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TWF Latest News

Event for 7/23/03 The afternoon got off to a big start with a Gimmick Infringement Battle Royal. The entry order was Angle (Rage) Tommy Dreamer (Spaz) Foley (T-Bone) Christian (Padawon) Hogan (T-Dogg) Lesnar (Downloader). The action was intense with Angle being eliminated by Foley within 2 minutes. Christian hit the ring and was pummeled by both Dreamer and Foley before being pinned by Foley. Hogan came out and rallied on Dreamer and Foley before eliminating Dreamer. Foley pulled out socko and pulled off the win as Hogans shoulders were down while the mandible claw was applied.

There was a Tag Team Title defense as Front Yard Wrecking Crew took on Spaz and Padawon. The F.Y.W.C. got the win after an il-legal double team and ref distraction.

T-Bone won the European Title via pinfall in a double special ref match when T-Dogg knocked out the other ref then F.Y.W.C. hit the Front Yard Forklift and got the wing for T-Bone.

There was a Fat Guy on a Pole match, Spaz vs Rage. Downloader and T-Dogg were on the ladder with the 2 competetiors having the option to tag them throughout the match. Spaz Picked up the win here.

Downloader took on a couple of dark-matchers in Evil Spaz and Hulk-a-maniac for a rematch at his euro-title. Downloader picked up a win.

The euro-title was on the line again in a chair match. After heavy action and many many chair shots. T-Bone hit Bone-Diggitey off the ladder onto a steel chair on Downloader's chest for the win.

Not to be outdone Evil Spaz took on Hulk-A-Maniac in a pillow match. After furious blows to the head with pillows Hulk-A pulled it off.

There was also a hardcore battle royal and a bob massacer tossed in there. Busy day overall.

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