The Man!


SIN Role-Play Number: Twenty Five (25)
Current Match: Versus Vs Mike Phantasy
Current Record: 4 wins -5losses 0 -Draw 000
Pro Wrestling Achievements: Former Frontier Martials Arts Wrestling Champion

Prologue: When I Was Born..I Was Born The Man!..And When You Step on That Apron Your Ass Becomes Part of The Game That I'm The Man In!


Fade up the Sin Wrestling logo.

In any profession, whether it be athletic or educational, police work or criminal, there will always be one person that stands out above all else. That one man will set the standard that all others will be held to and more often than not, that standard will never be met.

"I AM..... THE MAN!!"

To be compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair can be one man's greatest achievement. Meant as a compliment, to the best of the best, it is an insult. In the mind of the best, there is no comparison. There is no one on their level and there never will be. It becomes the career of the best to remain the best, to hold off the top of the mountain and fight away all those who seek to claim it as their own. To fight back the threat of elevation for all they are worth.

The theory of elevation is a myth creamed over by internet fan boys. No matter who is on top, the complaints about lack of elevation are evident. For years, they will scream that a man deserves a world championship push and when he receives it, he immediately becomes public enemy number one and another up and comer takes his place as the internet golden boy. Because of the lack of elevation, the fans coined the term "glass ceiling," meaning that the mid-carders could look up through the glass ceiling and see the main event but could never quite reach it. Constantly bumping their heads into the ceiling with no sign of it giving in.

Sid was never the internet golden boy.

Sid made his presence known in Noah Japan for the first time.Immediately upon Entering NOAH, began an intense feud with Kenta Kobashi...Whom he Defeated In an incredible Semifinal match for the NOAH Championship.He eventually went to the finals of the NOAH championship,but lost to Ikuto Hidaka

Although Sitting around and relaxing after his loss, had its perks,this did not suit the self-proclaimed "Man." It was time to return to Wrestling and claim the one belt that should've been his from the beginning. Sid made his appearence in FMW, made his intentions known, and crushed Hisakatsu Oya in his first match .

Sid made the challenge to Hayabusa,and made the promise that the FMW's Show at the Tokyo Egg Dome would be the site where a new Champion would be crowned. Sid and Hayabusa wrestled an epic match, lasting upwards of forty minutes, before Sid hit the Death Trap and put the legendary performer's other foot in the grave, staking claim to his first world championship. "The Man" had finally reached the pinnacle of his career, 5 years of struggling in Pro Wrestling paying off once and for all. Sid's career was riding high .

And then it all came crashing down.

Atushi Onita took over FMW from Hayabusa and his first act of business was to strip all champions of their titles with the intention of crowning new ones later in the night. Sid didn't agree with this method and refused to take part. He threw down the FMW Heavyweight championship and walked away for what he thought would be forever.

Onita failed. FMW was broken. Hayabusa returned to pick up the pieces and announced that forty-five men would do battle in the main event of a PPV entitled Brawl for all . Forty-five men would do battle and one man would walk out with the Frontier Martials arts Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. After his first reign had ended so suddenly, Sid had to show them that they made a mistake by robbing him of his championship. He entered himself in the match. Everyone immediately wrote him off as hype. A man FMW had washed out before he could become washed up. Many heralded Komazawa Olympic Park Gym as the place where a new contender would step up and take the crown. Veteran, hungry superstars the Likes of Vicious Vic Grimes,Stan"the Lariat"Hansen And Big Van Vader came from all over to try their hand in the main event.

In one match, Sid climbed the ladder to the very top of Frontier Martial arts Wrestling. Eliminating wrestler after wrestler after wrestler until he was the last man standing.His mask broken,blood staining his features, Sid eliminated The Sadistic ECw Legend Sabu to win the FMW championship for the second time.

Forty-four other men came from all over the world to win the title and "The Man" turned every single one of them away as if they were children playing a man's game. Sid showed every single one of them exactly why he was the man to beat. Sid established once and for all that he has broken through that glass ceiling

And now With Sid firmly back in place, panicked. The wrestlers were threatening to quit if something wasn't done about the living, breathing, ass kicking machine known to many as Sid"The Man"Frankenstein. People were getting concussions left and right thanks to Sid and his arsenal of Ring side Weapons, until one night, Hayabusa pulled the trigger that would almost kill Sid's once and for all.

