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(as the sun slowly lowers on the new york skyline you see a man for the first time in weeks in case over this time period your forgot that man is rage of course its not the rage that you know the proud cocky american bad ass that we all know and love to hate no this man is different in a sad sort of way as you look at his pale face you can tell he probaly hasnt shaven in weeks and slept in days he eatin schedule has been thrown off course and the only thing hes drunk was beer and shots but what else would you expect from a man with no passion in his life nothing to live for other than tomarow the world is now in the time of the outsiders you can see the street lights turn as rage countinues to woncer down the city streets he know starts to look talk to himself as passerbyers hold there child hands a little tighter couples stop making out and take notice to this crazed idividual even grown men decide to walk on the other side of the street just to avoid confronting this man upclose rage takes no notice to any of these event s as he continues to stroll we now come up to him his whispering is now words and sentences)

how could this happen im unstopable im great im rage how could this happen to me whats wrong with me whats wrong

(he now turns into a dark alley way stepping over beer botels and homless people now any person in there right mind would know this is the wrong place to be and that he was in the wrong city at the wrong time but of course hes not in his right mind at least not tonight he once agian starts to talk to himself)

its my father its all been for my father college the marines jennifer

(what whos jennifer the marines what in the hell is going on thru his mind is he jibbering or is anything he says have true meaning behind it something deep down in his mind hiding in the under belly of his conciounse)

i didnt even love her i did it for him but he still wasnt satisfied he will never be happy not with me not with mom not with anyone i say this as if i dont care but if i didnt care why would i be saying this why would i be killing my self mentaly and physicly if i didnt care what does all this mean and why am i so scared

(rage and scared now those are two thing i would have never expected to see in the same sentence what ever is going on it has him seriously fucked up whats with the need to show his dad hes a man why do everything for him even be with a girl for him)

and mom she went thru it twenty four seven she is a strong woman stronger then me but what is he how could he why do i do this to myself

(the more he talks the harder it is to understand either he has alter ego that hads just been opened or hes really drunk it can go either way from here but from what i see its buried deep down into his childhood i wish i would of had some training in therapy or pyscology maybe then i could understand whats going on in his head or could i the way hes talking it makes you wann brush him off and walk away but what hes saying and the look in his eyes make you curious on just whats going on in the poor misguided soul)

its time for me to act on my own mind to be myself yet i will always have him he will always be there even in his demise he will be controling my life he lurks behind ever shadow haunting me in my sleep every time i get to the top he will be there to kick me back down and smile with that horible smile staring at me as if i did something wrong the only thing i ever did wrong was listen to you arrghhhh

^rage punches out the screen window of a door that had been thrown away^

(ok now im scared at first it was just him talking but when he starts to break stuff things are getting out of hand i could call the cops right now and have him hauled off but i cant help but watch him trying to indulge myself deeper into this minds head as im watching the blood drip from his hand i gain a new strange sort of respect for the pitiful guy not the old respect i had for him the kind of hey he can whip my ass so ill stay on this side of the room a new more indept kind of respect a new lookout on life i know respect him as a human bieng other than just fom preformer who i pay fifty bucks to watch him power bomb people onto the mat and while my heart is telling me help this kid out like a teenager going out on his own for the first time theres some things they must learn for them selves)

{toward the end still have to finish middle and begining and on end}

was it the fact that i lost my tv title even worse my coveted tag titles the first of both how could i just imagine something so real theres no way it could of been a dream i felt the the pain the anguish yet i still have my doubts

(he slowly puts his hands behind his head as he trys to figure out just whats going on suddenly he feels something cold and hard on his neck)

huh whats this

(he slides his hand around the neck of his shirt pulling out a chain necklace)

what in the hell