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The following is a story that a friend of Kerry's told me about the Willie Nelson picnic in 1987. This is kind of a funny story that will give us insight into Kerry's humorous side. This friend has asked to be referred to as The Spoiler and not to give out his name so I won't but I would like to thank him for gracing me with this information.

Willie Nelson's Picnic 1987

I am talking about Willie Nelson's picnic in '87. Kerry's mother wasn't there and he was also wearing a red t-shirt that day. I have a pic of him pretending to body slam me backstage. Everyone came in a limo from the company that Adrian ran in Grapevine. I didn't live far from where the picnic was, so I meet them there. It was a really fun day, all day long Kerry couldn't wait to see Joe Walsh and Kris Kristofferson play. The Hard Rock Cafe had a vip section backstage (this was when Hard Rock was still a new company and a big deal) and served food all day. They also had a platform there with some tables and umbrellas on it, this is where we were most of the time. Kerry also announced some the acts. The response he got from the crowd was incredible, but it always was. Willie had a small travel trailer behind stage that he was hanging out in that day, and he asked to meet Kerry, so he, Adrian, and I went in to see him. This was a time when Willie wasn't in the best of shape (not that he every really looks good), but after Willie left the trailer we stayed in there to get something to drink from one of the coolers Willie had and Kerry immediately asked "Did you see his arms? God, I hope I never look like that," they were completely flabby and wrinkly. It was really funny because the rest of the day he couldn't get it out of his mind. And every so often out of nowhere he would say "God, I hope never look like that."