The Man!


SIN Role-Play Number: Twenty Six (26)
Current Match: Versus Vs Mike Phantasy
Current Record: 4 wins -5losses 0 -Draw 000
Pro Wrestling Achievements: Former Frontier Martials Arts Wrestling Champion

Prologue: When I Was Born..I Was Born The Man!..And When You Step on That Apron Your Ass Becomes Part of The Game That I'm The Man In!


Fade up the Sin Wrestling logo.

In any profession, whether it be athletic or educational, police work or criminal, there will always be one person that stands out above all else. That one man will set the standard that all others will be held to and more often than not, that standard will never be met.

"I AM..... THE MAN!!"

To be compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair can be one man's greatest achievement. Meant as a compliment, to the best of the best, it is an insult. In the mind of the best, there is no comparison. There is no one on their level and there never will be. It becomes the career of the best to remain the best, to hold off the top of the mountain and fight away all those who seek to claim it as their own. To fight back the threat of elevation for all they are worth.

The theory of elevation is a myth creamed over by internet fan boys. No matter who is on top, the complaints about lack of elevation are evident. For years, they will scream that a man deserves a world championship push and when he receives it, he immediately becomes public enemy number one and another up and comer takes his place as the internet golden boy. Because of the lack of elevation, the fans coined the term "glass ceiling," meaning that the mid-carders could look up through the glass ceiling and see the main event but could never quite reach it. Constantly bumping their heads into the ceiling with no sign of it giving in.

Sid was never the internet golden boy.

Sid made his presence known in Noah Japan for the first time.Immediately upon Entering NOAH, began an intense feud with Kenta Kobashi...Whom he Defeated In an incredible Semifinal match for the NOAH Championship.He eventually went to the finals of the NOAH championship,but lost to Ikuto Hidaka

Although Sitting around and relaxing after his loss, had its perks,this did not suit the self-proclaimed "Man." It was time to return to Wrestling and claim the one belt that should've been his from the beginning. Sid made his appearence in FMW, made his intentions known, and crushed Hisakatsu Oya in his first match .

Sid made the challenge to Hayabusa,and made the promise that the FMW's Show at the Tokyo Egg Dome would be the site where a new Champion would be crowned. Sid and Hayabusa wrestled an epic match, lasting upwards of forty minutes, before Sid hit the Death Trap and put the legendary performer's other foot in the grave, staking claim to his first world championship. "The Man" had finally reached the pinnacle of his career, 5 years of struggling in Pro Wrestling paying off once and for all. Sid's career was riding high .

And then it all came crashing down.

Atushi Onita took over FMW from Hayabusa and his first act of business was to strip all champions of their titles with the intention of crowning new ones later in the night. Sid didn't agree with this method and refused to take part. He threw down the FMW Heavyweight championship and walked away for what he thought would be forever.

Onita failed. FMW was broken. Hayabusa returned to pick up the pieces and announced that forty-five men would do battle in the main event of a PPV entitled Brawl for all . Forty-five men would do battle and one man would walk out with the Frontier Martials arts Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. After his first reign had ended so suddenly, Sid had to show them that they made a mistake by robbing him of his championship. He entered himself in the match. Everyone immediately wrote him off as hype. A man FMW had washed out before he could become washed up. Many heralded Komazawa Olympic Park Gym as the place where a new contender would step up and take the crown. Veteran, hungry superstars the Likes of Vicious Vic Grimes,Stan"the Lariat"Hansen And Big Van Vader came from all over to try their hand in the main event.

In one match, Sid climbed the ladder to the very top of Frontier Martial arts Wrestling. Eliminating wrestler after wrestler after wrestler until he was the last man standing.His mask broken,blood staining his features, Sid eliminated The Sadistic ECw Legend Sabu to win the FMW championship for the second time.

Forty-four other men came from all over the world to win the title and "The Man" turned every single one of them away as if they were children playing a man's game. Sid showed every single one of them exactly why he was the man to beat. Sid established once and for all that he has broken through that glass ceiling

And now With Sid firmly back in place, panicked. The wrestlers were threatening to quit if something wasn't done about the living, breathing, ass kicking machine known to many as Sid"The Man"Frankenstein. People were getting concussions left and right thanks to Sid and his arsenal of Ring side Weapons, until one night, Hayabusa pulled the trigger that would almost kill Sid's once and for all.

The match was for the FMW World Championship. Sid versus Mr. Gannosuke versus Mammoth Sasaki. Sid dealt out punishment left and right, taking advantage of them like they were first match rookies until Willy "Hido" Takayama and Tetsuhiro Kuroda arrived at ringside on the orders of Hayabusa, distracting Sid long enough for Gannosuke to sneak a pin on Sasaki to steal the world championship.

