The Man!


SIN Role-Play Number: Fourty eight(48)
Current Match: Versus Tag Team Match with Danny,Fury Vs The Sentinels of Insanity
Current Record: 9 wins -13 lossess -Draw 000
Pro Wrestling Achievements: Former Sin Wrestling Hardcore Champion

Prologue: When I Was Born..I Was Born The Man!..And When You Step on That Apron Your Ass Becomes Part of The Game That I'm The Man In!


Fade up the Sin Wrestling logo.

In any profession, whether it be athletic or educational, police work or criminal, there will always be one person that stands out above all else. That one man will set the standard that all others will be held to and more often than not, that standard will never be met.

"I AM..... THE MAN!!"

To be compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair can be one man's greatest achievement. Meant as a compliment, to the best of the best, it is an insult. In the mind of the best, there is no comparison. There is no one on their level and there never will be. It becomes the career of the best to remain the best, to hold off the top of the mountain and fight away all those who seek to claim it as their own. To fight back the threat of elevation for all they are worth.

The theory of elevation is a myth creamed over by internet fan boys. No matter who is on top, the complaints about lack of elevation are evident. For years, they will scream that a man deserves a world championship push and when he receives it, he immediately becomes public enemy number one and another up and comer takes his place as the internet golden boy. Because of the lack of elevation, the fans coined the term "glass ceiling," meaning that the mid-carders could look up through the glass ceiling and see the main event but could never quite reach it. Constantly bumping their heads into the ceiling with no sign of it giving in.

Sid was never the internet golden boy.

Sid made his presence known in Noah Japan for the first time.Immediately upon Entering NOAH, began an intense feud with Kenta Kobashi...Whom he Defeated In an incredible Semifinal match for the NOAH Championship.He eventually went to the finals of the NOAH championship,but lost to Ikuto Hidaka

Although Sitting around and relaxing after his loss, had its perks,this did not suit the self-proclaimed "Man." It was time to return to Wrestling and claim the one belt that should've been his from the beginning. Sid made his appearence in FMW, made his intentions known, and crushed Hisakatsu Oya in his first match .

Sid made the challenge to Hayabusa,and made the promise that the FMW's Show at the Tokyo Egg Dome would be the site where a new Champion would be crowned. Sid and Hayabusa wrestled an epic match, lasting upwards of forty minutes, before Sid hit the Death Trap and put the legendary performer's other foot in the grave, staking claim to his first world championship. "The Man" had finally reached the pinnacle of his career, 5 years of struggling in Pro Wrestling paying off once and for all. Sid's career was riding high .

And then it all came crashing down.

Atushi Onita took over FMW from Hayabusa and his first act of business was to strip all champions of their titles with the intention of crowning new ones later in the night. Sid didn't agree with this method and refused to take part. He threw down the FMW Heavyweight championship and walked away for what he thought would be forever.

Onita failed. FMW was broken. Hayabusa returned to pick up the pieces and announced that forty-five men would do battle in the main event of a PPV entitled Brawl for all . Forty-five men would do battle and one man would walk out with the Frontier Martials arts Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. After his first reign had ended so suddenly, Sid had to show them that they made a mistake by robbing him of his championship. He entered himself in the match. Everyone immediately wrote him off as hype. A man FMW had washed out before he could become washed up. Many heralded Komazawa Olympic Park Gym as the place where a new contender would step up and take the crown. Veteran, hungry superstars the Likes of Vicious Vic Grimes,Stan"the Lariat"Hansen And Big Van Vader came from all over to try their hand in the main event.

In one match, Sid climbed the ladder to the very top of Frontier Martial arts Wrestling. Eliminating wrestler after wrestler after wrestler until he was the last man standing.His mask broken,blood staining his features, Sid eliminated The Sadistic ECw Legend Sabu to win the FMW championship for the second time.

Forty-four other men came from all over the world to win the title and "The Man" turned every single one of them away as if they were children playing a man's game. Sid showed every single one of them exactly why he was the man to beat. Sid established once and for all that he has broken through that glass ceiling

And now With Sid firmly back in place, panicked. The wrestlers were threatening to quit if something wasn't done about the living, breathing, ass kicking machine known to many as Sid"The Man"Frankenstein. People were getting concussions left and right thanks to Sid and his arsenal of Ring side Weapons, until one night, Hayabusa pulled the trigger that would almost kill Sid's once and for all.

The match was for the FMW World Championship. Sid versus Mr. Gannosuke versus Mammoth Sasaki. Sid dealt out punishment left and right, taking advantage of them like they were first match rookies until Willy "Hido" Takayama and Tetsuhiro Kuroda arrived at ringside on the orders of Hayabusa, distracting Sid long enough for Gannosuke to sneak a pin on Sasaki to steal the world championship.

Sid cornered Ganosuke,Takayama and Kuroda and his ensuing revenge was so fierce, so brutal, so very, very awe inspiring, that Hayabusa had no choice but to Fire Sid before lives were lost.

