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Von Erich & World Class Trivia

*Note* This was sent in to us from Diane - test your knowledge and see how well you do! The answers appear below each set of questions. Thanks again Diane! :-D

Von Erich & World Class Trivia

Kevin Von Erich

1.When was Kevin’s First professional match and who was his opponent?
2.What was the First Title that Kevin held?
3.What was the First Tag Team title that Kevin held and who was his partner?
4.What was the last Title that Kevin held ?
5. Kevin Held a Tag Team Title with a non Von Erich who was it and what Tag Team Title did they hold?
6. What foreign Tag Team title did Kevin hold and Who was his partner?
7. True or False; Kevin always wrestled barefoot.
8. Name two songs from the Videos that starred Kevin Von Erich.
9. Kevin once wrestled under a fake name What was it?
10. Where was Kevin Born?

1. Paul Persman(buddy rose) August 1976
2. Texas Heavyweight.
3. World Class Tag Team with his brother David
4. NWA North American heavy weight title
5. Chris Adams WCWA tag team title
6. All Asian tag team title with his brother David
7. False
8. “We need another hero, and Thank god for kids.”
9. Cosmic cowboy I
10. Belleville, Illinois on May 15 1957

David Von Erich

1. Who was David’s opponent in his first Professional match?
2. Who was David named after?
3. What Three states Champions did David hold?
4. What Three NWA tag team titles did he hold and who was his Partner?
5. For what title did he wrestle Jimmy Garvin for?
6. What was the special stipulations for the title match and who won?
7. What did the Loser end up having to do? (Extra if you can tell what happened at the end of the day)
8. What was the last title he held?
9. David helped two people win the Six man Tag Team Title and then gave up his share of the belts to another, who did he team with and who did he give his belt to?
10. Where and when was David born?

1. George McCory April 1977
2. His mother’s younger brother
3. NWA Florida television, NWA Missouri heavyweight, and the Texas Title
4. NWA Texas Tag Team Title, American Tag Team Title and the World Tag team Title, his partner was Kevin Von Erich
5. the Texas Heavyweight belt
6. The loser had to be the valet to the winner for a day
7. Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine hauled hay, dug post holes, gave David’s dogs a bath and had to clean out a stable. (Extra Jimmy and David got into a fight after jimmy refused to clean out the stable
8. NWA United National Heavyweight title
9. The Freebirds- Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, he gave his share to Buddy Roberts
10. July 22,1958 Denton County Texas.

Kerry Von Erich

1. When and Where was Kerry born?
2. What other names was Kerry know as?
3. Name some of the other people Kerry has held Tag team titles with ( other than his brothers).
4. Name the Last title that he held?
5. What was on the back of Kerry’s ring robe when he won the NWA world heavyweight title?
6. In College Kerry broke the Discus record, who was the previous holder of the record?
7. What prevented Kerry from competing in the Olympics?
8. Who did Kerry defeat to win the WWF Intercontinental title?
9. Who were Kerry teammates in the 1990 WWF Survivor Series and who were their opponents? And who won?
10. What movie did Kerry have a part in and what did he play?

1. Feb.3 1960 -Niagara Falls
2. The Modern Day Warrior, The Texas Tornado, Tora no Tsume ( Nails of Tiger)
3. Jeff Jarrett, Terry Orndorff, All Madril, Brusier Brody, El Halcon Tiger Conway Jr., Sweet Brown Sugar.
4. WWWA Heavy weight Title
5. In Memory of David.
6. Jack Adkisson a.k.a. Fritz Von Erich
7. The 1980 Boycott
8. Mr. Perfect-(Curt Henning) August 27 1990
9. Kerry Von Erich, Ultimate Warrior and the Legion of Doom Def. Demolition and Mr. Perfect.
10. “Problem Child” and he played a convict.