The match was for the FMW World Championship. Sid versus Mr. Gannosuke versus Mammoth Sasaki. Sid dealt out punishment left and right, taking advantage of them like they were first match rookies until Willy "Hido" Takayama and Tetsuhiro Kuroda arrived at ringside on the orders of Hayabusa, distracting Sid long enough for Gannosuke to sneak a pin on Sasaki to steal the world championship.

Sid cornered Ganosuke,Takayama and Kuroda and his ensuing revenge was so fierce, so brutal, so very, very awe inspiring, that Hayabusa had no choice but to Fire Sid before lives were lost.

For nearly three years, the wrestling world had continued on without Sid and the wrestlers have let out a sigh of relief. Elevation has occurred in his absence and new stars have been born. It wasn't until Sin Wrestling opened its doors that Sid decided it was time to make another impact. In a promotion ruled by Corey Page,Sid felt it was his duty to show them what real talent was like.

After sitting back and watching the business evolve without him, he decided that it was time to return, to show the up and comers that they are not the Man.

YOU CANT KILL LEGENDS: And a Legend is exactly what Sid"The Man"Frankenstein is to so many fans, so many people out in the world today. He's idolized wherever it is that you go, the name Sid means something to you. If you are to hear that name .. it has meaning to you. Whether you're a fan, or someone who has heard of the sport of professional wrestling .. you know who Sid is regardless.

But is it past his time? Are you able to kill a Legend off? To make a Legend depart from the business? Can it possibly be done? Is there a way to rid the wrestling world of the one man who has resided inside it's squared circle for over 8 years. One man who has held championship titles .. one man who has walked that aisle time and time again, proving exactly why he is the STANDARD in sports entertainment. Proving time and time again as to why he is the bar that has been raised so high .. that no other man has yet to reach it. That man is simply Sid.. will always be Sid.. but the question is .. how long will Sid remain the man? This week .. two LEGENDS in the sport .. two GREATS go toe-to-toe .. Sid.. Mike Phantasy .. two men who have given it their all TIME and TIME again .. two men who have risked it over and over again ..

Not even Satan himself can stop me from full-fillin' my fuckin' destiny!

Mike Phantasy is a DEAD MAN...

It really happened. It definitely, definitely was a night to remember.. Nobody thought it could happen, nobody even dreamt of it happening, all over again.


Sid goes to lift Johnny up, he notices Slash Tannon running into the ring. Throwing Legend backwards, Sid ducks a clothesline from Slash, full-nelsons him and then full-nelson slams him onto the mat.

Lex Robinson: Slash Tannon failed!

Watching his two men crumble, Mike Phantasy slides into the ring, stalking Sid from behind. Jumping forward, Mike Phantasy strikes Sid's jaw with a Phantasize, causing him to fall on his back.

Lex Robinson: Disqualification!

Upon seeing this, the referee immediately calls for the bell, thus DQ'ing Johnny Legend.

Winner: Sid [via D/Q] Steve Hebert: Oh shit.

Sid staggers back, standing in front of Johnny Legend, who is on his hands and knees. Thrusting his right foot forward, Mike nails Sid's jaw with another Phantasize kick, causing Sid to trip over Johnny Legend, taking him down.

Steve Hebert: Haha, yes!

Lex Robinson: He finally got Sid off his feet.

Phantasy, Legend and Tannon both jump on Sid, pounding him with a barrage of punches and kicks. As Johnny Legend and Slash Tannon hold Sid, Mike rolls to the outside, grabs a chair and slides back in with it.

Lex Robinson: Oh, crap... This can't be good...

Wham! Mike blasts the chair across Sid's skull. After that, Johnny Legend rips Sid's mask off, motioning for Mike Phantasy to hit him again.

Steve Hebert: God, look at that ugly fucking face.

Lex Robinson: He's only deformed because...

Steve Hebert: I don't care why. He's just one ugly human being. Sweet Jesus, how did he ever get that slut of his to go out with him?

Lex Robinson: That's the least of his worries, because Mike Phantasy is winding up again.

Another chairshot is given to Sid's deformed face, busting him wide open. Slash and Legend drop Sid to the mat, where all three gather around him, stomping the life out of him.

