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Mike Von Erich - 1 On 1

Inside Wrestling
December 1984

One on One
Mike Von Erich and Gino Hernandez

When Gino Hernandez announced that he was returning to professional wrestling, he boasted that he would quickly assume control of the Texas World Class area. Hernandezís success in the World Class area came quicker than even he could have imagined: Within only a few weeks, Hernandez had captured both the World Class American title (from Jim Garvin) and the World Class Texas title (defeating Ric Flair in the final round of a tournament).
With a lock on both World Class singles titles, Hernandez was considering possible tag team partners with whom he could make a move on the World Class tag team belts, currently held by Iceman Parsons and Buck Zumhofe.
But before Hernandez, could find a suitable partner, Mike Von Erich destroyed Hernandezís monopoly on the World Class singles titles by defeating him for the American heavyweight title on August 4 in the Dallas Sportatorium.
Hernandez has lodged a protest about that match with World Class wrestling officials, claiming that the match was contractually invalid - Mike was substituting for his brother Kevin, who missed an airline connection and was unable to make it to the arena on time.
With emotions running high between these two wrestlers, Inside Wrestling felt it would be appropriate to bring Gino Hernandez and Mike Von Erich togetherÖ.ĒOne on OneĒ.

Mike Von Erich (MVE): Iím glad Iím getting a chance to talk to you. I took one title away, how about the other one now? If I beat you with no training, imagine what I could do with a little preparation?

Gino Hernandez (GH): Listen to me, you snot-nosed little punk. You were lucky, thatís all, luckier than anyone has a right to be.

MVE: The only lucky part for me was that the promoter asked me to fill in for my brother Kevin. I was lucky enough to get the match, but after that itís all talent and effort. I just had more talent and put in more effort.

GH: Talent? Youíve got to be kidding me! Youíve got all the wrestling talent of a hog-tied bull. What a joke! You have the nerve to think youíre so good. The only reason you think youíre so great is because you have so many idiotic fans cheering for you. Youíre brainwashed.

MVE: First of all, the fans arenít idiotic. In fact, I think they show a great deal of intelligence by not cheering for you. They wouldnít have any reason to, anyway. Youíre the cheapest, most low-down, rule breaking scum Iíve ever seen, and Iíve been around wrestling my entire life. Look how you won the Texas title. You cheated your way past every guy you wrestled, including my brother Kerry.

GH: Now, now, Mikey, ďlowdown rule-breaking scumĒ? Is this any way for a nice young man to talk? Look, letís face it. We can be honest with each other. Youíre in over your head. Youíre out of your element. This is the big leagues, boy, and youíve got to stop thinking small time.

MVE: Iím notÖ

GH: You obviously are thinking small time if youíre stupid enough to think that all my victories and all my success has come through cheating.

MVE: You wouldnít be the only one. There are a lot of guys out there who take shortcuts to success. The Von Erichís donít. We sweat for it. There are tapes that prove that you won the Texas belt by cheating, and the fans who have seen you wrestle will attest to it as well.

GH: Cheating? Let me tell you about cheating. You talk so high and mighty about the grand Von Erich tradition, sweating for success and all this crap. Then you work out a plan with your brother where you get me set to wrestle him, then you come in and take the match. Conspiracy? Thatís a good work for it. And in my book, it stinks. Itís too bad you canít be honest about wrestling me, and itís too bad Kevin canít fight his own battles.

MVE: Be serious, will you? First of all, my brother Kevin is much more experienced and more qualified to wrestle you, so if this had all been a plan to get the title away from you, Kevin would have wrestled, not me. Second of all, I was as unprepared for you as you were unprepared for me. If anything, this was the truest test of wrestling skill.

GH: Right. And if you believe that, I have some desert resort land in Nevada to sell you. I can tell by the sound of your voice that youíre lying right through your teeth. And you have the gall to stand up to the fans as a model of honesty and integrity? Ptui! I spit at your naivetť. ďThe truest test of wrestling skill.Ē What a joke! And you ask me to believe that Kevin missed his flight? Thatís the oldest trick in the book, kid.

MVE: I donít know any tricks. I leave them up to you and your friends. If youíd like to clear your sparkling reputation, why donít you sign for a match against Kevin to prove that you can beat him? I can tell you right now, though, that ploy would backfire on you. If I could beat you, Kevin will have no trouble at all.

GH: Listen, Iíve wrestled Kerry, and Iíve beaten him. And he was a World champion. You canít tell me Iíd have any trouble with Kevin. And you? Ha! Iíll get me belt back from you. Thatís a promise and a threat.

MVE: You beat Kerry with a foreign object. You even cheated past Ric Flair. Iím gonna be watching you, though. Iím gonna be watching you real hard, and Iím gonna have my brothers around to watch when my backís turned. Donít try any tricks. Thereís strength in numbers.