Sid cornered Ganosuke,Takayama and Kuroda and his ensuing revenge was so fierce, so brutal, so very, very awe inspiring, that Hayabusa had no choice but to Fire Sid before lives were lost.

For nearly three years, the wrestling world had continued on without Sid and the wrestlers have let out a sigh of relief. Elevation has occurred in his absence and new stars have been born. It wasn't until Sin Wrestling opened its doors that Sid decided it was time to make another impact. In a promotion ruled by Corey Page,Sid felt it was his duty to show them what real talent was like.

After sitting back and watching the business evolve without him, he decided that it was time to return, to show the up and comers that they are not the Man.

No one Can kill This Legend



Sid just dropped Mammoth Sasaki on his head!! HE JUST DROPPED HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH A NASTY T-BONE SUPLEX!!

You're a DEAD MAN!!!


You FUCKED With the Wrong Man!..



Sid looks up and gets a look of wonder in his eyes. Sid grabs onto the base of the tron and begins climbing.

The ref tries to tell him not to but he kicks away and the ref leaves him be. Sid gets about halfway up when Supreme starts climbing, in hot pursuit of his opponent. Supreme finally reaches the top and Sid is ready with a boot to the face. Sid looks down as the officials and security come out yelling up at them. Sid just ignores them but the distraction is enough for Supreme to get in a lowblow. Sid goes down as Supreme struggles to his feet. Supreme looks down from atop the tron.. just now realizing that he's around twenty feet in the air. Supreme pulls Sid up , signaling for a DDT.

Sid's feet are right near the edge of the tron. Supreme sets Sid up but Sid lifts Supreme up and and drops him with a manhattan drop. Supreme leans over as Sid grasps him on the neck. The camera catches the sadistic expression on Sid's face before he lifts and both men go flying off the tron. CHOKESLAM OFF THE TRON DOWN THROUGH THE TABLES NEXT TO THE STAGE!!! THE SOUNDSTAGE IS RUINED AS PYRO STARTS GOING OFF ALL OVER!! SID AND SUPREME HAVE MESSED UP THE PRODUCTION SET!!! The tables are smashed as FMW officials and security make their way over to the two fallen combatents lie. Both of them beaten, battered and bloodied. Some EMTs rush out onto the stage but Sid slowly begins to move. Everyone yells at him to keep still but he refuses. Sid throws himself on top of Supreme and the ref just stares at this event. He finally comes out of his shock and makes the count........1........2........3!!! Sid has defeated Supreme!!! The EMTs immediately start attending to both men as the crowd is on their feet, the Tokyo Eggdome has never been so loud!!

I AM......

A chance to reach his destiny...No one will stop him

THE ...

The impossible...will become the possible


You're fucked, Phantasy

Nothing compares to this..

The scene flickers , baring static. A man is revealed to be buried in his arms... You can hear him mumbling..

"No, no...I still can't fuckin' believe it...NOOO!!!"

The man picks himself up from his arms, he takes his hands away and starts clutching his head in pain.. Oh, sweet jesus. That man is Sid...

"Motherfucker, I'm losing it...I'M FUCKING LOSING IT!!!"

What's wrong with him? He has snapped, that's what.

Static covers the screen, as it flickers back to where it all started on Steptember 27th, at Impulse where it was a Triple threat match between Salsh tannon vs Sid vs Johnny Legend with the Special Ref Mike Phantasy

Mike Phantasy meets Slash Tannon eye to eye. The two commence a stare-down, to which the crowd roars at their loudest, urging Phantasy to let Tannon have it. Obliging, Mike Phantasy crouches down, right before jamming his foot in the direction of Tannon's face, introducing him to his version of the superkick, Phantasize. This introduction doesn't quite do the trick, though, sailing straight over Slash's head as he ducks down and instead pounding into Sid's face, nearly ripping the big man's head clear off his shoulders!.

Phantasy Looks down at Sid,who is soon covered by Slash Tannon. Mike Phantasy administers the count.Phantasy's hands strike the mat at a suspiciously fast pace, which prevents Johnny Legend from breaking the count in time, thus making Slash Tannon the winner.


Static covers the screen again , as it flickers to October 10th

Sid hits Zimdela three times with a heavy right hand and slaps his right hand to Zimdela’s throat. Staggering near the table, Sid throttles Zimdela's throat, lifts him into the air and crashes him through the table with The Show Stommper!.

