The Man!


SIN Role-Play Number: Twenty Nine(29)
Current Match: Versus Vs Regan Chambers vs Gwenivere Jordan Vs Hardcore Timmay
Current Record: 5 wins -6 lossess -Draw 000
Pro Wrestling Achievements: Former Frontier Martials Arts Wrestling Champion

Prologue: When I Was Born..I Was Born The Man!..And When You Step on That Apron Your Ass Becomes Part of The Game That I'm The Man In!


Fade up the Sin Wrestling logo.

In any profession, whether it be athletic or educational, police work or criminal, there will always be one person that stands out above all else. That one man will set the standard that all others will be held to and more often than not, that standard will never be met.

"I AM..... THE MAN!!"

To be compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair can be one man's greatest achievement. Meant as a compliment, to the best of the best, it is an insult. In the mind of the best, there is no comparison. There is no one on their level and there never will be. It becomes the career of the best to remain the best, to hold off the top of the mountain and fight away all those who seek to claim it as their own. To fight back the threat of elevation for all they are worth.

The theory of elevation is a myth creamed over by internet fan boys. No matter who is on top, the complaints about lack of elevation are evident. For years, they will scream that a man deserves a world championship push and when he receives it, he immediately becomes public enemy number one and another up and comer takes his place as the internet golden boy. Because of the lack of elevation, the fans coined the term "glass ceiling," meaning that the mid-carders could look up through the glass ceiling and see the main event but could never quite reach it. Constantly bumping their heads into the ceiling with no sign of it giving in.

Sid was never the internet golden boy.

Sid made his presence known in Noah Japan for the first time.Immediately upon Entering NOAH, began an intense feud with Kenta Kobashi...Whom he Defeated In an incredible Semifinal match for the NOAH Championship.He eventually went to the finals of the NOAH championship,but lost to Ikuto Hidaka

Although Sitting around and relaxing after his loss, had its perks,this did not suit the self-proclaimed "Man." It was time to return to Wrestling and claim the one belt that should've been his from the beginning. Sid made his appearence in FMW, made his intentions known, and crushed Hisakatsu Oya in his first match .

Sid made the challenge to Hayabusa,and made the promise that the FMW's Show at the Tokyo Egg Dome would be the site where a new Champion would be crowned. Sid and Hayabusa wrestled an epic match, lasting upwards of forty minutes, before Sid hit the Death Trap and put the legendary performer's other foot in the grave, staking claim to his first world championship. "The Man" had finally reached the pinnacle of his career, 5 years of struggling in Pro Wrestling paying off once and for all. Sid's career was riding high .

And then it all came crashing down.

Atushi Onita took over FMW from Hayabusa and his first act of business was to strip all champions of their titles with the intention of crowning new ones later in the night. Sid didn't agree with this method and refused to take part. He threw down the FMW Heavyweight championship and walked away for what he thought would be forever.

Onita failed. FMW was broken. Hayabusa returned to pick up the pieces and announced that forty-five men would do battle in the main event of a PPV entitled Brawl for all . Forty-five men would do battle and one man would walk out with the Frontier Martials arts Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. After his first reign had ended so suddenly, Sid had to show them that they made a mistake by robbing him of his championship. He entered himself in the match. Everyone immediately wrote him off as hype. A man FMW had washed out before he could become washed up. Many heralded Komazawa Olympic Park Gym as the place where a new contender would step up and take the crown. Veteran, hungry superstars the Likes of Vicious Vic Grimes,Stan"the Lariat"Hansen And Big Van Vader came from all over to try their hand in the main event.

In one match, Sid climbed the ladder to the very top of Frontier Martial arts Wrestling. Eliminating wrestler after wrestler after wrestler until he was the last man standing.His mask broken,blood staining his features, Sid eliminated The Sadistic ECw Legend Sabu to win the FMW championship for the second time.

