..::Seeking for Forgiveness: Dear Momma ::..

...::Damion Xavier::.. So much time has past, will she accept me with open arms, or turn me away upon site? These are the question that I ask myself as I travel down a very familiar street, the very same street that I grew up on. As you can see it is later on in the day, Iím still wearing the same clothing as before, but this time the location that I find my self is a lot more appealing then where you last seen me. Even thought this place is still considered as being a ghetto, they manage to clean it up a bit, I mean you still see the occasional drug dealer hanging out on the corner, but not for long. You see the elderly people of this neighborhood decided to take back their community, so by the time you sell one dime bag, 5-0 is no your ass quick. But thatís neither here nor there; anyway as I continue to make my way down the street, I come upon the place that I use to call home. It a two story brick home, surrounded by a chain linked fence. Man the yard still look to be in good condition, hell the house as a whole still looks to be in good condition. As I opened the gate to the fence, I suddenly start to get a nervous feeling in my stomach, not like butterfly, but like fricken bats are flying around in there. Man the walk way leading up to the house look as if it was a mile long, and the closer I got to the house, the worst my nerves got. As I finally reached the porch, I took a step up on the first stair, while at the same time looking over to the right, where a giant porch swing was hanging. As I look over at the swing, suddenly all the memories of myself and my mother spending many evening out here watching everything from the local drunk, to the friendly neighborhood hooker, to the police chasesÖ I mean most people watched C.O.P.S. to see that kind of action, us, well we just sat on the porch, and got a front row seat for it. Upon finally reaching the top of the porch, I walked over to the screen door, opened it, and then begin to knock on the wooden door behind it. After my first attempt went unanswered for a moment, I once again knocked on the wooden door, but yet my knocks still went unanswered. Maybe she isnít home, oh well Iíll just try laterÖwait. As I begin to close the screen door, and walk away, suddenly the wooden door swings open, and standing in the doorway is the woman responsible for unleashing the infamous Triple X on to not only the SFT, but the World, my mother, Rhonda Xavier. Now even though my mother is up there in years, she still look good for her age, hell she could even give Tina Turner a run for her money. As we stand there looking at each other, neither wanting to say the wrong thing; I decided to be the first to break the silence.

...::Triple X::.. Mom I...

...::Damion Xavier::..Before I can utter another word, she quickly step out of the doorway and embraces me with all her might, I then begin to return her affection. After we hugged for a moment, we both began to pull away from one another, but just far enough so that we could see each. As I looked into my mothers eyes, I notice a small tear as it started to roll down her face, but when I reached up to wipe it away, she reaches up and grabs my hand, while at the same time she begins to address me.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Damion, let the tear run, you see itís not a tear of pain, but one of joy. Iíve been waiting for this moment from the very first day you left, and finally youíve come home.

...::Triple X::.. Mom, look Iím sorry for allÖ

...::Damion Xavier::.. Suddenly my mother raises her hand and covers my mouth, not allowing me to continue with my statement, while at the same time shaking here head from side to side in disapproval.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. No Damion, there is no need for apologies, lets just make a fresh start from here, ok.

...::Damion Xavier::.. Without saying a word I just nod my head in agreement. After standing there for a few more second, my mother then steps asides and welcomes me in her, well our home. As I walk into the living room, I can see an old couch with a matching love seat, a coffee table full of picture, include some of me when I use to wrestle in the WCWF. Iím kinda caught off guard by the site of these picture, you see I was unaware that she even knew that was a wrestler. My mother then offers me a seat, while at the same time taking one next me on the sofa. Once we are seated, I then reach down on the coffee table and pick up a picture of my self, hold the WCWF Intercontinental Title.

...::Triple X::.. I never knewÖ

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. What that I was following your career? Son Iíve been watching you ever since you first started wrestling, hell I even have entire scrapbook of all your title victories. Now that picture here (she reaches over and takes the picture out of my hand) this is my favorite, this was the first singles title that you ever won, boy I was so proud of you that day.

...::Triple X::.. I really canít believe it, youíve been actually following my career?

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Hey how many other people can actually say that they gave birth to the Baddest Man On the Planet? Damion, I am so proud of you, and right know Iím just so happy that I got the chance to tell you this before it was to lateÖ

...::Triple X::.. Too Late? What are you sick or something?

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. No Iím not sick, calm down, Iím as heath as an ox. No what I meant by that was before we allowed to much time to past before either one of us decided to let the past go and become a family again.

...::Damion Xavier::.. My mother then places the picture back on to the table, she then reaches over and grab me by both of my hands, while at the same time she being to look at me with a look of deep compassion and comfort, you know one of those look that only a mother can give to her child.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Oh wait second, what time is it? ...::Triple X::.. Itís about 8, why?

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Oh shoot, War is about to come onÖ

...::Damion Xavier::.. And with out hesitation, she reaches down, picks up a remote from off the coffee table, points it at a 27 inch television. Once the set comes on, the channel is already set on Wednesday Night War, and right at the point where Kali Kidd beats Jmac.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. You know that Kali boy is pretty good, you should recruit him for the Foundation.

...::Damion Xavier::.. Upon hearing that, I just turn away with a smirk on my face. Then suddenly the scene cuts from the ring and to the resent promo done by Aj Nin Red Rum. Upon seeing this my mother grabs my knee to get my attention.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Damion you may want to watch this.