Covering Zimdela, Sid patiently waits for a count; but there is no referee..?Sid gets up, looks around for the ref, however, all he sees is Mike Phantasy slide into the ring. The fresh man goes to town, hitting Sid with lefts and rights that go unanswered. Stepping back, Phantasy lines him up and hits the Phantasize. Falling back, Sid lies there as Zimdela slowly gets up

Zimdela missed what was going on, but puts the pieces together and shrugs it off. Zimdela picks up Sid and moves towards the top rope. Zimdela leaps off hitting The Very Best In Pain on the steel steps. A loud thud and crunch is heard as Sid is bent over the steel steps, in a motionless pose. Zimdela covers Sid and grinds into him, as Mike Phantasy throws the referee into the ring and the ref slowly counts 3

After the match, Zimdela snatches his title and walks to the back with Hope Finwood. Still in the ring, Sid receives at least ten chairshots from Mike Phantasy, who finally gives up and slams the chair on the ground.


The Screen flicker to 0ctober 17th

Phantasy bounces off the ropes, only to walk into a big boot from Sid, which causes Badi'a Tayeha to try to enter the ring, but ends up blocked by the ref. Sid hovers over Mike's fallen body, about to pick him up, when Slash Tannon slides into the ring and smashes a steel chair across Sid's back.

As Sid staggers to and fro, only staying up on his feet, thanks to his hold on the ropes, Mike Phantasy climbs back to his feet. Spotting his chance, Phantasy leaps at Sid, delivering a wicked Phantasize to Sid's mid-section!Mike Phantasy strikes Sid with another Phantasize. This time, it connects to Sid's chestThe impact forces Sid to release his hold on the ropes, staggering back, breathless. Backing up, Mike measures Sid up again and thrusts forward with yet another Phantasize to Sid's jaw.

Phantasy covers Sid. Turning around, the referee realizes that Mike is covering Sid. He begins his count....1...2...No kick!

Sid begins climbs to his feet, his eyes bulge, his fists clench and his body quivers. Sid stands before a shocked Mike Phantasy, who has no idea what to do

The screen fast forwards to the end of the Match

Mike Phantasy's team the winners. However, as soon as Sid realizes this, he goes berzerk, decking Slash Tannon with a mighty fist. Next, Sid spins Badi'a Tayeha around, kicking a BIG BOOT OF DOOM into her face and laying her out cold.Sid takes hold of the steel ring steps, lifting them up over his head and tossing them inside the ring. Sliding in himself, Sid soon stalks Mike Phantasy, who tries to escape, but with no such luck, as Sid grabs the stairs and smashes them down onto Phantasy's leg. Sid continues the attack on Mike's leg, while Slash Tannon tries to make the save, but is warded off by Flame.

After several moments of pure anguish for Mike Phantasy, Slash Tannon finally manages to make it close enough to drag a screaming Mike out of the ring. Phantasy continues crying out in intense pain, while Sid stares out with a look of insanity about him.


The screen flickers to Last weeks Impulse

While holding onto the ropes, Sid lifts himself up to his feet, watching Legend rise. Running forward, Sid raises his leg, connecting with a big boot to Johnny Legend's face.As Sid goes to lift Johnny up, he notices Slash Tannon running into the ring. Throwing Legend backwards, Sid ducks a clothesline from Slash, full-nelsons him and then full-nelson slams him onto the mat.

Watching his two men crumble, Mike Phantasy slides into the ring, stalking Sid from behind. Jumping forward, Mike Phantasy strikes Sid's jaw with a Phantasize, causing him to fall on his back.Upon seeing this, the referee immediately calls for the bell, thus DQ'ing Johnny Legend.Sid staggers back, standing in front of Johnny Legend, who is on his hands and knees. Thrusting his right foot forward, Mike nails Sid's jaw with another Phantasize kick, causing Sid to trip over Johnny Legend, taking him down.

Phantasy, Legend and Tannon both jump on Sid, pounding him with a barrage of punches and kicks. As Johnny Legend and Slash Tannon hold Sid, Mike rolls to the outside, grabs a chair and slides back in with it.Wham! Mike blasts the chair across Sid's skull. After that, Johnny Legend rips Sid's mask off, motioning for Mike Phantasy to hit him again.

Another chairshot is given to Sid's deformed face, busting him wide open. Slash and Legend drop Sid to the mat, where all three gather around him, stomping the life out of him.


End Static

"You dared crossed the line, Phantasy... YOU'RE FUCKING DONE!!...."

