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"A Heroes Burden"
An ode to Kerry G. Adkisson

Take care my children when admiring from a distance for to meet the reality is taking a chance. The facade is perfection carved from stone but inside, the man, is flesh and bone
His outward appearance he slaves to make strong, but inside his heart something's terribly wrong.
The fantasy glistens so pure on the screen, wearing a mask that does not let the truth be seen.
From a distance he appears a warrior young and proud. Inside, he can't think clearly.
The fans are too loud.
The mask is beautiful and age defying behind it is a man whose soul is crying.
An Adkisson, is who he would truly be but it's a Von Erich they all come to see. The torment and pain are taking their toll but his public demands he keep playing the role. On a cold February day, the mask falls away to reveal all the heartache he'd never been allowed to feel. Unable to take the overwhelming strife he picks up a gun and takes his young life. He meant to hurt no one and not to offend but somehow, the madness had to come to an end. A hero to many. A man to so few.
The fans are left crying "What can we do?" Nothing dear children. It's too late. You see, that sometimes a man, the hero must be.