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Injured VonErich remains in fair condition at Baylor

Kerry VonErich, a member of the popular professional Von Erich family was injured Wednesday night when he drove his motorcycle in to a police car in Denton County, and was listed in fair condition in the intensive care unit of Baylor University Medical Center late Thursday afternoon.
Orthopedic specialist Dr. Howard Moore performed more then3 ½ hours of surgery late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning on Von Erich, who suffered an open fracture of the right ankle, a dislocated right hip and cut right knee in the accident.
Hospital spokesman Steve Habgood said Von Erich was “responsive to his physicians and family” Thursday afternoon.
Moore, infectious-disease specialist Dr. William Sutker and Von Erich’s father, Fritz held a news conference Thursday but Habgood said questions concerning Von Erich returning to the ring could not be answered.
“There are a number of variables that will come into play that will determine the recovery process,” Habgood said. “No questions concerning his prognosis, length of stay or how long before he’s back on his feet can be answered.”
Von Erich’s right hip was relocated without surgery. Pins were placed in Von Erich’s right ankle.
One of Von Erich’s brothers, David, died of an intestinal ailment in Japan in 1984. Another brother, Mike, was admitted to Baylor for toxic shock syndrome last year.
As in each of these instances, the Von Erich family has received must public support. Habgood said switchboards received “about 100 calls an hour” asking bout Von Erich on Thursday. Habgood requested that people refrain from calling Baylor, which will release information on Von Erich’s condition when available.