Tires screeching is heard as the scene opens up to a parking garage, and you see a bright orange Mustang fish-tail around the corner..It speeds into a parking space, and out comes Sid. What is he doing at an SW house show?! Sid, wearing a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. He slams the door and starts to walk his way into the The Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas when he is approached by three backstage security personal.

Security Guard: Sid, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave...

WHAM!! Sid just nails the security guard in the jaw with a right fist, knocking him to the ground. The other two security guards try to bullrush Sid to the ground, but to no avail. Sid connects with a nasty clothesline sending one security guard flying to the ground. He then kicks the last standing security guard in the gut, grabs him by the shirt and sends him head first into a goddamn car window!! JESUS CHRIST!!SID HAS SNAPPED!! The camera focuses in on the damage done by Sid when he grabs ahold of the camera and positions it for clear view as he barks

Sid: See that, Phantasy? That ain't NOTHINGto what I'm going do to you... Pray, pray that I don't fucking KILL you come illusions!

Sid storms off in a rage towards the Stadium, looking for God knows who as the scene fades to black

Start Voiceclip

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

"I'm going to wrap these arms around your neck and STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH!!!"

It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.

"I'm not a man to be FUCKED with!"

The only cure for grief is action.

"You cannot survive my world..."

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.


Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry.


End voiceclip

Are you fuckin' stupid,Phantasy? Shame on you..

The scene fades up to the backstage area, and you see two average looking guys wearing black Camera Crew shirts on chatting it up with each other

Camera Crew Man # 1: Dude, it was crazy. The grass was like, literally 5 feet high. There were cigarettes everywhere..

The other camera crew guy interupts

Camera Crew Man # 2: So, wait a minute.. This is where Sid is living?

Camera Crew Man # 1: YES!!

Camera Crew Man # 2: Jesus, man. What else was there?

Camera Man Crew Man # 1: Fuckin' everything, man. I couldn't believe it. He has this beautiful woman lving with and all i could think of was what the hell is she doing with an ugly Freak like him?

Camera Crew Man # 2: Haha, no shit.

Camera Crew Man # 1: OH! There was a half empty bottle of vodka sittin' on the on the counter, and i chugged most of it down..

Camera Crew Man # 2: That was quite a fuckin' risk you took, dude.

Camera Crew Man # 1: It was worth it though. I just hope I can get a raise or some sort of reward for catching all that on tape.Dude she was totaly Naked!

He flashes a smirk

Camera Crew Man # 1: anyway he'll never know it was me, I'm gonna be makin' the big bucks selling off to Phanatsy he wants them developed as quickly as possible Haha, it's great!

A familiar voice is heard


OUT OF NOWHERE...Sid attacks the camera crew man nailing him from behind.. The other crew man hauls ass out of there. Sid stands at the head of the camera crew man, as the guy tries to get up.. He's clawing his way to his knees, when Sid smacks the camera man, knocking him back down.. Sid grows furious and starts screaming

Sid: SURPRISE, SURPRISE BITCH!! You want to profit off of invading my personal life?! DID I HEAR YOU, RIGHT?!!! HUH?!! (Sid slaps him again) Look at You now.. You're a pussy... Get the fuck up!! GET UP!!!

The cameraman is bleeding from the mouth as Sid pulls his head up.. Sid eventually pulls him up off the floor... What's this? Sid wraps his left arm underneath the cameraman's neck and the other pushing his cranium.. He starts squeezing and the cameraman is waving his arms in desperation with Sid screaming questions

Sid: If you want to see your wife and kids again, you'll tell me where the hell Phantasy is!! WHAT'S IT GONNA BE?!!!

Sid loosen's the chokehold so that the cameraman can answer

Camera Crew Man # 1: I...I.. (Coughing) I, ugh....don't know!


The cameraman starts coughing a lung out, struggling to get his answers out..

Camera Crew Man # 1: He's... (Hacking) 2 miles up the...up the street in an alley behind Redman's, the bar..

Sid: And to show you my appreciation for your cooperation. Let me show you an even closer look at my world!!

Camera Crew Man # 1: What the --

Still in position.. Sid, with ease... flips the cameraman backwards with a gargoyle Suplex! Which sends him crashing through a table that was nearby.. Sid gets right back up and leans over, staring at the unconcious cameraman who is laying in between the broken table, surrounded by splinters and chips..


Sid turns, looks at the camera

Sid:This here right here? This piece of shit wants to make profits off someone else's personal life?! FUCK NO!! You don't do that to The Man and get away with it.. STUPIDITY, PLAIN FUCKING STUPIDITY.. PHANTASY!! PHANTASY, . I'm coming for you. You signed your fucking death wish... and I'm coming to deliever!!

