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Von Erich - Best of the Breed

Trip to the Holy Land inspires Kevin Von Erich to greater glory
By: Tom Burke

“Ring Wrestling Winter/1985”

From Denton, Texas comes a family known world-wide as the Von Erich Clan. A wealth of wrestling talent comprises this German-American Texas breed set of beef.
From Papa Fritz to the youngest son, Mike, the Von Erich’s continue to dazzle fans with their wrestling style. Kerry Von Erich won the NWS Title last year from Ric Flair in Dallas. His older brother, Kevin, has also brought laurels to the Von Erich name. This article will focus on Kevin.

Kevin is 27 years old, stand 6 ft. 3 in. and hits the scales at 235 pounds. He has been wrestling for nearly 10 years, having made his pro debut in Ft. Worth, Texas. Since that time, Kevin has traveled the world over, making a name for himself as one of the top professionals in the sport.
His career in wrestling started when he was a youngster. His dad, a famous wrestler, gave him the opportunity to meet other wrestlers and travel the circuit. He “trained” with some of the best in the game and has still not employed any particular style as his own. One of the few wrestler to wrestle barefoot, Kevin feels that it allows him more freedom and gives him the ability to fly about the ring like a bird.
His universal appeal was recently evident in Israel where Kevin went on a pre-wrestling tour. His appearance in that country brought him headlines in the newspapers, on TV talk shows, and profiles on the evening news and other media outlets. A late summer tour of World Class Championship Wrestler is scheduled for Israel, marking the first time that American-based promotional office has arranged a package for that country.
The Dallas, Texas promotional TV show is seen in Israel on prime time and is one of the most popular programs on the air.
Kevin has a lot of ambition and energy and this is evident in his ring style. Every time he enters the ring and the bell rings, the fans know that they are going to be treated to a splendid wrestling match.
Kevin had a big chance for the NWA belt on May 5th, a the Texas Stadium in Dallas, when he faced Ric Flair for the title. Over 25,000 fans jammed the outdoor arena to see the two super masters of the ring engage in battle.
The match belonged to Kevin and it was evident that a new champion would be crowned that very evening. After 22 minutes of exciting wrestling, Kevin pounded on Flair with the family trademark, stomach claw. Flair was finished, and the champion knew that his moments were numbered. With a jet of energy, Flair was able to move to the ropes while Kevin held on to the hold. Kevin continued to add pressure. The taste of victory was too much and an army of Von Erich’s came running to the ring to pull Kevin off the Nature Boy. All hell broke loose. The referee called the contest a double count-out, since both wrestlers were outside the ring.
A devout Christian, Kevin made the trip to Israel a personal religious pilgrimage, visiting many of the shrines and religious sites he had read about so often. He thought of his professional career and what it meant to people everywhere. He thought of how a Maronite Christian had told him that World Class Championship Wrestling was a number one sports show in Lebanon.
Kevin wished that all the problems in this troubled area could be solved in the wrestling ring rather than by the fighting and killing that have haunted this land for years. There is a common denominator of interest between the people of Israel and Lebanon, and that is the Dallas, Texas TV show. Can Kevin possibly be a peacemaker through his wrestling abilities?
Kevin’s return to the Holy Land will not only be because of wrestling. He wants to follow the teachings of his Lord when He said: “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.”