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News & Headlines for 6/3/06

  • Last week at two UCW shows Rated Exe attacked XXX and Alamo Son laying both out at the 5/27/06 show after their grueling match helping The Messenger win the X-Core title therefore aligning themselves with The Messenger.Then at the 5/30/06 show Andrew layed out both XXX and Alamo Son again.

  • There is now myspace pages for the TWF, Executioner, and Canadian Destroyer.

    News & Headlines for 8/19/05

  • Twf is putting up a cage so soon all matches might be involve a cage.

    News & Headlines for 8/17/05

  • In the making right now is a dvd called HWF Best of the Best which will include Special Attraction Ludocador Match Lighting Z vs. Falcon & mini tournment for HWF World Title including matches Matt Awesome vs. Scales & Justin Yopper vs. Executioner winners face off. Also extras will include Damien vs. Justin Yopp Hardcore Title Match from Febuary of 2004 a very old great comedic HWF classic.Other extras that might be added are Sexual Confessions Vol. 7,Sexual Confessions Vol. 11 w/HWF Guest Justin Yopper, & Greatest HWF Moments by Executioner.

  • Shadow lost his TWF International Title to Andrew then got fired because the very man his partner Executioner wanted him to be for disgracing Rated eXe.This is another indicatior of how much of an asshole Executioner is.

  • Executioner has a few updates on his site.

  • Akelis has signed.

  • Khaos is coming back and is said to be bringing the HWF Dark Carnival Title with him but when no one knows.

  • Recuriting will start back up in a while.

  • Canadian Destroyer won CTWF World Title and now it is combined with TWF World Title.

  • Executioner's short return to HWF wasx very successful.

    News & Headlines for 7/10/05

  • Andrew has joined Rated Exe.

  • Akelis has joined a TWF developmental deal.

  • A new un named person has signed a TWF developmental deal.

  • Right now we are owned by TWF stockholders so we don't have an owner so we make our own matches.

  • We should be starting up shows again on end of July to late Sept come back for more updates.

  • Executioner will be traveling down south for HWF shows and be bringing the CTWF World Title with him starting at the end of July.

  • The Truth Vol. 12 revealed that Andrew will be in tournment for U.S. Title started by Rated Exe.

  • Skullface has been put in jail for illegal pocession of weed and crack while driving his car and he was drunk and shouldn't be back soon.

  • Sypher was released and Tic Toc Time was hired back.

  • There will be a special apperance at next TWF show but by who no one knows but Exe who says he'll bring in old friends.

  • Exe on Truth Vol. 12 promised an 60 min ironman by late Sept.

    News & Headlines for 3/5/05

  • The U.S. Title will be decided in a tournement.

    News & Headlines for 2/27/05

  • Shows,Executioner,& History Section Have Been Updated

  • Voting On Polls Continues

    News & Headlines for 2/5/05

  • Poll & Guestbook added to bottom of the page we accpt all votes.

  • Brooklyn Brothers,Josh,Redneck Bellew,& manager Krazy Kris Ward have pictues on there profile page.

  • Let's hope weather gets better so our first wrestling show can be soon.

  • Check out Shows & PPVs sections for more info on next shows & ppvs.

  • Voting for the poll ends at Truth Vol. 10 we will also say the results.

    News & Headlines for 2/2/05

  • Pages of Pics added also found on Executioner,Shadow,Canadian Destroyer,Andrew, & Skullface Sections

  • Poll at bottom of the page to determine next no 1 contender for World.

  • Go to Shows for Next Update on Shows.

  • Next shows/ppv will be most likely somtimes in March.


    News & Headlines for 1/31/05

  • Pictures will be added to some of the profiles.

  • Training Camp & recuritng are going good right now.

  • Skullface got injured & will be out til most likely March.

    News & Headlines for 1/30/05

  • Destroyer's contract has expired & will be no longer pursuring wrestling good luck to him.

  • Dante lost a career match but found a loophole when Tic Toc Time didn't resign & is now back as Andrew.

  • Will be having shows again in the spring or when it is warm enough to wrestle in our outside woods arena.

  • In the spring a 3rd twf arena will be built.

  • Executioner is still looking for the person who stabbed him when in a agruement with owner.

  • Owner has a bounty on his head if you can tell him who it was & get the guy to wrestle the Executioner.

  • Canadian Great form CTWF Canadian Destroyer has signed with Twf.

  • Big time Druglord & great wrestler Skullface from Jamica has signed with Twf.

  • Josh,Blake, & Redneck Bellew should be coming out of training camp soon.

  • Tic Toc Time was fired because he was up at Canada Total Wrestling Federation(CTWF) wrestling that's why he was absent from Twf.

  • Damien & Venom will be making apperances sometime this year & probloy siding with Executioner.

  • Twf getting CTWF's bigget star Canadian Destroyer has really hurt them & our rival is very quickly going out of business.

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