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Kevin Von Erich: There were no brothers closer than me, Dave and Kerry. We grew up in the backwoods of east Texas. We were just country boys. Even when we were kids, and to the day he died, we all felt like one. What I mean is that it didnít matter, for example, which one of us might win the world title. If one of us got it, we all had it. There was no jealousy.
People asked me and Kerry how we can go on wrestling now. At first I thought ďnever againĒ. But then I began looking into my spiritual strength. I realized that David is not dead. He has just gone to where Jesus is. Itís like we change planes, or go from one car to another. He just went to Jesus. My family members are very strong Christians. We are given scriptures and you would not believe how accurate the scriptures are for dealing with the situations with David and about other things in our lives. It is truly wonderful.
Dave loved all his fans. He was a cowboy. He would give 100 percent in his matches and in everything in his life. If he could have given more than that, rest assured he would have. He had a rebellious streak in him, like most cowboys do, but he never let it get the best of him. He would never sacrifice his fans or matches for it. He also loved when the fans would come over to him and tell him what they felt. He really loved Ďem all.

Kerry Von Erich: I want people to know he is not gone forever. If you believe in Jesus you know that we will see him in Heaven. The Lord says one day is 1,000 years and 1,000 years is one day. So to Dave, he is already looking down at us. If you believe, you know he is not gone. We have great Christian friends who all share that belief with us. Our mom gave us religion, early in our lives. She saved us. She had us ask the Lord to come into our hearts.
Fans, thank you for loving him. Keep on loving him. With you, we realized we had the largest family in the world. We loved you all. I also wan to mention that Kevin and I will win the World belt in Davidís memory. Our drive is stronger now than ever.

Tricia Von Erich: David loved all his fans. I was so happy to see all the wonderful fans and friends who turned out to honor David. I have never in my life felt such a strong feeling of devotion and love from so many people at the same time. The entire Von Erich family loves you all. We can not put into words how we feel about all the cards and letters you have sent to us. We are certain that you will continue to keep Davidís memory alive forever and for that we thank you deeply.

Mike & Chris Von Erich: We donít know what we can add to what Kevin, Kerry and Tricia have already said. We certainly feel the same way. We always knew how much everyone loved David. We just want to add our thanks to the people who have added their support in these recent weeks.

(Editorís note: Fritz and Doris Von Erich have asked us to express their gratitude to the fans of the Von Erich family for their love and support during this difficult time. As of press time, however, they were unavailable.)