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A tribute to Fritz from Ruby
By: Ruby

I used to secretly wish Fritz was my dad as a kid. He just was so big and he seemed 'perfect' to me. There was so much talk about him from 'others'. They gave their opinions of him and stated different cold so called facts about him. Well, the fact is this man was a legend. This man was not perfect and never claimed to be. He was the father of wrestling to me. In the 1980s this man ruled the wrestling world. I don't know how his home life was and I will not even pretend to speculate. I think each son is responsible for their own choices in life and you cannot blame your parents. I got to meet Fritz when I was a kid and he was huge. But he had a kind smile. His eyes shined and he was nice. That is what I remember about him personally. Like him or not (and I hope your opinions are from true experiences and not rumors) Fritz was talented, he was smart, a true entrepreneur. The man just ruled the 80s. On the lighter side Fritz and Doris produced the sexiest man that ever walked *Kerry*. OK I will behave. Seriously he was the father of true heroes. He taught those boys everything he knew and you know he loved them. It showed! The worse thing that could ever happen to a parent is to outlive your children. I'd like to think that all his troubles whatever they would have been were lifted from his heart as he passed on. Like him or not he is a legend and will go down in history just as that. He was my Hero and nothing anyone says or claims to know will ever change that. Rest In Peace Fritz you were one hell of a man.