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I didn't know Kerry Von Erich personally, but I do know he was a great man. I remember that, every time I heard his ring music start I would get so excited and start jumping up and down screaming. He was my favorite wrestler. You could tell he really loved his fans and he knew without them he would be nothing.
My only real up close and personal encounter with him was when I was 9 years old. He was in the lobby at the Sportatorium in Dallas. He was taking pictures in the lobby with the fans. I asked my sister if I could take my picture with him and she said no because she didn't have any money so I started to cry. While I was crying my sister told Kerry I wanted a picture with him but she didn't have any money to pay him. He told her to go ahead and let me come up and he would give me the picture for free. As I went up to him I was so nervous because he was so big and I was so little also at the time I thought that the sun rose and set Kerry Von Erich's shoulders . As we took the picture he put his big arms around my little 9 year old body and gave me the biggest hug ever. I was so proud of that picture and I will never forget that night.
I remember one weekend my sister, myself and a couple of her friends went to an autograph session. I got the autographs of Kerry , Kevin , Mike , Chris , and Sunshine shortly before Mike died. We stood in line a good part of the day and being as young as I was I didn't understand why we had to stand in line but let me tell you this, it was definitely worth it.
I could go on and on about this great man. But in ending I would like to say this : Kerry, even though you are in heaven now looking down upon us I would like to say "Thank you for giving me some of the best memories of my childhood." You are the greatest wrestler ever to grace the sport. Thank you once again and may you rest in peace.
Love Always,