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  • Name:Executioner

  • Height:6'2"

  • Weight:178 lbs.

  • Finisher:Capital Punishment

  • Trademarks:Execution,Death Penalty

  • Titles Held:Twf World(5),Hwf World(9),CTWF World(2),Twf International(3),Twf Hardcore(16),Hwf Hardcore(19)(current),Twf Tag Titles(2),HWF International(current)

  • Notable Feuds:Damien,Khaos,Andrew,Dante,Damage,Cody Dudley,Canadian Destroyer,Justin Yopper The Heart Stopper,Falcon,Cobra,Sypher,Logan

  • Allies:Matt Awesome,Shadow,Damien,Champ Eric,The Messanger(UCW)

  • Enemies:Khaos(HWF),Andrew,Canadian Destroyer,Justin Yopper The Heart Stopper(HWF),Falcon,Cobra,Destroyer,Sypher,Tic Toc Time,Damage(HWF),Dante,Wyatt,Josh,Logan,XXX(UCW),Alamo Son(UCW)

  • Stables:Rated Exe(w/Shadow)

  • From:New York City, New York

    News & Headlines for 8/17/05

  • I lost by DQ at HWF to Justin Yopper in what was called the most brutal chairshot ever!

  • I stole the HWF International Title and I won the HWF Hardcore Title.

  • I have brought Khaos in with my recent loss of the CTWF World Title but when he will appear you will never know but he is bringing a very prestigious title the HWF Dark Carnival Title with him.

  • Executioner's Moveset

  • Special:Capital Punishment

  • Trademarks:Execution,Death Drop,Deah Penalty

  • Front Grappling or Standing Moves:eXe-Jawbreaker,eXe-Effect,Headlock Takedown(Franklin County Hiptoss),Chokeslam,One-Arm DDT,DDT,Front-Face Lock,Low Blow,Hiptoss,Headlock,Snap Suplex,Backbreaker,Side-Walk Slam,Spinebuster,Snapmare

  • Back Grappling or Standing Moves:Cobra Clutch,eXe-Throw,German Suplex,Backdrop,Sleeper Hold,Sleeper Drop,Armlock,Neckbreaker

  • Running Moves:Clothesline,Diving Clothesline,Spear,Neckbreaker,Shoulder Bump,Shoulder Charge

  • Submission,Pins,or Misschellonues:Mistrahol Cradle Pin,Half-Nelson,Headlock,Sharpshooter,Leg Gravepine,eXe-Lock,Punch To Nuts,Five-Knuckle Shuffle,Elbow Drop,Leg Drop,Senton Bomb

    News & Headlines for Executioner 1/31/04

  • Batista won my predciton for who was gonna win the WWE Royal Rumble.Great PPV I expect to keep my title at Twf's Royal Rumble like event Ice Cold Rumble.

  • Angle vs. Hbk looks to be happening that one is a dream match it will be amazing Angle is one of the pro wrestlers i look up to.

  • I the world champion know how big the 3rd week of Feb is for me i have defenses left & right 24/7 rules,canadians,no 1 contenders coming every show but because i'm a true champion i'll get through it as champion.

    News & Headlines for Executioner 1/30/04

  • Whoever stabbed me in that agruement when i find you your a deadman.

  • I will be bringing up backup for Rated Exe when certain extremes force me to Damien & Venom both said they'd be making a trip up here sometime.

  • Patroits suck balls.

  • Canadian Destroyer & me are trying to get a match for next show for the world title.

  • Steelers suck.

  • My themes cds is being made now.