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The Loss of David Von Erich: Tributes from fans and Friends

In recent years, Davidís star shone more and more brightly in the wrestling sky as he added title after title to his list of achievements. It seemed to me that David was the Von Erich to watch, the one who would finally add the Von Erich name to those of Flair, Race, Fuck, Kiniski and others on the roster of the NWA World champions. Itís up to Kevin, Kerry, Mike and eventually Chris to carry on and give honor to the Von Erich name. I think I speak for the majority when I say that it will be difficult to see any of the Von Erich brothers step in to the ring on TV or in person and not think of the one who is no longer with us.
- Rob Moore, Greenville, Texas

I hate to be trying to express myself during unfavorable times, but David, Kevin, Kerry and I started lifting weights and training together while they were still amateurs years ago in Lake Dallas. Because of my long acquaintance from child hood with their father, Fritz Von Erich, I was able to become a professional wrestler and have been for 11 years now. David was like a brother and a student and a close friend of mine and Iíve known him all my life and it just seems like such a terrible thing that he has to depart this life at such an early age and leave everybody behind that loved him the most.
- Skip ďSweet brown SugarĒ Young, professional wrestler

I would like the Von Erich family to know how very sorry I am for them. Losing someone close to you is very sad. Davidís death was a shock to us all and would like the Von Erich family know how very much I love them and my prayers are with them.
- Deanna Waldrup Jacksonville, FL

When I first came to Texas, it was Fritz Von Erich who gave me a break to start in this fabulous sport. I had the fine privilege to know a great athlete like David and I had the privilege to start my career the same time David did. David laced his first pair of boots for his first match probably no more than two weeks than I did.
- Don Diamond, professional wrestler

Ever since I heard about the death of David Von Erich, it just hasnít been the same. I just cried when I read about it in the paper. All my sympathy goes to the Von Erich family.
- Tommy Mazzuchelli, Marietta, GA

When I first came to Texas about 13 years ago, the boys were still in school, playing basketball and football. I saw them working out and training. Harley Race came to Dallas in late 1977 to wrestle in a non-title match and leaflets were passed out for the people to vote for who they wanted to see wrestle the champion and it was David. It was unusual because he was so young. And he surprised Harley when he wrestled him to a 30-minute draw.
- Bronco Lubich, Texas wrestling referee

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Von Erich family because they have suffered a great loss. They have lost a son, a brother, a husband and a great man. We can always keep his memory alive by thinking of him every once in a while.
The memory of David Von Erich will remain in the hearts of fans as long as they live. They will remember the way he was and the way he was loved by so many people. The Lord has a reason for everything He does and He has seen fit to take our loved one home. I hope that people all over the world will remember him and keep his memory alive. And to his family, I would like to say this:
Life is like a beautiful flower. It is planted and then it grows into a beautiful blossom and then eventually itís plucked away or it fades and it dies. David Iím sure, would want you to lead happy lives and not let the sorrow of his death get in the way.
- Krystal Dean, Holden, LA