY ARE BETTER!!! Itís the truth. Thatís what will happen tonight at Fright Fest. I wont win because of luck or because of ghosts or any of thatÖI will win because I am better than the both of them. I only speak the truth yo. Just look at what has happened this weekend already. The Yankees get blown out and lose the World Series. The Minnesota Vikings lose there FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR to the New York Giants. The Vikings streak is over. Why did the Giants win? Because they were better! Now I am not going to be like the damn Vikings and lose my streak oh no cause my streak will continue. Iím better than the all mighty GOLDBERG!!! Iíll reach 123 and 0 or whatever the hell that dumbass had. Why? Because Iím simply better no questions asked. Now I think itís time for a lesson in thug-a-nomics 101! Check this!

Yo, yo, yo here we are live in NYC!

People here come and go but none are happier to leave than me!

Yo yaíll are nothing more than big talkers!

You bitches all got your ass lit by JOHN ROCKER!!!

You all have t-shirts that say I love New York!

Psh that shit is all bullshit I got a shirt that says SUCK MORE PORK!

Your all just big time gansters hell yo you all ran out the gimmick!

No one from New York could ever pass a drug test for the Olympics!

Your all hooked on dope and doing cocaine!

You people need to realize your no smarter than the Fountain of Wayne!

Iím the real gangster yo not any of you yutís!

If you donít wanna listen to me it donít matter you can all SUCK MY NUTS!

Iím the original bad boy not your boy P Diddy!

It wont be to long before he gets shot up just like Biggy!

This is the damn Halloween season and Iím out here for a damn reason!

When I win my match tonight Iíll have some fun and go trick or treatení!

I like to give people a trick all rightÖitís called a FIRST HAND BEATENí!


[Cena throws up the bullhorns as the camera fades away.]

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