For nearly three years, the wrestling world had continued on without Sid and the wrestlers have let out a sigh of relief. Elevation has occurred in his absence and new stars have been born. It wasn't until Sin Wrestling opened its doors that Sid decided it was time to make another impact. In a promotion ruled by Corey Page,Sid felt it was his duty to show them what real talent was like.

After sitting back and watching the business evolve without him, he decided that it was time to return, to show the up and comers that they are not the Man.


An industry not much unlike other sports in society as we know it today.

We go out there to the ring each and every week, for what?

Love of the sport?

Showing our dominance and trying to prove that weíre the best out there?




It something different for everyone. But it all comes down to success in what you go out there for. If you go out to win, and you lose, you fail. If you go out there to capture a championship, and you get disqualified, you lose. If you get completely dominated but somehow pull the match out of your ass, youíve succeeded in winning, but youíve disappointed yourself.

And EVERYONE is in this at least a little bit for money. The money will always be there, win or lose, day in and day out. That is, until youíre no longer good enough for the company, and then your contract is torn up right in front of you and youíre shown the door. People are fired from jobs all the time. But wrestling is different in that aspect. Wrestlers put their bodies and souls on the line each and every week for a career. They are beaten. Bruised. Broken. Sore. And it doesnít matter to anyone except those that know. Those that live that life. Itís not an easy life, but itís one that we choose to live, to try and succeed at.

Success has been Great for SW wrestlers. The competition level has always been Tough enough so that SW always get better talent. To show the low carders the door. To get more people in the seats. To earn more money.

Money is all that men like Draco care's about. If a wrestler is getting a good reaction from the crowd, whether good or bad, that wrestler will get more and more air time. Itís basic business. And when a wrester is headed downhill, they have two options, both of which are equally painful.. The first option is firing the wrestler. Making a meeting, saying the normal stuff ďYou just donít fit into our company right now, but try again laterĒ bull shit that we ALL know isnít true. Then, their contract is torn up, and security guards grab you and toss you out of the building. No 2 week notice. No leave pay. No goodbyes. Just getting tossed out.

And then, there is option #2. Placing those wrestlers against wrestlers high above their level, and pretty much telling the opponents to completely rip them apart. And thatís what Team Sadistic and Danny polar specializes in: Ripping apart wrestlers who are down and out. Wrestlers who have a 37 year career and want to continue working. Wrestlers who just plain suck.

Wrestlers who are no where near worth the money theyíre being paid.

Wrestlers like Gwenivere Jordan and Zimdela Brudon

Gwenivere: Beautiful,Sexy,Seductive..A Real Slut.Most people would love to put their hands all over her Gorgeous ass.Though i prefer her sweet,tender neck.

Zimdela:The Most Deranged Individual the Sw has ever seen without a shadow of a doubt in anybody's mind.What SW has witnessed is nothing from our past battles.. it's just a taste of what is going to happen to you!

Am I going to whine about losing the hardcore championship the last time we faced each other? Saying that I should have won? That I should still be the Champion?


Some people say that even I'm crazier than you for stepping back into that ring one more time.LOOK AT ME ZIM.. WHAT IS THE HELL WRONG WITH ME? TELL ME.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I'm the only man who is willing to go one on one with you!.The only man who wants you so badly in that ring.Do you think I'm crazy ?

I was told that I could NEVER.. EVER do it, I was told I COULD NEVER EVER become a Champion.WOULD NEVER EVER defeat you once. That i am a born loser.But they were ALL wrong Zim.

Do i fear you?...No!..I have scraped and crawled.. battled and fought to where I am today .The pain I have endured in my lifetime is something I take pride in. It's pain that no one else has ever felt before. It's pain that only I can say I've gone through.

Am i crazy?..Yes!.When I get in that ring, I'm oh so glad to be there. That very ring that i put my life on the line,day after day,night after night, risking everything I have, no matter what. I've jumped off semi trucks through tables, I've had numerous broken bones...I've done more then You could ever possibly imagine.

I hunger for that title, you wear so proudly around your waist!. I feed for it!... I burn with a passion and anger for it!. I'd even kill for it!.And there's not a damn person alive that can stop me from regaining it! And I will regain the Hardcore Championship!.

The ancient city of Baalbek,head quaters for the Syrian Army in Lebanon,lies at the northern entrance to Bakaa Valley,and only a few miles from the Syrian Border.The city,once the hub of a thriving farming and trading area,is now an armed camp,crawling with PLO,Iranian,Lebanese Moslims,Syrian soldiers and thousands of refugees.

The soldier strolled casually across the street from the Syrian headquarters,stopping about 100 yards south of it and lounging against a building.Nothing seemed unusual because there hundreds of soldiers and civiians mingling in the area.The soldier's paper identified him as Sgt.Yassir Yazdi,tank commander,Syrian Army.He was taller than the average Syrian,but no one seemed to notice.He had long black hair,a droop mustache and a medium beard.The sergeant had arrived yesterday by bus from a camp near Berut.Once in Baalbek,he rented a sinlge hotel room several blocks from the Army headquarters.

