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Here are the basic building blocks of wWc...

1. No Whining! Just because you don't win a match, don't whine about it, we grade roleplays according to what we think, not whether we will hurt your feelings or not. If you don't win and you did roleplay better, it means you have something better coming. So, if you have a complaint, leave it on the OOC board not the Rp board.

2. On roleplaying, the first three will count, after three the rest will be just to improve storylines.

3. Swearing. You can swear, just don't abuse it, if you do abuse it I will let you know, reason for it is because the boards we use, boardhost, censors it out except for words like shit and ass, so it's not fun for me grading roleplays that have every word censored, so now you know.

4. Racism. This is a huge no, because I don't like people making fun of other people's race. So just don't do it, unless you are black in this case and you want to use the "N" word, your character has to be someone from the hood. Or if you were white and wanted to use the word Cracka, or somethin other racial words against white people then that's ok. Otherwise, I don't want to see it!

5. About being Creative. Be creative in your roleplays! No One wants to read a roleplay when the guy goes to the ring in every promo, go to a bar, at home, at the airport, library, somewhere besides the ring Everytime.

6. Finally but probably not the last one. About Deadlines. There is a deadline on roleplaying, If you haven't been to the board to check it out then it's every friday night at 12:00 A.M. That's the deadline for every rp to be in, I will begin reading them and hopefully have them done by Saturday Night.

Now that you've read the rules, get busy on roleplaying and remember, be creative!