Forty-four other men came from all over the world to win the title and "The Man" turned every single one of them away as if they were children playing a man's game. Sid showed every single one of them exactly why he was the man to beat. Sid established once and for all that he has broken through that glass ceiling

And now With Sid firmly back in place, panicked. The wrestlers were threatening to quit if something wasn't done about the living, breathing, ass kicking machine known to many as Sid"The Man"Frankenstein. People were getting concussions left and right thanks to Sid and his arsenal of Ring side Weapons, until one night, Hayabusa pulled the trigger that would almost kill Sid's once and for all.

The match was for the FMW World Championship. Sid versus Mr. Gannosuke versus Mammoth Sasaki. Sid dealt out punishment left and right, taking advantage of them like they were first match rookies until Willy "Hido" Takayama and Tetsuhiro Kuroda arrived at ringside on the orders of Hayabusa, distracting Sid long enough for Gannosuke to sneak a pin on Sasaki to steal the world championship.

Sid cornered Ganosuke,Takayama and Kuroda and his ensuing revenge was so fierce, so brutal, so very, very awe inspiring, that Hayabusa had no choice but to Fire Sid before lives were lost.

For nearly three years, the wrestling world had continued on without Sid and the wrestlers have let out a sigh of relief. Elevation has occurred in his absence and new stars have been born. It wasn't until Sin Wrestling opened its doors that Sid decided it was time to make another impact. In a promotion ruled by Corey Page,Sid felt it was his duty to show them what real talent was like.

After sitting back and watching the business evolve without him, he decided that it was time to return, to show the up and comers that they are not the Man.

Success!Success!Success!He's Done it!!; those words will haunt Regan Chambers for days, possibly months to come because on November 7th, Sid defeated Mike Moore and Regan Chambers to advance to the Second Round of The Sin Trophy Tournament. Many thought that Moore and Chambers would accumulate to be all too much for Sid; but that one man .. begged .. to differ. That one man promissed that Chambers would be ticked off - crossed off the list, so to speak. For the Third straight time, Sid proved to the world that although insane, He's a well oiled machine when it comes to professional wrestling. His style may not be seen as one to honour; it may not be the style of a Ric Flair, or of a Brett Hart.. but it IS however unique and it IS effective when push comes to shove. Since SW has made it's mark on the world, we've seen nothing but surprises from The Man. First, in an unbelievable HELLACIOUS match with Zimdela Brudon, second with a first fall victory over Mike Phantasy at illusions. Third - the moment of truth. The moment Sid finally erased any doubt from any living mind when he Pinned The Former World Champion Regan Chambers in the First Round Qualifiying Match.

Sid proved exactly that he is the man when he Stunned Chambers with The Show Stommper, Three seconds was all it took before the announcement of the end of the match was in place. The question beckons - who is capable of putting this mind to rest? Who is capable of taking this Madman and putting him out of his misery? NOBODY! There's not a SOUL on this planet that can crush Sid .. and why? Because He is The man; he's hideous .. but the thing is .. in professional wrestling, LOOKS aren't a matter. They mean jack shit; in this business, it's if you can get the job DONE. That's ALL that matters - and Sid , is The man .. that can do just that.

Success!Success!Success!He's Done it!!; those words will haunt Regan Chambers for days, possibly months to come because on November 7th, Sid defeated Mike Moore and Regan Chambers to advance to the Second Round of The Sin Trophy Tournament. Many thought that Moore and Chambers would accumulate to be all too much for Sid; but that one man .. begged .. to differ. That one man promissed that Chambers would be ticked off - crossed off the list, so to speak. For the Third straight time, Sid proved to the world that although insane, He's a well oiled machine when it comes to professional wrestling. His style may not be seen as one to honour; it may not be the style of a Ric Flair, or of a Brett Hart.. but it IS however unique and it IS effective when push comes to shove. Since SW has made it's mark on the world, we've seen nothing but surprises from The Man. First, in an unbelievable HELLACIOUS match with Zimdela Brudon, second with a first fall victory over Mike Phantasy at illusions. Third - the moment of truth. The moment Sid finally erased any doubt from any living mind when he Pinned The Former World Champion Regan Chambers in the First Round Qualifiying Match.

