Handler's Name: Josh
Handler's AIM: JProolz

Name: The Black Hammer
Real Name: Akbar Ashimel
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 300 lbs. of muscle
Entrance Theme: "Takeover" by Jay-Z
Hometown: That Box Outside Your House
Alignment: Neutral
Primary Style: Power-Based
Secondary Style: High-Flyer
Finisher: Drive-By
Other Favorite Moves: Moonsault, Superkick, Swanton Bomb
Favorite Pizza Topping: Can't afford pizza
Favorite Simpsons Character: Dr. Hibbert

Manager: Alex The Tapdancing Jerk

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 0/0/0
Current Titles: Violence Title (2x)
Past Titles: Violence Title

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