Sid storms off, as the scene quickly follows him as the scene fades slowly watching him from the back, leaving the world wondering what's gonna happen next..

Fade to black

A cold damp draft blows in from the north, as the night sky glistens with the borrowed light from the stars above. The moon shines bright down from the heavens as the streets remain busy. The weather stations begin to let out warning of heavy rain fall in the arena. as the Scene opens to a back alley surrounded by a swarm of homeless people. They're walking around, some are sleeping in boxes. A fire is bursting out of a trash barrell to warm their cold hands. The night is black and the rain is coming down pretty hard. There has to be at least, twenty five homeless people all in the back alley. Headlights are seen coming towards them, causing the crowd of homeless people to split up to let the car through. As the headlights pull closer, it's hard to tell what kind of car it is. As you hear the rain hit hard on the hood.. Looks like who I think it is. As it nears for view, you can tell it's a bright orange Mustang GT with tinted windows.. As it pulls all the way through and parks.. A couple of homeless people all try looking into the windows, to get a view of who it is.

Then the door opens suddenly, hitting a few bums and out steps the Man himself. The bums immediatly set their distance from him, as he walks through the crowd, looking like a tiger hunting for his prey.. some try to approach Sid

Sid: Get your fucking hands off me! PHANTASY!! COME ON OUT!STOP HIDING BEHIND!!... I SAID, GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!

Sid grabs ahold of one of the bums arms and applies a weird judo type armhold. The bum is grimacing and wailing in pain as Sid just easily snaps his arm, breaking it.


Sid lets go of his arm, as the bum drops to the ground, absolutely wailing in brutal pain. Sid then kicks him one last time in the gut.. he storms off and begins his hunt for Phantasy again


The camera switches to a man in a plaid shirt and torn jean shorts, hovering over a fire trying to heat his cold and dirty hands.. His physique looks familiar to Phantasy. Could it be? Footsteps are heard in the backround, and you see Sid standing a few feet behind the unknown man, fixing to cause some damage

Man:I was told i'd find Some Weed here b...


Sid then jumps the unknown man, knocking him to the ground.. Sid then leans over, grabs his hair and starts punching him in the face repeatedly with a closed fist. My God, you can see the blood on Sid's knuckles.. Sid pulls him up slowly...sees a window nearby and hurls him through it!! Is it Phanatsy he's doing this to? We'll find out! The crowd of homeless people appear to be waiting on the outside as Sid climbs through the open space that was a window.

He picks him back up and throws him back to the outside as the rain continues to downpour. The unknown man is losing alot of blood as it the rain richochets off his face... Sid climbs back outside and walks over to him. What's that in his hand?! Sid has a piece of glass in his hand... He's grabbing his hair and holding his head high. Oh no... Sid is carving into the man's skull with that piece of glass! This is absolutely grusome, as the unknown man is now a crimson mask... Blood is on his hands, some is on his face and a few trickles are splattered on the face of Sid...As the rain clears away the blood on the unknown man's face. It is revealed if the man is Phantasy or not. As the camera zooms in, it's Aaron Berg!!

IT'S NOT PHANTASY!! My God, Phantasy did not do a good thing. He pushed the wrong buttons on Sid. Only imagine the beating for Phantasy.. Sid then drops the piece of glass, as blood continues to drip from Aaron's face. The crowd of homeless people are in the backround all hurdled together watching this sheer brutality. Sid puts one hand on Aaron's neck and starts choking him while he's punching Aaron in the face with his other hand, shattering his nose and cheekbones. Sid finally lets go of Aaron's hair and he hits the pavement quicker then George Bush Jr ejaculates. With the camera catching every moment and the rain hitting harder then ever, Sid turns to the camera, covered in Aaron's blood, with the crowd watching on in fear


Sid kicks him Aaron in the gut another time. He looks down at him with absolute rage in his eyes. What have you DONE, Phantasy?

Sid:No one named Sid has ever done anything worthwhile?Do you even know me?! You don't know shit... You're just plain and simply, ignorant. You wouldn't know your ass from your elbow... YOU HAVE NO IDEA... NO IDEA WHAT I AM ABOUT!!! I can't get over it!! I can't get over HOW FUCKIN' STUPID you are!!!! Do you have a death wish?! Huh, do you?!! Well, ... YOU DO NOW!!! And trust me, trust me... It's a guaren-damn-tee.... YOU'RE GONNA BE MY LITTLE BITCH!!! .... NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!! WHEN I'M IN THIS MIND FRAME, NO ONE CAN TAKE ME DOWN!!!

