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Kevin Von Erich 1 on 1 with Brian Adias

One On One Kevin Von Erich/Brian Adias
Inside Wrestling/November 1987

Although they share similar backgrounds, Kevin Von Erich and Brian Adias bring radically different approaches to the squared circle.
Both men were born and raised in Denton, Texas, where they grew up close friends and starred in high school and college sports together. Both turned to wrestling, with Adias entering the sport as a protégé of the Von Erich family. Each was headed for superstardom. Then the falling out occurred.
During a scientific match with the late Mike Von Erich, Adias suddenly threw caution – and the rulebook – to the wind. He proceeded to unmercifully thrash a surprised and unsuspecting Mike, after which he announced the reason for his change: Kevin Von Erich’s refusal to grant him a shot at his World Class heavyweight title.
“Staying with the Von Erich’s was ruining my career,” Adias said. “The time had come for me to stand on my own and get out from behind their shadow.” Adias immediately began teaming with noted Von Erich nemesis Al Madril.
One would think that the Von Erich family would be accustomed to such attacks on their character. It’s happened before, with The Freebirds in the past, and with Chris Adams in 1986. Adias’ behavior, however, was especially galling considering the extent to which he had been befriended by the family.
Even more alarming is Adias’ new weapon. “The Oriental Tour,” a vicious and well-directed thumb to the throat. In a recent six-man tag match, Kevin had to be rushed to the hospital after being hit with it. Observers have claimed that Adias was intentionally trying to seriously injure – or even kill – Kevin. This incident was just the latest example of the bad blood that now flows between the former friends, who agreed to square off…”One on One.”

Kevin Von Erich:
Let me start by telling you, Adias that you’d be beneath contempt if you weren’t so deluded and dangerous. After all me and my family have done for you, you turn around and deliberately try to injure me with that “Oriental Tool” of yours. I’ve survived that, though, and soon you’ll be paid back in your own coin.

Brian Adias:
You’re wrong on both counts. Your family has done nothing for me except look out for yourselves. As far as I was concerned I came in handy just for as long as I could be useful toward your ends. Within one month of breaking away from you and your family, I had a tag team belt around my waist. As for paying me back, the last time we met in the ring you hit the referee harder than you’ve ever hit me, just to make sure that you would be disqualified and keep your title. I was just about to hit you with the tool, too.

You wanted everything, but you always drew the line at working for it. Now that you’re taking shortcuts , the fans can see what you’re really made of. If you had any human decency, you’d be ashamed of what you’ve done.

Ashamed? I feel relieved! Since breaking with you Von Erich’s, I’ve accomplished more in six months than I had in two years as your water boy. It was always “Kerry this,” or “Kevin that,” and I was getting sick of hearing it. Now I’ve proven to the people that Brian Adias is his own man and a force to be reckoned with.

But at what cost? People used to look up to you. You had a chance to have it all. Now you’re one of the most despised men in Texas.

BA: And one of the wealthiest. Have it all? I had some things, but not what I really wanted. I’m a better wrestler than you let me be. Hell, if you and your relatives weren’t constantly ducking me, I’d have every title in Texas by now.

Do you think that after all I’ve been through I’m afraid of you? We Von Erich’s were here before you, and we’ll be here after you’re gone and forgotten. And that could be sooner than you think.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Your title is mine, it’s just a matter of time. Whether you keep hitting the ref, or paying him off, or whatever, I’m going to have that belt from you. When will you accept the fact that your best days are behind you? You and your family are nothing but a bunch of has-beens.

You’re not the first to say that, and you won’t be the first to regret it. Ntohing happens without a purpose. What we’ve been through has made us stronger, like iron that goes through a fire and becomes steel.

Then you clowns should be worried about ring rust. Kerry seems to have a great future as a poster boy for orthopedic shoes. Cousin Lance hasn’t ven bothered to show up for his matches with me, so even your own fans couldn’t help but realize the truth. You yourself haven’t been looking too good in the ring lately. And I consider your fans to be some of the stupidest and most deluded people on this planet.

I don’t understand why you’re acting like you do, but I know that you’ve got to be stopped before you injure anyone else with that hellish move of yours. I wont sink to your level, though. It’s something that has to be done for the good of wrestling.

The good of wrestling! Who the hell are you to decide, as if you own the sport? What do you call your iron claw? If you want to start talking about dangerous moves, you’d better clean up your own act first. But that’s something you’ll never understand, having had your daddy smoothing the way for you all your life. But your luck is running out in this sport.

It’s not a question of luck. It’s a question of doing your best with what you’re given and not sacrificing your ideals for any short-term gain. But I can’t expect you to understand that. It means having some kind of honor and standing for something, through good times and bad. It means sticking close to one’s friends. You used to be a friend, but I don’t know what you’ve become. I pity you.

The last thing I need from you is pity. What I could really use would be a title shot, preferably in a steel cage. Just me and you, with no one to save your sorry hide or stick up for you. Then I’ll be champion and people can get on with their lives and forget about the whole Von Erich clan. And I’ve got the right tool to do the job.