Sid proved exactly that he is the man when he Stunned Chambers with The Show Stommper, Three seconds was all it took before the announcement of the end of the match was in place. The question beckons - who is capable of putting this mind to rest? Who is capable of taking this Madman and putting him out of his misery? NOBODY! There's not a SOUL on this planet that can crush Sid .. and why? Because He is The man; he's hideous .. but the thing is .. in professional wrestling, LOOKS aren't a matter. They mean jack shit; in this business, it's if you can get the job DONE. That's ALL that matters - and Sid , is The man .. that can do just that.

David Von Frankenstein

My Father was a good man. I don't believe he ever mean to hurt me or beat on me on purpose. He was also one of the most toughest men that you would ever see. he had tried hard to retain all of those Honest values of Society for his own family as well. But It was too much even for him to handle.

And now, I'm sure you're asking yourself that if I was raised by a man like him, with his values, how did I end up on the path that I am on now? You're probably thinking that, even with the circumstances that surrounded his passing, the values he taught me would have stuck.

But you see, that is where you are wrong. When someone you love and look up to as much as I did,even though i hated him at the same time as well, is TORN from your life, so unjustly, something inside you snaps. Your life is forever changed, and your path is forever altered.

Remember this, because this is exactly what is about to happen to you....

Somewhere in Chicago.....

Scene opens up on a warm and humid, but stormy night. A mild rain is falling, and thunder can be heard in the distance. A brief, but bright, flash of lightning strikes, and reveals that the scene is that of large cemetery. There are several large statues of angels scattered around, as well as several large mausoleums. Sudden, we see a dark form appear, making his way through the cemetery. He approaches a small and modest headstone. The lightning flashes once again, to reveal the hideous face of Sid Frankenstein. He is completely soaked, from head to toe. Small rivulets of water run down his face from the falling rain. He kneels before the tombstone. It reads:

Here lies David Von Frankenstein 1949 - 1993 Beloved Husband, Devoted Father May he rest in peace, in the kingdom of the Lord.

Sid kneels there for several moments, not saying anything, just looking at the tombstone. In the background, the sound of thunder rumbles, and far off sirens can be heard.

Sid: I know it's been a while since I've been here . In fact, I haven't been here since the last two months. I don't have any excuses really. All I can say is that I've been busy. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm doing to. I know, that if you were alive today, you probably wouldn't agree with the path that I have chosen. But I believe it to be the right one.

Sid pauses for a bit, almost as if he is having to gather his thoughts before he continues.

Sid: Look, coming here wasn't an easy thing for me to do. In fact, if it wasn't for Sharon, I probably wouldn't have even be able to do this now. But she made me realize that's it's something that I had to do. I had to come and make my peace with you. It's something that I have to get out of my head so I can focus on what's coming up this Sunday night.

So here it goes. I know that we both did not get along that well. But You were still were still,family you were still my father.But then, a littel over eleven years ago, the family that I had, MY family, was torn apart...... .....

With this, Sid gets a faraway look in his eyes as he remembers exactly what happened.....

Flashback: May 5, 1993

We find ourselves in a small urban community. It's a bright and sunny day, but the day is quickly fading. The scene gets darker and darker as the sun sinks farther and farther below the horizon. The house we see is a white two story house. It's somewhat run down, but still in pretty good shape. There is a small garage next to it. There is a small amount of light coming from beneath the garage door, and we hear the sounds of power tools. Inside, we see a young man working on a run down old motorcycle. As the man turns, his face is revealed, and you can tell the man is a young Sid. He is working on drilling something, when a noise catches his attention. He shuts the drill off, and listens.

Woman: Sid! Sid, can you hear me?

Sid sets the drill down, and walks through a side door. Standing on the back steps of the house is an older woman, somewhere in here late thirties or early forties.