The hatred between these two lies deep.Sid is bleeding heavily, ladies and gentleman. OH NO, HE HITS HIM AGAIN!! THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!" .So much more is at stake for Sid.Everyone knows that he doesn't lose often and when he does, a path of rage comes to life that no one, NO ONE..can stop.. Next week, at illusions ... Sid gets a second chance, a second chance to get even with Phanatsy. It will be that much harder for Sid though . He will have more at stake to overcome.. Sid will also have to contend with Johnny legend and Slash Tannon as well.. If he beats Phantasy, Sid will be on his way to achieve his destiny. That's something Phantasy,Legend and Tannon don't want happening..

But fuck Tannon, fuck Legend, and fuck Phantasy.. You can knock Sid down, you can beat him from behind, you can beat him to a bloody pulp like a bunch of cowards week after week.BUT SID WILL NOT STOP, HE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL HIS OBJECTIVE IS FINISHED..It will happen, Phanatsy.

Phantasy before illusions you may have only heard of the legend of Sid, the exploding rings and the barbwire ropes, the facts can't be denied and I won't hide them. My legend in Japan is greater than some men's entire careers but before illusion to you it was only legend.

But 2 out of 3 falls or not never underestimate the Stamina of Sid

Until, until Phantasy you step into a Japanese Death Match with The Man..You will never know how much stamina i have. Life might be as unpredictable as the weekend lotto numbers but a Japanese Death Match involving The Man emits predictability that borders on sick and sadistic.

Phanatsy this Sunday I promise you a number of elements that will be awaiting you on your path. Your chance to achieve your boy hood dream remains a potential turn on this road to glory but the avenues and streets will lead you firstly through the valley of the damned. There you will find me Phanatsy, awaiting your arrival with open arms.

I am A man feared from continent to continent for destroying the dreams of those who want to shatter his own. I know this is what you live for Phantasy , this is what you have busted your ass in the sweat box's for. But I will be damned if you fulfill a life long ambition over the fallen body of The Man.

The scene opens at the Wellesley Inns Astrodome Medical Center in Houston, Texas.. just a few minutes away from where The Astro Dome where Impulse was Held. Thousands of patients are seen swarming the hospital's hallways, when the camera passes a room and sees Sid Frankenstein laying on a bed surrounded by a medicial team. Still in his wrestling gear, with bloodstains all over his taped hands, a black and blue eye and a stiched up gash on his forehead after getting hit in the face with a Steel Chair by Phanatsy. Sid is hooked up to an IV, as the medical team continues to poke at Sid, trying to help him...

Sid: What the fuck are you doing?! Don't touch me!!

The doctor looks at his chart, as his medical team keeps track of Sid's heart rate

Dr. Kotarski: Hi Mr Frankenstein. I'm Doctor Eric Kotarski.. Do you know what happened to you?

Sid: I don't know, big shot. Why don't you fucking tell me, obviously you know what happened to me.. So cut the shit and quit wasting anymore of my time.

Dr. Kotarski: Well, Mr Frankenstein. You recieved a concussion just a few hours ago. Your brain was jarred.. It's not TOO serious, but I want to do some tests and maybe keep you here a few nights just to make sure there's no significant damage to the brain.

Sid: You stiched me up, didn't you?!

The doctor looks confused, but answers anyway

Dr. Kotarski: Uhh.. yes, I did.

Sid: Then get the hell out of my way..

Sid tries getting up, but the IV is still in him..and the nurses try to hold him down

Dr. Kotarski: WHOA WHOA!! You can't leave! You were just hit in the head with a chair, you're not in any shape to leave!!

Sid goes to feel his head and grimaces in pain, but barks at the doctor


The doctor looks shocked that he was just screamed at like that, in front of his colleagues.. Sid thinks he's doesn't need any help. What a crazy motherfucker..

Sid: Now....this is the last time I'm sayin' this...Get the FUCK out of my way!

Sid struggles to his feet, while Dr. Kotarski frantically decides what to do

Dr. Kotarski: Wait a minute! I'm telling you the truth, Mr Frankenstein. You're in no shape to leave the hospital until tests are done!

Sid: Does it look like I give a Damn about what you want?!

Dr. Kotarski: Uhhh....


He could be going out on a limb here..

Dr. Kotarski:........No?

Sid: Holy shit, you really are a smart doctor..

The intercom comes on

"Paging Dr. Kotarski to the OR... Paging Dr. Kotarski to the OR..."