...::Damion Xavier::.. As we both turn our full attention to the television, we both watch as Red Rum speaks about myself, his kids, and of course his title reign. Once the promo has come to an end, my mother then grabs the remote and lowers the volume. Upon her doing this, I turn to her and begin to speak, not about Red Rum, but about us, myself and her.

...::Triple X::.. Mom look, why donít you pack a few things and come and stay at my house for a little while? You know until I can find you a better place to liveÖ

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. See I knew you were going to say that. Look Damion Iím comfortable right where I am, but if you really want to do something for me, you can buy me a new wide screen television, so when you become the next SFT World Champion, I can invite the whole neighborhood over to watch it.

...::Triple X::.. You got it, IĎll have one sent over tomorrow, so you know about that the title match too?

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. I told you I keep tabs on my son, but look it getting late and you have a match to prepare for. After you beat that Aj Nin Red Rum, you come back and see me and then weíll catch up on old time.

...::Damion Xavier::.. Upon her making that final comment, we both get to our feet, and once again we begin to embrace each other. After wards, we both let go and I begin to head for the door, but just as Iím about to reach for the door and walk out, my mother calls my name.

...::Rhonda Xavier::.. Oh , two things, one donít you come back here without that belt, and two, you show that Sum B*tch why you are theÖWRONG MAN TO F*CK WITH!!!

...::Damion Xavier::.. As I look at my mother in a total state of shock, I can only give a understanding nod and smile as I walk out of the door and on to the city street. As I begin to walk for a few feet, I once again feel the urge to say a few words about my match, my opponent, and of course my shot at the title. So I come to stop, turn and face the camera and then begin to speak.

...::Triple X::.. You know there is nothing like some encouraging from your mother to get you pumped up for a match. Now Momma didnít say Knock you out, but she does want me to beat your ass, and being the mammaís boy that I am, I have to do what mamma tells me. God I just sounded like fricken Forest Gump, anyway you get the point. Now as I sat there with my mother watch your promo, I could only draw one conclusion from it, you know your time is up donít you, Red Rum? I can see it in your face, I can hear it in your voice, and you realize that your days of being a world champion are about to come to abrupt and unscheduled end. Now I will give the devil his due, as a champion youíve somewhat proven yourself, I mean you did defeat Fireball. But the only draw back was that it seemed that Fireballís mind was not totally focused on the match, he obviously had his priorities on other matters. Now you donít have to worry about Triple X not giving his full attention to the match, hell thatís all Iíve been thinking about for the past few days, what will it take for me to dethrone the great Aj Nin Red Rum. Will it take power moves, submission holds, or how about I just walk into the match and make it a good old fashion street fight, or how about I use the one advantage that Iíve always possessed, my mind. You see Red Rum, for years Iíve been a master of manipulation, and lately Iíve gotten away from play the games of the mind. But I figured what better time to use them then now, seeing that youíve already shown me that you doubt your self, let me add some more doubt to that simple brain of yours.

...::Damion Xavier::.. As I turn away from the camera for a moment I then turn my head back but this time I have a sinister grin going across my face.

...::Triple X::.. Tell me Murder Ninja, since that is your real name if spelled forward, are you going to let you darling little girl watch our match? I mean I can picture it now, the whole Cyborg clan gathered in front of television, watch dear old daddy as he faces his greatest challenge for his title. Your children sitting right in front of the television, all smile, your sonís chest poked out as he watches his old man walk down to the ring with the SFT world title draped over his shoulder. Then as I enter the ring, I can hear them booing and jeering me, say dirty little words about Triple X, because in there minds, Daddy is going to bring the gold back home. Then a few moments past, and they notice things arenít going Daddyís way, I mean this guy Triple X is really taking it to Daddy, but hey heíll bounce back I know it. Then imagine the look on their sweet innocent faces, as they watch me pound there beloved father into a mate like a rail road stake. Now picture your little daughter, as the tears begin to pour down her face as she watches Triple X not only dismantle father, but he opens him up, and has him bleeding like a stuck pig. And finally after torture has stopped, after I have taken you to hell and back, the match ends, and I stand over your body with the world title in hand, what will the faces of your children look like at the exact moment. Will little Jane cry, at the site of father being hurt, or will she turn away from the television in shame, walk into her room and tear down every single Aj Nin Red Rum poster she has in her room. And what about your son, Kevin, do you think heíll still be proud of the man that he calls dad, knowing that on Monday, he has to face all of his school yard friend as they remind him of how his dad was destroyed at Inferno. Do you still think youíll be his hero? Or are you worried, that you may come home to find your child walking around with Triple X t-shirt on, with a matching Foundation hat. I bet your not finding any of this funny are Red Rum, well I think itís hilarious. You see everything that I spoke of can and will become a reality, you will walk out of the ring losing the respect of your children, because they will see a better man in that ring with you. Then there is your beautiful wife, sheíll be watching from the pearly gates of heaven right? Imagine how she will feeling watching as her beloved husband is layed to waste like yesterdays news.

...::Damion Xavier::.. As I pause for the last time, I then let out a dark and sinister laugh as I lower my head for brief moment. I then raise my head up once again to speak.

...::Triple X::.. I know right now Red Rum, you must be racking your brain trying to figure me out. I mean at one point in time I can speak about god, and blasphemy, then the next, I can talk about destroying you in front of your family. All I can say is welcome to the world of Triple Xís Mind Games, ARE YOU READY PLAY, or are you just ready to lose, until next time Murder Ninja, until next time.

...::Damion Xavier::.. After making my final statement, I turn away from the camera and begins to walk down the street as the scene fades toÖ