Mike Von Erich

1. Where and when was Mike Born?
2. When was his First match and who was his opponent? And who escorted him to the ring?
3. Who did he Defeat to win his first title?
4. What two Pro Wrestling Illustrated awards did he win?
5. What was the last title that he held?
6. Who was the first person that he used the Iron Claw on in a match?
7. In high school he held the second best record in what Event? And who held the first?
8. What friend of the Von Erichs turned on him in a wrestling match? And who came to his aid?
9. Who was Mike partner in a mixed tag team match? Where was the match?
10. Mike once had the fastest pin in a match who was it against and who was his opponent’s manager?

1. March 2, 1966 Denton County, Texas
2. Nov.1983, Defeated Skandar Ackbar Kevin escorted him.
3. Gino Hernandez for the NWA American Title
4. 1984 Rookie of the Year, 1985 Most Inspirational Wrestler
5. World Class Middle East Heavyweight 8-07-85
6. Jake-the snake- Roberts
7. most points at a single track meet-43 points. His brother Kevin was first with 48
8. Brian Addias turned on him, Steve Simpson came to his aid.
9. Stella Mae At the Cotton Bowl
10. Brian Addias, Addias’s Manager was Gary Hart.

Chris Von Erich

1. What is Chris Von Erich’s birthday?
2. Where was Fritz when Doris went into labor with Chris?
3. Which one of his brothers was he closest too?
4. He and which one of his brothers played instruments together?
5. What instruments did they play? (Extra point who taught them?)
6. How old was Chris when he won his first amateur wrestling match?
7. What trait did Chris have in common with Kerry?
8. Who did Chris team up with?
9. Who did they have matches against?
10. What was one of his hobbies?

1. September 30 1969.
2. He was at the Sportatorium when it was announced that his wife was having a baby and that the main event would be held after the baby was born. Chris was born about midnight and after seeing that Doris and Chris were fine he headed back to the Sportatorium. No one had left and while on route they announced that Fritz had another son.
3. Mike
4. Mike
5. Mike played the guitar, Chris the Drums (they taught themselves)
6. Six years old
7. They were both practical jokers.
8. Chris Adams
9. Steve Austin and Percy Pringle
10. Drawing

Misc. Wrestlers

Chris Adams

1. What is the name of Chris Adams’s Home town?
2. What Martial Art is he a black belt in?
3. What is Chris’s finishing move?
4. Who did Chris Adams trick by wrestling under a mask and what name did he use?
5. What did Chris Adams steal from another wrestler?
6. Name the two people who managed Chris Adams?
7. Who were the opponents in the ring when Chris turned on Kevin? (Extra points- who else was in the ring?)
8. Who did Chris Adams Defeat to win the WCWA Heavyweight Title?
9. Chris Adams used a piece of Baseball equipment to get a match with someone, who was it and what was the equipment?
10. What protégé turned on Chris Adams?

1. Stratford on Avon, England
2. Judo
3. Superkick ( hopping front leg side kick)
4. Jimmy Garvin, he was the masked Avenger
5. Jimmy Garvin’s ring Attire.
6. Sunshine and Gary Hart
7. Gino Hernandez and Jake Roberts- (Gary Hart and Stella Mae)
8. Rick Rude
9. A Catcher’s mask and Terry Taylor
10. Steve Austin

Gino Hernandez

1. What was Gino’s nick name?
2. What is his real name?
3. Name Three tag team partners he has had?
4. Name the Three world Class titles that he held at the same time?
5. Who were his partners at Texas stadium, who were his opponents?
6. Who was his Valet?
7. What was his ring music?
8. What was his favorite saying?
9. Which Von Erich did he lose but regained the World Class America title?
10. Who were his Partner and who was his opponents in the mixed tag team match at Texas stadium?