Kotarski looks confused as to what to do as he picks up Sid's clipboard and re-proofs it

Dr. Kotarski: Alright, look. I'm needed in the Operating Room. You're really in no shape to leave the hospital, but if you stay the night.. We'll run a couple tests and I'll see what I can do about getting you out of here in the morning. How's that?

Sid sits back down on the bed, and lets the nurse check his blood pressure

Sid: Well, how about that.. You get to go and save a life, cause you sure as hell aren't needed here. I'll stay, but only if you get the fuck out of here by the time I count to 5.. I'm tired of seeing your ass.

Kotarski looks confused..

Sid: ONE......TWO..

Kotarski gets the picture and gives in

Dr. Kotarski: OKAY OKAY!! I'M GOING! I'll see you in the morning..

Dr. Kotarski exits the room.. A few of the nurses begin to leave too. A beautiful blonde nurse gives Sid a cup of water. He chugs it down as the nurse says

Nurse: Alright, I'm just gonna go fill out my timecard, I'll be back in a few minutes to check up on you.

You'd think Sid would try hitting on her

Sid: Fuck off...

Nurse: Well, then... Yeah, I'll be back.

The nurse exits the room, and Sid takes out his IV, takes off all sorts of wires to connected to his heart and fingers. He gets up off his bed, grabs his gymbag and heads into the bathroom


Sid comes out of the bathroom wearing black adidas windbreakers with orange stripes down the sides, an 'ARE YOU SCARED?! BACK: HE'S HERE t-shirt and combat boots. A big bandage is stuck to his forehead after that shot with the Chair by Phantasy on 'Impulse'.. Sid throws his gear in his gym bag, and zips it back up. He rubs his temples, grimacing in pain. He then swings the gymbag over his shoulder. and mumbles to himself near the door

Sid: bunch of ignorant shits. Who the fuck do they think they are!! I'm The Man!! Nobody is gonna fuck with The Man...nobody!

Sid officially defies doctors orders as he opens the door and exits. Which could only mean a world of hurt for Mike Phantasy and the Co, as the camera looks to the hallway and watches Sid from his back walk to the elevator. It opens and Sid steps through as the scene fades to black


Scene opens to a "Welcome to Dallas" sign. Dallas is the location for illusions. Then the camara makes a switch to a small parking lot.. It's empty, but in the far corner you can see an orange Mustang GT parked. You'd have to focus to reconize it though, because it's pitch black out.. The cameraman nears closer to view, and you see a man standing by the driver's door, leaning back against the orange mustang. Woods surround the parking lot, and it appears there's alot of isolation.. As the camera continues to make it's way towards the man, we can see who it is. It's Sid.. He's got on the same gear he had on when he left the hospital.. What's that smell? Is that, oh wait it can't be. Sid looks to be smoking something.. It smells like marijuana, but no it couldn't be.. could it? When the cameraman finally has clear view of Sid, it becomes obvious that he really is smoking a blunt.. and that smell? Oh, it's definitely marijuana..

Sid: Back the fuck up.. This ain't for you!!

The cameraman backs up a few feet, giving Sid room. Sid takes a few more puffs, and addresses the camera

Sid: I got my (coughs) own (hacks loudly) fucking medicine right here.....

What the hell is going on with Sid? He doesn't smoke marijuana or so they thought..

Sid:Phantasy, you made a mistake.. You fucked up. In that one single moment, you didn't use your fuckin' brain, you signed your death wish! I don't know what your problem with Your Girl Alicia has to do with me, Phantasy. But I'll be damned, I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let you publicly humilate me like that. Nobody, nobody hits me in the face with a Chair and lives to tell about it...

Sid takes two more puffs, blowing the smoke directly into the camera

Sid: And don't even think I've forgotten about you pussies either,Legend and Tannon.. You want to stick your nose in my fucking business? IN THE MAN'S BUSINESS?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE STUPID!!! What, you fucks think you can break this Legend5! You think you got my number?!... No way.. Not if I have anything to say about it.. and trust me, trust me... I HAVE PLENTY! I know why you interfered in my match. Phantasy

Because you know I would have ended Legend, SNAPPED his neck like THAT with ease. You couldn't accept that, you couldn't live with it... Because you motherfuckers know that once I start, I won't stop ....Until I want to stop!

BECAUSE WHEN THE MAN STARTS A PATH, A PATH OF RAGE....NO ONE CAN STOP IT!!! Not even you never will be-pussies!! You want to hit me with an Phantasize, and THEN a fucking Chair? You got that done...Now I bet you smartasses think you're something special now, think you knocked The Man down... Well.. I've got news for you little bitches..

