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***Special Note*** This is not the full interview -- I seem to have misplaced the rest of it -- so if you have the rest of this please send it in and I'll make sure you get the credit for it.

The Wrestler
Sports Review

For the past several months, Kerry Von Erich has engaged in a heated war with Matt Borne. It was a battle that Von Erich didn't want any part of - at first. After all, Kerry and Matt had been tight friends for three years.
In the early spring, Borne, who had teamed with Von Erich often in the past, had requested a match for Von Erich's USWA Texas title, Von Erich turned him down flat. Kerry had seen what could happen when friends wrestle each other. But Borne, who at this point had started to wrestle more aggressively, continued to apply pressure on Von Erich for the match.
Finally, Borne was responsible for a heinous act that Von Erich would have to pay attention to. He attacked 20 year old Chris Von Erich, beating the youngest Von Erich sibling senseless until Kerry ran out from the dressing room to save him.
After that brutal attack, Kerry not only wanted to wrestle Borne, he lusted to drive him from the USWA forever. The first time they locked in Dallas, the battle was so intense that it carried all the way out of the arena to the parking lot of the Sportatorium. After that brawl, there could be no turning back. One of these men would not survive the coming weeks.
As it turned out, it was Borne who would leave Texas Borne used an assist from Percy Pringle to win the Texas title from Von Erich on May 25 in Dallas. But Von Erich won a bloody steel cage match on June 1, and downed Borne again in another cage bout a week later. Borne packed his bags and left the federation.
Von Erich has celebrated his triumph by undertaking one of the most ambitious schedules of his career. In addition to defending his Texas title, Kerry has also been wrestling in the IWA and in several independent federations. By early July, the rumor mill was working over time. It was widely reported that Von Erich had signed a contract to wrestle in the WWF beginning in August.
Will Von Erich soon be plying his trade in the WWF? We sent Associate Editor Bob Smith to Dallas to find out.