1. Handsome Half-breed
2. Charles Wolfe
3. Tully Blanchard, Jake Roberts, Chris Adams
4. American title, Texas title and the Six man tag title
5. Chris Adams and Jake Roberts, Kerry and Mike Von Erich and Bobby Fulton
6. Nicola Roberts
7. “Bad to the bone”
8. “ I am your champion.”
9. Mike Von Erich
10. Nicola Roberts -Mike Von Erich and Stella Mae

The Freebirds

1. Who were the Freebirds?
2. Name the two songs that were their ring music? Extra- who sung the songs?
3. Each wore a different type of ring attire name what each one wore?
4. Which Von Erich was a friend of the Freebirds and even tagged with them?
5. Who did they pick for their partners in the $100,000 12 man tag team match?
6. What did the Freebirds get banned in Georgia, for their matches against the Von Erichs?
7. Which two Freebirds couldn’t wrestle in Texas for a year?
8. Which Freebird lose his hair and who did he lose it to?
9. Which Freebird won what title from which Von Erich?
10. One of the more unusual matches that the Freebirds had against the Von Erichs was a strap match or a lumberjack match or a lumberjack strap match? -Extra -name one special lumberjack

1. Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts.
2. “Georgia” and “Bad Street” -Extra Willie Nelson and Michael Hayes
3. Michael Hayes- full length robe, Terry Gordy- Vest, Buddy Roberts- jacket.
4. David Von Erich
5. Kevin, Kerry and Mike Von Erich
6. The Iron Claw
7. Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy
8. Buddy Roberts, Iceman Parson.
9. Terry Gordy won the American title from Kevin Von Erich.
10. Lumberjack strap match - Fritz Von Erich

World Class Trivia

1. Who put a $500.00 bounty on Buddy Roberts Wig? Who Collected it?( Extra what did he do with it?)
2. True or False- Kerry never wrestled barefoot?
3. Name in order the People who got their heads shaved by the Von Erichs?
4. Three of the Von Erichs all have worn the same jacket, whose was it?
5. The Von Erichs tricked which Tag Team into a match, how did they do it?
6. Who put a $10,000 bounty on Kerry Von Erich? Who Collected it?
7. Who did Brian Addias tag team with after he turned against the Von Erichs?
8. Who defeated Kevin to win the WCWA Heavyweight title? Who was his manger?
9. Sunshine and Gary Hart managed the same Person who was it?
10. Name Four Wrestlers that Sunshine managed?
11. Who did she tag team with and who were their opponents?
12. Name two Valets that Sunshine feuded with?
13. Which match did Gino and Chris Break up?
14. What unexpected event happen at the Gino and Chris grudge match? What was the stipulations in that match?
15. Name the Simpson Brothers and where were they from?
16. Name two wrestlers that Percy Pringle managed?
17. Who is he now known as?
18. Name Three WWF Superstars that Wrestled in World Class?
19. What gift was given to the Missing Link?
20. Who was Stella Mae and what was her Occupation?

1. Iceman Parson, Brusier Brody collected it (He gave half of it back to Iceman, He didn’t get the helmet.)
2. False
3. King Kong Bundy, Gary Hart, Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez.
4. David’s white ring Jacket -Kevin and Kerry both wore it
5. The Dynamic Duo (Adams and Hernandez) by going under masks as the Cosmic Cowboys
6. Ric Flair put the bounty on Kerry and Gary Hart Collected it after Kerry got hurt.
7. Al Midril
8. Al Perez, Gary Hart.
9. Kabuki
10. Kabuki, Missing Link, Scott Casey and Hercules Hernandez.
11. The Fantastics, and The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette
12. Precious and Missy Hyatt
13. The Tag Team match against the Cosmic Cowboys.
14. Gino threw the hair cream in Chris’s face. It was supposed to be a Hair vs. Hair match
15. Steve and Shaun -south Africa.
16. Rick Rude, Missing Link, Matt Borne, Buzz Sawyer.
17. Paul Bearer.
18. The Ultimate Warrior(Known as the Dingo), Matt Borne, Steve Austin, Shaun Michaels, André the Giant, Kerry Von Erich, Terry Taylor. Rick Rude.
19. A toy stuffed bunny rabbit.
20. Sunshine’s aunt and a Truck Driver