Sid is furious... He sees Aaron trying to move an inch at the most and Sid kicks him square in the face, knocking him completely out..

Sid: What do you know anyway, you fucking son of a bitch.. What the fuck do you know about me?!..When i lost my brother to the very same fire wich brunt my face My Parents said things would be different when I got older, but they lied. In high school, I was despised, I was hated, and I was attacked for being different. It's no different now. I'm still hated, I'm still despised, and I'm still being attacked on a regular basis, whether it's my own family, or any another representative of society's norm.

The rain continues to beat down with a force from the heavens, almost like tears being shed from up above. Sid continues to stare at Aaron .

Sid:When I was eight years old, my Father told me, don't even bother trying because you won't amount to anything anyway. You're just a cinder in the furnace of the damned. Yet somehow, I fought my way out of the gutter and I made myself who I am.

And i am The guy who takes out the people who are stupid enough to try and get in my way.. You're in my way, Phantasy... YOU'RE STANDING IN MY WAY, AND I WILL TAKE YOU OUT!!! Because in front of you is something far more greater then you could ever be, Phantasy. THE MAN!....Sunday night.. illusions..MY WORLD UNRAVELS INSIDE THAT SQUARED CIRCLE!!!

Sid towers over at Aaron Berg, who still appears to be unconcious.. he walks over, grabs his hair and pulls him halfway up. His face is still covered in blood. Sid is holding Aaron up for the crowd to see..


Sid then spits in Aaron's face and drops him...

Sid: You want to mock the fact my face is brunt? You want to try and hit it deep, Phantasy?!! JOB WELL DONE!! Because now you're gonna have to deal with an even angerier Sid, an even more ruthless and sadistic Man. Bring Tannon to the ring, bring Legend to the ring. Team Sadistic will be waiting for them...

Thunder hits the sky, as The crowd roars in approval as Sid drags Aaron over to the back of his bright orange mustang GT and drops him. He then kicks him in the gut a few more times before hopping in his GT. The crowd surrounds Sid's mustang GT and start running away as the tires start spinning. My God, nothing but smoke is covering the car, as the tires are squealing.. and Sid peels out in front of Aaron Berg leaving him a bloody pulp as smoke filled carbon monixide surrounds him. Some homeless people are running out the exit of the alley as Sid drives into them screaming


Fade to black


The camera fades in a few hours later. We are shown Woodman State Penitentiary in Gatesville, Texas. Located in a remote part of Texas, there's nothing but death to be seen for miles. Dead grass and tumbleweed are all there are to see in this miniature Sahara. The ground is as hard as cement as all the moisture has been burned away long ago. The ground is now cracked and broken like many of the inhabitants of the prison. Murderers, Rapists, Car Thieves, prime examples of the worst of society can be found in this prison. You don't really want to go inside but the shot changes and you find yourself inside the building. You can just feel the violent atmosphere, it's almost like a demonic presence, swarming over you, covering you, trying to penetrate you and convert you. You hear perfectly timed footsteps on the unforgiving floor as the camera focuses in on a man of around 40 years of age, fat, balding, being led in chains by two prison guards each with shotguns in hand, and behind followed by the warden and a catholic priest. They lead the man into the execution room and strap him to the electric chair. In the audience room we see members of the city and state governments, news reporters, etc. One of the guards walks over to the switch as the Warden speaks

Warden: On this day, October 29th , 2004, the people of the godfearin' state of Texas have declared that you, Scott Christian Smith, shall be put to death by means of the electric chair for your crimes. Your crimes being 2 counts of First Degree Murder. May god have mercy on your soul. Father would you please begin to deliver the Last Rites....

The priest begins to deliver the Last Rites when suddenly the light flickers and everything goes dark. We hear terrified screams which are suddenly silenced as if a mute button was hit. The lights come back on and the prisoner's eyes are wide in terror as he looks around trying to wonder where everyone went. The camera pans and in the audience we see.....Team Sadistic. Flame is Standing up , as Sid stands there give a cold, dead stare to the man, clenching his fists. Trinity is sitting in the opposite corner with a blank look on her face .

She continues to stare in the direction of the prisoner as the camera turns back to Flame and Sid.

Sid: The poor Bastard can't even see us, can he?

Flame: No, as far as he's concerned he's all alone. He can't hear us, he can't see us, but he can feel us. That's why the terror is creeping closer to his heart.

Sid: You think we'll see the same terror in Phantasy's eyes?

Flame: No doubt in my mind. He's just like this pathetic wretch in front of us.

Sid:I've done enough talking.. I'll let you handle the message from here on....

Flame turns and smiles at the camera.