Sid: Yes mom?

Woman: Sid, can you please come in here and give me a hand with this trash? It needs to be taken out before morning, and if I don't get it done now, I might not remember.

Sid: Can it wait mom? I'm just about done in there.

Woman: That piece of junk Sid? It's far from done! I swear, I don't know WHY you're father ever gave that thing to you...

Sid: It might not be much now, but when dad and I get done with it, it will be.

Woman: If you get it done before the apocalypse! Look, come in here and help me with this trash. It's not going to hurt you to put those tools down for a few minutes to help your poor old mother.

Sid: Alright mom, I'll be there in a minute.

Woman: You'd better be!

Sid returns to the garage to clean some stuff up. He comes back into the house to see his mom carrying two large backs of trash to him. She sets them down in front of him.

Woman: Can you take these out to the corner for me Sid? I've still got a bunch of work to do in here. I don't know where your uncles at. He should have been home an hour ago! Probably just doesn't want to help with the housework, knowing him.

Sid: He was supposed to help me with the bike too. We were planning on having it running tonight.

Woman: Yeah, right! That thing will be running the day hell freezes over.

Sid: Have a little faith!

Woman: I do have faith....just not in that thing!

Sid: Haha. Funny,very funny.

Woman: You just scoot and get that trash out of here, then get yourself cleaned up. Dinner will be ready in about an hour, whether your dads home or not! That'll teach him to avoid me.

Sid: (laughing) Sure thing mom.

Sid reaches down, picks up the two bags of trash, and carries them out the back door. He walks around the house, and places the two trash bags down on the corner. As he's walking back towards the house, he hears something in the distance. Sid stops to listen, and realizes that they're sirens.

Sid: Those sound awfully close.....probably another heart attack or stroke at the nursing home.

Sid turns back, and makes his way into the house. As he rounds the corner going into the kitchen, he can immediately tell something is wrong. His mom is jut hanging up the phone, and she has tears in her eyes.

Sid: What? What is it? What's going on???

Sid's mother comes over to him, and looks him in the eyes. Tears are streaming down her face.

Woman: It''s your father Sid. He was walking down the street to his car .the police say he was carrying Narcotics . Someone tried to rob him and car jack him. He put up a fight, and they.....they shot him. He's dead Sid.

A look of shock cross Sid's face, and the scene almost seems to go into a slow motion. Sid tries to stumble out of the room, but it's almost as if he can't keep his balance. He collapses to the floor, and the scene fades to black.

Flashback: May 13, 1993

The scene opens up on a cloudy, rain filled day. We find ourselves in the middle of a cemetery. A large, but plain, coffin, is seen, ready to be lowered into the ground.

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see.

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved; How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures; He will my Shield and Portion be, As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And mortal life shall cease, I shall possess, within the veil, A life of joy and peace.

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, The sun forbear to shine; But God, Who called me here below, Shall be forever mine.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun, We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise Than when we’d first begun.

There are three people standing around the casket. A mother, with her Daughter, and her son . The mother and the girl have obviously been crying, their faces streaked with makeup, and their eyes red. The Son's s face is blurred, obscuring it from view. As the camera zooms in, the girl looks vaguely familiar. Suddenly, she begins sobbing uncontrollably, and begins to run towards the casket. The mother, however, grabs her arm to hold her still. The girl buries her face in her moms dress.

Mother: I know Jenna, I know honey.

Jenna: But why Mommy, WHY?!?! Why did he have to die?

Mother: God has a plan for everything my dear.

Son: Oh give me a break.....

Mother: Sid! Show some respect!

Sid: Respect for what mom? Your almighty god? I don't think so! If he really does have a plan for everything, then tell me just exactly how this fit's in.

Mother: No one knows, Sid. But somehow, someway, this is part of god's plan.

Sid: So it's part of his "great" plan , to have my Father be gunned down on the street, simply because he happened to be walking in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time of night? Is that what you're telling me?

