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A tibute from Wayde

I started watching wrestling when I was 9 here I am almost 20 years later still a huge fan. I loved watching WCCW at my Grandfather's house and the Von Erich's were the reason. When your a kid you always aspire to be like your heros well I always wanted to be like Kerry. He had so much chrisma and I liked the fact that he was always a good guy. I loved the matches against Ric Flair and the Freebirds, those were classics. I will never forget the discus punch or my favorite hold of all time, the Von Erich iron claw.
I talk about wrestling with my friends all the time pretty much on a daily basis and they were never able to see Kerry or any of the boys in the ring and I always tell them they missed out.
To Kerry I would like to say; thank you for being a good role model for me as a child I respect you and I miss being able to watch you wrestle. Thanks Again Modern Day Warrior for letting us know heros still exist. Rest In Peace Kerry.