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January 29th 2002 Grand Re-Opening of the XSA is soon, so hold on and give us a couple of more weeks to settle things into buisness and we'll get you started in the future of e-fedding.

XSA Most Recent News: January 29th 2002- I will continue to add the pages as the days go buy to get more done on the XSA. A page a day, how does that sound?

Updates - Thursday January 30th 2002

The XSA has the completion of the join forms and the XSA RP arena, check them out if you will.
- Owner Prez. DiStinct@ 10:05 PM (central)

XSA Designs Headlines - Wednesday January 29th 2002

Designs and banners in approach to being made, give us two weeks on all of these.
- Owner Prez DiStinct@ 7:20 PM (central)

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