Mother: Sid--

Sid: Don't patronize me mom! I cannot see how such a great god could do this to take my father away and make me a bastard ! If this is what happens to good people, then I want NO part of it!

The rest of the family gasps. Their mother looks at Sid with a shocked look on her face.

Mother: How can you say that Sid?

Sid: After looking at this? It's rather easy mom. And now that I've said it, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest.

Mother: You don't mean that Sid. You're just upset--

Sid: You're damn right I'm Fucking upset! My father was GUNNED DOWN in cold blood, and I'm supposed to belive that it's ok because God had it planned? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Sid suddenly turns, and storms out of the cemetery, heading towards the road. His mother just looks on with a look of pain on her face. Suddenly Jenna breaks free from her mothers arms and runs for Sid.

Jenna: Sid! SID!

Sid steps dead in his tracks, but doesn't turn around as Jenna runs up to him.

Sid: Go back Jenna. Go back to mom.

Jenna: But Si---

Sid: Please Jenna. Don't make this any harder than it already is.

Jenna: But will you come home tonight Sid?

Sid doesn't answer. There is a long moment of silence between the two.

Jenna: S-S-Sid?

Sid sighs.

Sid: Yes Jenna. I'll come home. I promise

The scene fades out as Sid continues to walk away, leaving his family behind, looking after him.

Flashback: Later that night

Later that night, we find ourselves in a dark home. It's late at night, and flashes of lighning periodically light up the room. Everyone in the house is obviously asleep. There is a small rustle coming from the front door, and the door swings open, illuminating a man walking into the home. He closes the door behind him, and walks on into the sark house. He goes through a door into a small room, and flips on the light. The sparsely decorated room contains merely a bed, and a small desk. Lying on the bed is Jenna, who wakes up as the lights flipped on.

Jenna: Sid?

Sid: It's me . What are you doing in here? Shouldn't you be in your own room?

Jenna: I was waiting for you to come home. I was starting to think you weren't going to, it's so late.

Sid: Of course I'm home. I promised you I would be, remember?

Jenna: Yeah, but I was still worried.

Sid: I'm sorry, but I'm home now.

Sid goes over, and sits on the bed next to Hope. She leans against him, placing her small head on his chest. Sid absentmindedly strokes her hair. The two sit quietly for a bit, before Jenna finally breaks the silence.

Jenna: Sid, can I ask you something?

Sid: Of course you can. What's on your mind?

Jenna: Did you really mean what you said earlier? About wanting no part of God's plan?

Sid: ...............

Jenna: Sid?

Sid: I don't really know Jenna.

Jenna: Then why did you say it?

Sid: I was upset and angry. Sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment that they don't always mean.

Jenna: But you didn't say that you DIDN'T mean it, you just said you didn't know.

Sid sighs, searching for an answer to his sister's question.

Sid: I really don't know what to tell you Jenna. I have been raised by mother to believe that we are all being watched over by a great and powerful god, and that if you follow his teachings you will be rewarded. But after what's happened.....I just don't know.

Jenna: But mommy says that even though what happened to daddy is bad, it was still all part of god's plan. And even though he is dead, he is in a much better place now.

Sid: I really hope that's true Jenna. I really do.

Jenna: But you don't believe it?

Sid: Right now, I don't know what I should believe Hope. I know what I'm EXPECTED to believe, but who's to say that it's the right thing. Just because everyone else believes it doesn't make it right.

Jenna: What should I believe, Sid?

Sid: I can't tell you that . That's a decision that you have to come to on your own. But don't worry about it, you're still young. You still have time to make up your mind.

Jenna: But---

Sid: That's enough now. It's getting late, and you need to get your sleep.

Jenna: Is it OK if I stay here with you tonight?

Sid: Sure.

Sid reaches over, and shuts off the light. Jenna sighs, and closes her eyes as she rests her head on Sid's chest. After several minutes of silence, Jenna raises her head and looks at him once more.

Sid: What is it?