I've paid my dues in the past to be spat on by men without heart and soul. I've been knocked senseless by some son's of bitches in my time but never -- NEVER have I taken a backwards step and it won't start on Sunday because of some snot nosed punk, who thinks the world should bow at his feet because of his looks and possessions.


Sid's eyes are absolutely bloodshot. Yeah, I know... Sid is actually human. It's crazy..

Sid: Because the fact is, if you had big enough balls to fight me like a man... I could break all three of you in a matter of fucking seconds. You'll be fighting for just a breath of air. Don't worry, ... That day is coming, it's coming alot fucking sooner then you think!! Because now that I know that NO ONE wants to me to move on up the rankings, now that I know that coward Mike Phantasy will do everything in his fucking power to see that ..

IT MOTIVATES ME TO DEFY ALL THE FUCKIN' ODDS EVERYONE WANTS TO THROW AT ME!! It took three men to put me down, it took fucking three men and a Steel Chair to put me down .. No one wants a man like Me to represent Sin Wrestling... I don't fit into their expectations. I don't represent their morals and values. FUCK THAT... I REPRESENT MYSELF, I'M THE MAN... FUCK YOU AND FUCK THE WORLD!! I'll defy the odds, Arn!! I'll go on to illusion and defeat Mike Phantasy and NO ONE WILL GET IN MY WAY!! ... It's gonna be ME fullfillin' my destiny..

Just to be clear on things. Sid is smokin' marijuana because he knows he isn't the man he was back ago. He has a hard time accepting that and will do anything to reach that level again. After what happened last week on 'Impulse, having History repeat it self occur all over again when Phantasy attacked him, he has to get back to that level. Sid inhales the thc, thus showing pieces of his personality from his dominant days in Frontier Martial arts Wrestling...

Sid: You'll regret that I got a fucking second chance . Because now I can still defy the odds. I can still do what you don't want me to do, Phantasy... My blood is pumping, I'm ready to fight you, if Tannon and Legend try to help you out.. I'm going tear them apart, and eat them for breakfast! Line em up, ONE BY ONE!!!.. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT... because they're gonna end up just like You...Scapegoats..

They will be my scapegoats on my road to my destiny, and then Phantasy You're next!! I'm going to take care of those two bitches out with no problem, and then I'm going fight Phantasy later that night and make him wish he never stepped foot in a wrestling ring, period. I'm gonna treat him like the little prissy faggot that he is.. and go on to do the fucking impossible, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO!!!

Sid takes another hit off the blunt, and starts blowing rings out slowly before addressing the camera once more

Sid: Phantasy has never bleed in the halls of The Valley of Extreme. He was never blown up by C-4 explosive's in Japan and he will NEVER -- NEVER pay the dues I've paid to get into the position I am in.

Sid chuckles a bit, before turning to complete straight face, misery in his bloodshot eyes. His eyes tell a story..

Sid: In a way, Phantasy.. You did me a favor.. So did Tannon and Legend. You woke up a sleeping giant. Crack all the jokes you want.. but as the cold steel chair split my head open and I could feel the blood dripping into my mouth.. It signified a new beginning, It's time for The Man to start spewing out predictions for the next week. It's time to start telling it like it is.. and it's time to start snapping necks like there's no tomorrow.

Because when I'm at my best, there is no fucking stoppin' me.. I will take out the competition, week after week much like I dominated FMW.. I will get back to that level... That's not a promise...THAT'S A GOOD OL' FASHIONED GUAREN-DAMN-TEE!!! As for you four little shits, get out of my way... or BE TAKEN OUT!! You ain't nothing compared to me. I'm in a whole nother world. Because your second chance, your second chance is going to end this Sunday. After this Sunday, you're going back to where you belong... The competition is too fierce for you son of a bitches to try and surpass is like saying Phantasy has balls, it's a pile of shit.. My time isn't up yet.. and ain't nobody, ain't nobody gonna determine my stay in the big-time.. except for one man....ME!!! WHY?!! CUZ I'M THE MAN!!!

Your fucking days are numbered....

Sid continues to hit his blunt as he opens the door of his mustang and hops in. The cameraman, watching Sid sitting on the driver's side takes the blunt to the screen as Sid flicks it, as smoke begins to arise from the backtires and he peels out and away

Fade to black