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Spot Lights
Kerry Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich knows what it is to be a champion, and he knows what it takes to overcome the obstacles a champion faces. His 11 year career has been filled with enough misfortune to drive a dozen men out of the sport. But, as Kerry would tell you, he's a Von Erich , and that represents more than a name.
"Ever since we were boys," Kerry recalls. "our dad [Fritz] told us we had a special responsibility to do good things in the world, especially in the ring. He always reminded us that a lot of people looked up to the Von Erichs, and that we could never let the people down."
Kerry says his father's words have helped him win many titles, but more than words inspired him to win the NWA World title from Ric Flair on May 6, 1984. Three months earlier, his brother David, whom many picked as the next champion, died. Kerry received the shot at Flair in his brother's place.
But as important and memorable as that victory was, today it's just a distant memory for Kerry. Now he is obsessed with the defeat of Jerry "The King" Lawler, who won the World Class title from him in Chicago on December 13, 1988.
"Look at what a poor excuse for a champion Lawler's become," Kerry said. "The AWA stripped him of their title, and I'm surprised World Class hasn't done the same. He always talks about honor, but that's all it is -- talk. I've beaten him for the belt before, and I'll do it again soon."
Lawler, traditionally a fan favorite, is anything but a fan favorite when he travels to Texas to face Kerry. Even before SuperClash, the two had met many times, with nearly every match ending in controversy. Kerry blames Lawler for the confusion.
"He's always bringing some kind of object to the ring, or hitting me with a sucker - punch," Kerry accused. "He knows he doesn't have the ability to beat me - so he cheats. He can deny it all he wants, but everybody's seen him do it. He's a disgrace."
"The King" has a pointed response to his rival's accusations.
"Don't make us laugh, Kerry," Lawler remarked. "You're not as pure as you say you are. Stop trying to fool the people. We both do what we have to do to win. Bending the rules from time to time is part of the game, a game you're a master of. So stop whining and complaining and get in the ring."
In addition to his pursuit of Lawler, Kerry and his brother Kevin are busy trying to regain the World Class tag team title they lost to Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden on February 17 in Dallas.
"In many ways, going for those belts with Kevin is more important to me than the World Class title," Kerry related. "Nothing makes me prouder than sharing a championship with my brother. And whoever says I can't go after the tag title and Lawler at the same time is going to find out I'm tougher than they thought I was. The Von Erich's won't be denied!"