Jenna: Will you promise me something Sid?

Sid: What?

Jenna: Promise me, that no matter what you decide to believe in, that you will always be there for me. I don't know what I'd do without my big brother.

Sid: Of course I will be Jenna. No matter what you need, I'll be there. Now go to sleep.

Jenna: Goodnight, Sid

Sid: Goodnight Jenna.

Several minutes later, the only sound that can be heard is Jenna's rhythmic breathing as she quickly falls into a deep sleep. Sid, however, does not. He simply lies there, with his sister resting against him, staring into the darkness of the night.

Flashback: July 23, 1993

We find ourselves in the downtown area of a large city. Sirens are heard screaming in the distance. We see a Younger Sid walking down the sidewalk, occasionally bumping into people as he goes. Every once in a while, he stops to take a long swig out of a brown paper bag he is carrying with him. As he continues on, his walking becomes more and more unsteady, and he begins bumping into more and more people. He ends up bumping into one well dressed business man HARD, and the man turns to him.

Man: Hey! Watch where the FUCK you're going!

Sid: I'm shorry shir. But ish that languarge really Nesesshary?

Man: I'll talk however the fuck I WANT to talk, you drunk little bastard!

Sid: I already apoligized shir. There'sh no need for name calling like that

Man: Ah, go to hell you little punk!

The man turns away from Sid, and begins to walk away. Sid, however, grabs him by the shoulder, and spins him around.

Sid: Shir, I think you owe me an apology before you go.

Man: Oh you do, do you? You think I owe you a FUCKING apology? Look at you! You're nothing more than a worthless piece of drunk street trash! Hell, it probably runs in your family! You're most likely the result of a white trash father as well!

With that, a look of rage fill's Sid's eyes. He reaches out, grabs the man by the shirt, and pulls him to him.

Sid: Yout shut up! You have NO RIGHT to shay anything about my father! NO RIGHT!!!

Man: H-hey kid! Let me go! Get your hands off me!


Sid throws the man onto the ground, and is on him in an instant. He begins bludgeoning the man with lefts and rights to his face. The man tries to fight him off, but to no avail.

Man: H-h-hey! HELP! HELP!


Sid continues hitting the man, but then lays off. Without even realizing what he is doing, he reaches out, grabs the bottle out of the paper bag, and brings it down hard over the man's head! The man slumps, unconcious. Suddenly a look of realization crosses Sid's eyes. He quickly gets to his feet. When he looks down as his hands, they're covered with blood. He looks down at the man and sees that he is bleeding from a large gash in his head, and is covered in numerous bruises. He slowly stumbles back.

Sid: Oh my god.....

Suddenly a woman screams, and begins yelling.

Woman: Oh my god! Somone call an ambulance! POLICE!!!

Sid turns and sees the woman pointing at him. He looks the other way, and see's a police officer running down the street towards him. He turns and begins to run the other way. In the background, he hears the officer yelling at him.

Officer: Hey! You there! Stop! I SAID STOP!

Sid doesn't stop, he just keeps running. Eevnetually, he is able to lose the police officer in a crowd of people. Once he's sure that the officer is gone, he creeps away, and makes his way down a dark alley nearby. He then slumps against a wall, and slides to the ground, holding his head in his hands.

Sid: Oh my god, what have I done? What have I done?!?!?

Sid sits there for a few moments, holding his head and breathing heavily. Suddenly, he feels a presence standing nearby. He look's up with a start, to see the form of a teenager standing over him. The alley is so dark, all that can be seen isa silhouette. The teenager is rather slim, with long string hair. He then reaches out a hand to Sid. Sid reluctantly takes it, and the teenager helps him to his feet.

kid: Are you okay, Sid?

Sid: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Kid: I know everything there is to know about you Sid.

Sid: But how--

Kid: All in time , all in time. For now, why don't you come with me, and we'll grab a bite to eat.

Sid: Alright. But you never answered my other question.

Kid: And what was that?