Flame: Look at our friend sitting in the chair over there. (he points to the prisoner) You and he are quite the same. See, young Scott here was an obsessive ex boyfriend who couldn't let go that his pretty little woman didn't want him anymore. Like you, he felt if he couldn't have her, no one else could.

Flame stares at the prisoner with a sick smile on his face. His eyes seem to betray that some sick new thought is running through his head, but you can't tell what.

Flame: You see Phantasy,Scotty loved Rachel dearly. He loved her so much that he punched her in the face nightly, burned her arm on a hot iron stove, and one time pushed her down the stairs.

She came away with that one with both her legs broken and her right arm fractured in 3 places. And Scotty proclaimed that he loved her. Much like you, he'd attack any man that even looked at her.

Heck, he once broke the nose of a grocery store clerk just because the poor boy smiled at her when handing her the change from her twenty dollar bill.

Flame suddenly turns back to the camera with the same sick smile, almost as if he's taunting Phantasy

Flame: But one day, Rachel finally decided she had had enough. She got a restraining order, and moved far away. She even got Married. But Scotty couldn't stay out of his former girl friends affairs.

He stalked her, sent her death threats, even pornographic videos of himself masturbating to pictures of her. Loving gestures wouldn't you say?

Flame turns back to the prisoner who is struggling desperately to get free, screaming at the top of his lungs to the emptiness that surrounds him from within and without. His frantic cries get more bestial and primal as each minute passes. Flame just enjoys it even more.

Flame: Is it not amazing how easily a man can revert to his primal nature when he sense his very existence in danger? Is that not what you do Phantasy Grab your self a chair and try to crack, crush, and break anything that threatens your fragile self-deluded existence?

Isn't that why you haunt and stalk My Friend Sid? You act as if he is the one responssible for Alicia Leaving You... (Flame turns back to the camera with a hateful look on his face) ...YOU are the responsible Phantasy You are the one who can't let go of the fact that Alicia never wanted you. You are the one who brainwashed the child into believing she wanted to be with you..

Flame suddenly flashes a fireball in front of the camera and laughs

Flame: Hope I didn't make you scream too loud there Flame... (Flame is enjoying himself at the moment immensely) ...But back to our story, young Scotty there decided one night to break into Rachel's home and declare they were meant to be together forever. But when he got there

......well......Poor Scotty's dream was crushed by finding Rachel in the throes of passion with her husband. It seems poor Scotty couldn't take it. He decided then that the only way to be with Rachel forever was in DEATH. So Scotty went outside, pulled out his 9 millimeter and his machete, walked back in the house and unloaded one bullet into Rachel's skull. And just as the new husband turned around, Scotty gored him through the heart with his machete and hacked the poor man to bits.

In fact, Scotty chopped him into chunks and fed the man to the dogs. He then had planned to kill himself, but seeing Rachel there, so beautiful in her own pool of blood, well...young Scotty got excited, and well, picture Norman Bates and you'll understand. The police found Scotty in mid-passion and arrested him on the spot.

The lights flicker and suddenly Flame is standing right next to Scott, Scott looks at him wide eyes as the camera zooms in and follows

Flame: Isn't that right Scotty?

Scott Smith: Who are you?! Where's Father George?

Flame softly pats Scott on the shoulder

Flame: Father George is gone Scotty, but I'll be your new father. Now Scotty, tell me about Rachel.

Scott lets out a loud, horrifying wail, as if the depths of his tortured soul is being released, he then starts sadistically laughing.

Scott Smith: Ah, my darling, traitorous, backstabbing wife. So beautiful, so treacherous. I'll be with her soon, and then no one shall ever keep us apart. SHE BELONGS TO ME!! YOU HEAR ME!!!

Sid roars as he grabs a chair and tosses it through the glass window separating the two rooms. He climbs through and starts going for Scott but Flame waves him back. He stands before Scott seemingly itching to rip his throat out.

Flame: I'd be careful with what I say my boy. My Friend here is quite testy about obsessive people who won't go away. He has a problem with a man like yourself at the moment.

Scott Smith: HA HA HA!! So you're another punk trying to take a man's woman away from him? Don't you little pricks get it? Once a woman devotes herself to a man, she is his to do as he sees fit? If he wants to smack her for being disobedient, if he wants her to satisfy him in front of her friends, ANYTHING HE WANTS SHE MUST DO......SHE IS HIS PROPERTY!!!!!!

Sid wraps his massive fist around Scott's throat, choking the life out of him. Flames barely manages to get Sid to release the choke before Scott expires from suffocation. Scott's face is beet red as he tries to get back precious air in his lungs.

