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Supershows List

News & Headlines for Supershows

Supershow Themes

  • Anarchy-No rules anything goes & anything can happen expect the unexpected.

  • (Big 1)Ice Cold Rumble-Everybody but the World Chmapion fight in a battle royal over the top or elimantion pinfall to see who will face the champ at Blackout in the main event.

  • (Big 2)Blackout-A Challenger who rose through all adversity gets his shot that he rightfully deserves at the world champion in the main event.

  • Redemption-You finally get back at those who taunted,mainuplated,decieved, you or even worse screwed you out of matches. On this day you will finally gain Redemption.

  • The Execution-A great champion plows through all comers big and small but now has the day for his Execution finally came.

  • (Big 3)International Conspricy-This is the day when cheater preveil and cheat the more deserving individuals out of a chance to shine. example:Surivor Series in Montreal.

  • Amercian Revolution-This is where different countries clash & where parody shows all different kinds of people butt heads going for one glorious victory.

  • (BIG 4)-CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS-Where the greatest face off & fight in epic battles & some become legends while many become champions & few become icons.

  • Total Destruction-All out mayem & destruction ensue & everybody & thing are destroyed or obliterated in their quest for greed.

  • (Big 5)Sudden Threat-A new force threatens all in there and will go down a path of destruction.

  • Thanksgiving Turmoil-All out madness destries the bonds of thanksgivng's meaning & things get extreme.Also a tournment is held to decide who will be the next big star in TWF & a world tile shot is granted to them for Cold Hell.

  • Cold Hell-In the winter's cold the new rising star must overcome the obstacles & go through hell to win that world title they gained a shot at.