Sid: Who are you?

Kid: Who I am is very complicated to explain. But for now, you can call me Flame.....

Flashback: February 2, 1994

The scene opens up outside a house. We can hear arguing coming from the inside the house. As we go inside, we see Sid arguing with his mother and another woman.

Sid: Get over it mom. I'm doing this, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Mother: Are you crazy? You don't even know anything about this man! and the stuff he's saying? How can you honestly believe all of that CRAP?!?

Sid: Crap mom? CRAP?!? We've been over this before!Look at me,mom...LOOK AT ME!!

You knew that, ever since Tom started that fire that killed him and Burnt me, I've had a SERIOUS problem following your beliefs about Your God! I mean, come on, why do you think I haven't been to church in nearly SIX YEARS!

Mother: And then one night, you meet this guy, and you believe all the stuff he's telling you?

Sid: He knows things mom! He knows things that no normal man could POSSIBLY know about me! For the last six months, he's Shown me The Real World!

Mother: He's nothing but a FAKE! And if you're stupid enough to follow his advice, you're condeming yourself as well!

Woman: Guys, guys! Just calm down already. Let's just sit down and talk about this, without all the yelling and screaming! We can do this rationally.

Sid: There's nothing to talk about Aunt Martha . I'm going, and that's all that there is to it.

Martha: You won't even sit down and listen to us Sid? Come on, you're smarter than this!

Sid: MY MIND IS MADE UP! I'm not going to sit here and listen to you two try and talk me out of what I know is right!

Mother: If you "know" that this is right, then you don't know anything!

Martha: Sis!

Sid: And you do? Just like dad "knew" that by doing selling drugs that he would lead a rich life style? You can see how that turned out.

Martha: Sid!

A look of anger comes over Sid's mom, and she walks over to him and slaps him right across the face.

Mother: Don't you ever bring your father into this! He was a good man, and you had NEVER better say any differently!

Sid: Yes, he was a good man, but he got himself involved with drug Runners and look what it got him! It got him KILLED! And don't YOU ever suggest that I am saying that my father was not a good man!

Mother: You know what? Go! Get out! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!

Martha: Come on Sis, don't say that. And Sid, don't do this out of anger!

Sid doesn't answer her . He just grabs a set of keys off of the table, and rushes out the front door. His mom turns and heads for a back room in the house, slamming the door behind her. Sid's aunt just stands there for a second, before turning and following Sid out. She rushes up behind him, grabs him by the shoulder, and spins him around.

Martha: How dare you!

Sid: How dare I what?

Martha: You're tearing this family apart, and you don't even care! Your mom and dad brought you into this world and raised you , and this is how you repay them?

Sid: How dare YOU accuse me of not caring! All I'm doing here is following what I believe to be right, and you two are condemning me for it! How the hell else am I supposed to react?

Martha: So we're supposed to support you while you go off and follow this....this charade?

Sid: Don't you ever call him that again! what i have seen is the Real World out there, it's the REAL THING! And no, I'm not saying you two have to support me, but you don't have condemn me either! As far as I'm concerned, this family has turned it's back on me!

A look of pain fill's martha's eyes, and is quickly replaced by a look of anger.

Martha: Fine! If that's the way you fell about us Sid, then do what your mom said, and get the hell out of here! But don't you ever think of coming back!

With that, Martha turns and rushes back into the house. Sid stands there for a second, before turning and heading for beat up old motorcycle in the driveway. He get's on, and fires it up. As he's getting ready to take off, he feels a tug at his shirt. He turns, and sees a teary eyed girl standing there looking at him. He turns the bike off, and turns to her.

Sid: What is it Jenna ?

Jenna: I heard...I heard you guys arguing. Are you really leaving Sid?

Sid: I'm afraid I have to.

Jenna: But why Sid ? WHY?!?!

Sid: This is just something I have to do. I can't really explain why.

Jenna: Will you be coming home Sid?

Sid: ..................