Flame: Let me handle this Sid.


Sinister Minister: Yes I know , but the one you want is Mike Phantasy not this miserable wretch.

Scott Smith: Mike Phantasy?You really think you can stop my idol? He knows what he wants and he takes it!!!!.

Sid roars again and Flame screams for help to hold Sid back, but Trinity just points and laughs like a little girl. He finally manages to push Sid back. He turns around and suddenly swings the back end of his hand into Scott's jaw.

Flame: You insolent worm, don't you dare speak!

Flame suddenly calms himself and smiles. He motions for Sid to go to the switch and motions for Trinity to enter the room. He stands before Scott as Flame brings her in a little closer. Scott screams as his eyes get wide as he struggles to get released.

Scott Smith: RACHEL!!! Impossible! I killed you, you're supposed to be waiting for me!

Flame: Yes Scott, the resemblance is remarkable isn't it? Speak to her Scott, speak to Rachel one last time....

Flame motions for Trinity to play along as she acts sweetly and walks up to Scott as he starts reciting lines from his favorite song...

Scott Smith:

You're breathing so I guess you're still alive even if signs seem to tell me otherwise. Won't you, won't you come just a bit closer, close enough so I can smell you. I need you to feel this. I need this to make me whole. Release in this sodomy. For I am your witness that blood and flesh can be trusted. And only this one holy medium brings me peace of mind.

Trinity: Yes sweetie, I'm here, I'll always be here for you... (Trinity sits on his lap and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek)'ll always have me Scotty.

Scott begins crying and laughing at Flame

Scott Smith: See! The women always know who their master is, you damn fools!!!

Scott continues laughing when Flame steps closer to Trinity. Trinity squeals and gets up and jumps into his arms. He wraps his around her and they share a kiss before they both look at Scott with pure venom in their eyes, taunting him as he gets enraged and starts screaming in primal fury. Flame laughs

Flame: Yes Scott, scream your fury, the same fury Phantasy will scream before Abyss silences him for the final time.

Scott Smith: BETRAYER!!!! I'll kill you again......I'll kill you a thousand times if I have to!!!

Trinity gets a sick look on her face as she gets on her hands and knees, crawling to Scott as she raises herself and stops for a moment at his crotch just licking her lips at him before raising herself to standing again. She leans down and stares into Scott's eyes as she starts reciting another part from Scott's favorite song.


My lamb and martyr, this will be over soon. You look so precious.

Trinity lifts herself up and walks back towards Flame and turns around with a sickening smile and nods at Sid as she nods at him Flame backs away from the electric chair as she turns and looks at Scott again.

Flame: You look so precious now......

The camera focuses on Trinity's face as you hear the switch pulled and suddenly Scott screams in agonizing pain as you see the blue flicker from electricity and Trinity's eyes get even wider and her smile resembles that of the Joker from Batman as she watches as if in a trance. As Scott's screams get louder she starts biting her lip before starting to scream with him. Just as Scott's screams reach their apex hers does as well, suddenly Scott is silenced and Trinity collapses backwards into Flame's arms.

Trinity: I hope it was as good for you as it was for me baby....

Trinity smiles and laughs as she leaves walks out of the room. While the body is not shown, you can see the smoke and hear the crackle of burnt flesh. The camera turns back to Flame's face.

Flame: Phantasy,if we were willing to do this to a man who had nothing to do with us, what do you think we'll do to you? ...Phantasy.. time is of essence.. soon you will feel it, you will come in contact with it, encounter it, like a new way of life.

Sid will introduce you to it, he will introduce, Mike Phntasy to it. He will open your eyes and show you it, like a whole new world... He will show you it with force... Make you see it, when you don't.. for it simply become known to mankind as one thing... what will become a nightmare for you.

Something that haunts you in your dreams.Something that Causes you to a wake at night in a cold sweat.. and that is this my friend ... Mess with one Member of Team Sadistic and You mess with us All!..

Flame has an evil look on his face as you hear Trinity scream off-camera.

Trinity: Come on guys ! I'm hungry!

Flame motions for Sid to come.

Flame: Nothing like a good execution before lunch........HA HA HA HA!!!

The lights flicker as Team Sadistic disappears, when the lights come on, the camera stays focused on the audience room as we see the audience reappear and we here the priest continue the Last Rites when suddenly a woman in the audience sees the charred body and screams. We hear the warden off camera

Warden: WHAT THE HELL?!! Damn it Cletus! You were supposed to wait until the preacher done finished his preachin'!!!

The scene fades as you hear nothing but Flame's ghastly laugh