He spent his day watching the headquarters.That night ,after returning to his dingy romm,Sgt.Yazdi,alias Sid ,made notes in his pad


DISGUISE:Syrian Sergeant

LOCATION:100 yards south of headquarters

SECURITY:Four guards in front of the headquarters building;two more on roof.Two across the street on roof.Anti aircraft emplacements on buildings;across the street--12.6 inch dual machine guns.Sand-bagged machine gun position at each end of block.Steel gate barricades at each end of block.Two roving jeeps on outside of barricades.

TARGET:Arrived at 0830.Black Mercedes led by one gun jeep.Two body guards plus driver.IDENTIFICATION--POSITIVE.




NOTE:The buildings across the street from headquarters are all two story.Second floor of most buildings by civilian refugees.First floors are military officies or troop barracks.In the first block south,there appears to be a building with a vacant second floor.Check out.

That night,after midnight,Sid moved stealthily through the dark streets of Baalbek.Every so often he had to duck into the shadows to avoid patrols.He found that the building he was interested in had all the windows boarded over and nailed shut.He moved around to the rear and into a narrow alley.He deftly tossed a small nylon rope with a grappling hook to the roof .It caught,and seconds later he scrambled to the top.There were no guards on the roof,and he soon found out why.The building had taken a direct hit by artillery and the roof had collapsed into the second floor.Perhaps he had found the waekness he was looking for.Perhaps he had found the key to Ustad Ali's death! He cautiously lowered himself through the gaping hole in the roof.Then he burrowed into the wreckage to wait with the rats until morning.


LOCATION:Second floor-wrecked building,150 yards south of Army headquarters.

SECURITY:No change

NOTE:Escape route would be difficult.Would need a diversion.It would be a long shot from this position,but there are no obstructions.Shooting path is clear.I'm already wishing it was Zimdela instead this guy that was the target,then i wouldn't have to wait until Brave New World.How i'd love to plug his brains out with a sawed off shotgun,and then take the Hardcore Title off of his rotting headless corpse!.

Or Gwenivere,i'd love to stick a Shotgun up her poop chute,i'm sure she'd enjoy that.Maybe Draco too while i'm at it.

Shortly after midnight,stiff and hungry from his long period on station,Sid lefy his cramped position and returned to his lice infested hotel room.He moved our early the next morning for his final day of reconnaissance.


The heavy security in and around the headquarters rules out using a close approach and small weapon.Gun jeep and bodyguards rule out ambush.The Mercedes is probably bullett proofed.The target lives inside an Army compound which is heavily guarded.It could be infiltrated,but escape would be difficult.The only pattern established by the target is that he has left his officie for mid-day meal precisley at 14:00 everyday during recon.His other arrivals and departures vary.


The hit will be made from the building located 150 yards south and across the streets from the main entrance to the Army headquarters.I'll move into the building the night before aand hit the target at 14:00 hours,as he emerges for his mid day meal.Weapon:Belgian FN standard issue rifle,7.62 calibre with a 40 power scope.Ammunition:special teflon high-penetrating round.To aid escape and create confusion,plant a five pound composition 4 explosive device in garbage can 100 yards north of headquarters.Remote control detonation.

Sid finally gathered up all of his notes and burned them one at a time in a metal garbage can.Then he lay down to get a couple of hours sleep.He wanted his mind and body as fresh as possible for the kill.
DAY 6--1365 hours

Sid lay flatly as he peered through his powerful scope.Outside and 150 yards away,the black Mercedes rolled to a stop in front of the Syrian headquaters and waited for it's important passenger.Precisley at 1400 hours,Gen.Ustad Ali,commanding General of Syrian Ground Forces in Lebanon and one of the men directly responsible for the bombing of the U.S Marine barracks,stepped through the front door of his headquarters and headed toward his car.

Sid aligned the cross-hairs of his scope on the Generals chest.It would be a long shot,but he was a deadly marksman.The thought that he might miss never entered his mind.He was using Teflon bullets in case Ustad was wearing a bullet proof vest.

"Death rides a pale horse,Zimdela,and his name is Sid!"he muttered.

He held his breath and squeezed the trigger.The heavy rifle bucked solidly against his shoulder,but the sights stayed on target.

A sharp crack broke the afternoon quiet.Ustad was flung backward as the bullet smashed through him.He slammed into the sidewalk and lay still,dead before he fell.Sid realigned his cross-hairs on the General's head and squeezed the trigger for the second time.The Syrian General's head exploded against the sidewalk.the dusty pavement turned red.

There was total confusion in the streets belwo.Soldiers began shooting at the windows and roof tops across the street.Then they started to shoot at the civilians on the street.everyone not in uniform became a fair target.A massacre began that would not end until more than 100 innocent civilians were murdered.

Sid picked up a tiny transistorized firing device and pushed the red button,sending an electricl current 250 yards up the street.A loud explosion rocked the street to the north.this just semed to infuriate the panicked soldiers all the more.Sid carefully folded the stock on the FN rifle,removed the barrel and sight and put the disassembled weapon into his small knap sack.

Three minutes later,Sgt Yazdi,carrying an AK-47 Assault rifle and wearing a small pack,joined his fellow soldiers in searching for the General's assassin as he quietly slipped away.He didn't take part in shooting any civilians;he'd already bagged his trophy.