Jenna: Sid?

Sid: .......No. No, I'm afraid I won't be . At least not for a long time.

Jenna: But remember what you promised me! How can you leave?

Sid: Jenna, please, don't make this any harder on me than it already is. I know what I promised you, and I meant it with all my heart. If the day ever comes when you need me, I'll be there. You won't even have to find me, I'll just know.

Jenna: But--

Sid: Shhh. I've got to go now Jenna. I'm sorry.

Sid bends down, and wraps Jenna up in a hug. Tears come to her eyes as he holds her. The hug lasts for several moments, before Sid finally let's go. He fires the bike up once more, and then takes off down the road, not looking back. Jenna stands there watching him until he fades completely out of view. Tears fill her eyes as she whispers to herself.

Jenna: But what if I need you now?

The present......

We return to the cemetery. Sid is still there, kneeling in front of the tombstone. He still has the faraway look in his eye, remember the day that everything in his life was turned upside down. Suddenly, he shakes his head, as if trying to clear it.

Sid: I will never forget that day. I had lived my entire life thinking that I was safe. I never imagined that anything even close to that could happen to me, or my family. I mean, I was so happy. But then, all of that changed in one day. It seemed as if my entire world had come crashing down on me. If I could have found that bastard that shot you, I would have. I would have tracked him down and beat him within an inch of his life. And then, after that, I would have taken his life just like he took yours.Even though as i found out recently that you were still alive and hiding from your Past mistakes in Prison..before Guido had you killed!!.

I spent over a year after you "died", trying to recover. Everyone always told me that the pain would go away, that things would get better. I thought to myself that they had too. I couldn't see any way possible for things to get worse. But something was wrong. Nothing was getting better. I felt like I was completely lost. Then, I made perhaps the biggest mistake of my life. I turned to alcohol. I lost my job, and after that I began drinking day in and day out Then came the night that everything changed.

I was making my way home, after a visit to my favorite liquor store, when I accidentally bumped into somebody, I don't really know who. All I know was that he said something. Something about my father being nothing but worthless white trash. I don't really remember much of what happened then. All I know was that something inside of me snapped. It was almost like I was taking over a year and a half of pent up rage out on this one man. I pictured him as the guy that shot you. I started to hit him, and hit him, and hit him.... I couldn't stop myself! Then I grabbed the nearest thing I could find, a liquor bottle, and brought it down over his head. The next thing I know, I'm looking down at my hands, and they're completely covered in blood. That guys blood. It was then that the realization of what I had done sunk in. I lost it. I took off running as people were screaming for help. I managed to find a nearby place to hide

And then, after I had been hiding for no more than a few minutes, this kid found me. He told me that what I shouldn't have been blamed for what I had done. He told me that I would be forgiven. And he knew things! Knew things about me that no stranger could have possibly known! That was Flame. And right then, I knew that I had finally found my path. I don't really know how I knew, I just did.

And now, here I am Dad. Flame has brought me this far. Honestly, if it hadn't been for him, I don't think that I would have made it. I would have just let myself slip further and further into depression, and probably given up a long time ago. This is why I follow him flame, not only because I believe in him, but because he saved my life.

This Sunday night marks my second biggest match in the SW, the first place I have competed since the Fmw. I have a shot at Destiny. Sunday night, not only will I win the match for Flame, not only will i win for Jenna but I will win for you as well.....father.

i wonder How bad has Aimee's Accident affected Chambers thus far? he must be feeling absolutely horrible, because no one has heard anything out of him since Impulse last week. What a shame it is, to see a man such as himself, that had so much potential, become nothing more than a shell of his former self.

And that's exactly what he is about to become, unless he does something about it. if he wants to get even with Mike Phantasy ,he has to take the rage and pain that is undoubtedly consuming him right now, and use it to his advantage.

With that, Sid turns and makes his way out of the cemetery. Several moments later, the loud sound of a motorcycle staring us can be heard, followed be the sound of it slowly fading away.