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Update - June 17, 2003 - The ReBirth, Something Unplanned

wWc? The rumors have been heard and yes they are true. The wWc has been closed for so long, but is about to resurface, with yet another new owner. Only this owner shows proper respect and will put up a page about each past owner. So come to join not to look. Aight?

We are in need of wrestler's (fake) to join the roster. So please, if you like this federation. Tell others about it! We can use as many wrestlers as we can get. We accept all applications. No questions asked. Simply put, we want you to work with us. Because I belivie that this federation is the start of somthing great. Somthing that the others hav never seen before. A federation with style and not mention class. Unlike what other e-federations have to offer.

So if your just joining... go ahead and take a look around. Get a feel of the fed. Because I will know that you will like it. The World Wrestling Corporation is known for its fun. And I and the rest of the staff want to indeed, keep it that way. Me and my colleage L33T(President and Head of Talent Relations) are dedicated to giving you an experience that you will never forget. An experince with the World Wrestling Corporation. Good Luck. - - CEO_ DiStinCt

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