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As a child growing up in Denton, Texas being only 10, I always watched you wrestle on the television. If I missed a wrestling match I would get upset because you were being missed. The love I felt for you when I was a child were strong you were my idol. My sisters and I were in front of the screen every Saturday night or afternoon, we would scream and jump and praise you every time you whipped a Freebirds butts. As we were in the middle of great metroplex of Denton, we also seen you on your motorcycle, and you waved. That was a memory I will always cherish, I would brag about you and your brothers at school and whoever would say anything bad against you and yours I would defend you. But now you are gone and the wrestling on television isnít the same. We miss you guys, and Kevin I wish you were still wrestling I also wish the wrestling federation would let you wrestle the way you want to. You guys were the best and you are missed.