WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 1

WWE Desire's John Cena

--[ [The camera shows Coach walking backstage.]

[Coach][:: Well we are trying to catch up to John Cena before he leaves the arena tonight to get his words about his actions tonight. Follow me.

[The camera follows Coach as he is wondering through the halls. He then stops and notices John Cena getting into his car. Cena has got on his jean shorts and a NBA Hornets retro jersey on. Coach rushes over.]

[Coach][:: CENA!!! WAIT!!! HOLD ON!!!

[Cena stops and gets back out of his car as Coach is running towards him. Coach gets there and bends over catching his breathe. Cena looks down at him with disgust.]

[Cena][:: Yo, yo, yo what the hell do you want?

[Coach stands back up.]

[Coach][:: Well John I was wanting to get a few words with you before you left the arena tonight. About your actions tonight on RAW. Can you explain your actions? What caused you to do it?

[Cena][:: Na, na, na Coach the thing is I donít EVER need to explain myself. Everybody knows what John Cenaís agenda is. Yeh thatís right. My agenda is just being ME Coach. Thatís all I am. No more and no less. Iím John Cena the principle of the school of hard knocks YO!!! Coach but if you MUST know what my intensions were out there tonight. Well haha itís pretty obvious isnít it? Well I guess not especially with a dumb ass like yourself. Hey I canít help it if there are people like you here in New Orleans. This place is full of white trash. Thatís exactly why I was here getting into my car so quickly after RAW so I can be in and out of this stick hole as SOON AS POSSIBLE YO!!! But you, you stupid ignoramus has to stop me. Your making me breathe the dirty are that is right here in this flamer city. Yeh I bet your stupid ass thought I was runniní away from Donavon Maxwell so he couldnít retaliate on me. Now hereís a lesson in thug-a-nomics!

Haha you must be jokiní. Donavon Maxwell, he ainít nothiní! You can call him the anything you want even the IC title #1 contendaí . But what I see when I lay my eyes on Maxwell is just another pretendaí! Maxwell your nothiní more than a mere joke. So why donít you go on back to Miami and do what all your ďhomieísĒ do and snort your coke! Come on now Maxwell you canít bring shit. If you wanna come get some of Cena, haha be prepared to get your ass lit! Trust me Maxwell you canít touch this Iím untouchable. Your like a scratched record thatís non refundable! Yo man if you want to take on this right here you can try in any manner. But I will worn you Maxwell if you try me I will leave you broker than MC Hammer! Tonight I left you out cold layiní in your own blood. Hell Maxwell it could have been a hell of a lot worse the red could have been a flood! I only dished out half of what I got in the tank. Maxwell the next time I will take you to the bank. You might not like what Iím sayiní but there is nothiní you can do. The fact of the matter is that John Cena is flat out bettaí than YOU! WORD LIFE!!!

[Coach][:: Why did you pick out Donavon Maxwell John?

[Cena][:: Haha yeah I can see why thatís a question Coach cause you just like everybody else donít know the answer. But Iíll let you in on a little secret. John Cena can pick out who he wants when he wants and thatís what John Cena will do. It wont matter who the hell it is I could attack ANYBODY. Whether it be Donavon Maxwell or it be the World Champion himself Shawn Winters. It doesnít matter much to me cause I can get what I want. If itís not given to me thatís no problem cause then I will just TAKE IT!!! Nobody can control me Coach not ANYBODY!!! None of you people can even see me! Thatís exactly how good I am. I picked out Donavon Maxwell because he stands for everything that I HATE!!! Maxwell thinks that he is so damn hot cominí from Miami where the parties donít stop. Haha Donavon Maxwell isnít hot I will tell you that right now. Donavon Maxwell is out there thinking he is the shit with his mop style hair and his burnt up body. Haha Maxwell why donít you put your money where your mouth is and step up to the plate and face me next week on RAW! Are you man enough to except my challenge? I highly doubt but hey the challenge is on the table. How bout this ďGĒ how bout if you win the IC title on Smackdown how bout you put that title on the line as well, well thatís all guessing that you will be man enough to step up and face John Cena. Hell Maxwell go ahead step up to the plate but I will just need three pitches till I strike you out. Hell you can call me Randy Johnson and you can be Bobby Bonds. The two strikeout kings goiní at it. I will strike you out like nothiní. Oh wait I forgot that Bobby Bonds is dead. Now didnít he die just a couple of weeks ago? Haha thatís to bad, heh he was worthless any wayís. The only reason he is famous or even remembered now is because his geneís produced Barry Bonds. Hell Barry Bondís ainít the best player of all time. He ainít even the best player out now. Everybody knows the best PLAYAí around is JOHN CENA!!! No doubt, no doubt!!! Now listen here Maxwell you bettaí except my challenge or I will make you regret it. I will make you regret it just as much as the Hornets regret cominí here!

[Crowd boos at the comment.]

[Cena][:: Yo shut your mouths! I ainít finished my speak. What would you people prefer me to say huh? Oh yeah I got it. Now check this check this!!! EHHHAAAAMMMMM.[Clears throat.] Donavon Maxwell if you donít except my challenge for RAW next week then I will make you an embarrassment. Youíll be an even bigger embarrassment than the New Orleans Saints!

[Crowd boos again at the comment.]

[Cena][:: You people are just a bunch of neanderthals. You donít respect TRUE TALENT but then again you have never seen TRUE TALENT in this shit hole of a city. So before I get sick from this dirty air IíM OUT!!! WORD LIFE!!!

[John Cena gets into his car and drives off as the camera fades to black.] ]--

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