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My Theme Song:

T.I. - What You Know?

  • Name: Andrew

  • Height: 6'2"

  • Weight: 280 lbs.

  • Finisher: Mt. State Face Drop

  • Trademarks: Full Nelson Recliener, RKO, Styles Clash

  • Titles Held: Hardcore(8),International(4), United States(2)

  • Notable Feuds: Executioner

  • Allies: Logan, Nathan Helmsly, Tic Toc Time

  • Enemies: Nikoli Nova, Sypher, Josh, Lucas Holstien

  • From: Cabin Creek, West Virginia


    Favorite TNA/ROH Wrestlers

    Favorite Sites

    Rajah-behind the scenes, spoilers, rumors, and everything you want to know
    XMCW Wrestling fourms
    Andrew's MySpace