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The Franchise Shane Douglas Tribute Site

News & Updates

11/3/09- Tweaking the site a bit because of our main hosts outtages. I know the forums link is missing and I'll have that back up on the main page only later today.

11/1/09 @ 11:38 AM- Working on some video replacements. Newly added from WCW Thunder, Sting vs Shane Douglas.

Shane Douglas vs Black Bart from WWF Challenge w/ Royal Rumble promo, WCW Thunder match vs Kronik w/ Backstage story, and vs Christopher Daniels from TNA Slammaversary.

Crossing the Line 1994 is up.

8/1/09 @ 12:54 PM- Video Page 8 has a new video featuring a 5 minute WCW Championship match between Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas, and all hell breaks loose.

7/19/09 @ 11:52 AM- Videos pages have been overhauled and broken videos replaced with older and newer videos. There are now eight pages of videos. I'm going to work on a new photos page and add some fan created custom videos also to the music page when I get a chance. Also new domain link

7/16/09 @ 7:42 PM- Check the forums in the WWE section for Classic Feuds #1 feat. The Hardyz and Classic Match #1 Raven vs DDP vs Chris Benoit.

6-5-09 @ 12:45 AM Youtube is a hand full of ass tarts. My Youtube video had a generic song on it since the use of Perfect Strangers is not allowed.

The Veoh version has the TNA theme in it.

Tweaks to the forums is the news of the day. I created a custom video for the site. I did use clips of various Franchise matches. Currently on the fourms is the video, there are two versions of the same video out there. I have one on and on check me out under the handle of toosweet4285 for both.

5-16-09 @ 9:35 AM- Everyone, we've acquired a new cover link from, I'm also planning on registering the old one as well. New link: and also once again

5-2-09 @ 10:07 AM- We've reached the 2,142 views mark on our account! I had no clue that we've been hit that often. Thank you. To see our channel go click here: TooSweet2003

4-9-09 @ 9:38 PM- New videos added to the website as we were having some issues with a few of the others. Terry Funk/Shane Douglas from ECW in 1997, v Jerry Lynn from MLW Title Tournament, and v Taz from Cyber Slam 1997 for the TV Title.

3-26-09 @ 3:51 PM- In an effort to make the site a little more accessible I have added buttons to the forums for navigation from the forums to the website.

3-15-09 @ 9:54 PM- Update to the bio section and to the links page.

3-9-09 @ 9:45 PM- Videos updated and should be working fine. We're currently number 17 on the Lycos search for "Shane Douglas". Thank you for helping us out by visiting this site!

3-5-09 @ 10:52 AM- Links page revamped and new links added. Working on a download of the original 3 way dance, I hope to have it uploaded and linked to the pages soon.

3-4-09 @ 11:51 PM- Video maintenance done for all pages but page 7. Still collecting images for another photo section. Thanks for being patient.

1-22-09 @ 9:30 PM- Video Page 7 is completed. Revisions to Videos Page 6 is complete. Revisions to other various downed videos is complete.

1-15-09 @ 8:06 PM- Buttons added to the video pages and a new page to the video section which host 3 videos.

01-05-09 @ 10:20 PM- Buttons added to picture gallery to replace the text based links at the bottom of each page. Expect these to be used on the videos pages in future. More photos to be added soon, stay tuned!

01-05-09 @ 10:10 PM- Videos page is completed!

01-05-09 @ 10 PM- Videos Page 6 is under construction and should be completed shortly. There are videos up for viewing right now. Some more WCW, WWF, and ECW material.

01-01-09 @ 3:43 AM- Happy New Years everyone! Expect some site tweaks within this week and part of next week as I begin to add buttons to the links on the bottom of the pictures and videos portions. Also expect a new page to be worked on in the videos gallery as a sixth page will be added. Also expect work to be done soon on new pages to the photo gallery as well.

12-25-08 @ 12:59 AM- Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Franchise Rp Website! 2008 has been a year of highs and lows and comebacks. This website was one of the comebacks this year and with more content from the internet than ever before. The various sources used to revive this site have been tremendous and hopefully enjoyable to those of you who've been viewing our site for years, have comeback to it, or discovered it for the first time. I've made a sweep through the video sections once again because as videos and copy write issues do, we have to find more content to replace those videos. Primarily those on because that's the place to put everything now a days.. Anyhow, there's some new stuff sprinkled through out and who knows, maybe we'll see a page 6 in the video section soon. I'm still in the process of gathering new images for another page or two of photos. Stay tuned here for the latest on that. The boards are active, feel free to make use of them! Also swing by when you get the chance to see the latest announcement on the future unavailing of a new website design from the Official Home of Shane Douglas! I know I'll be looking forward to that as well.

Also I've decided to stop role playing as The Franchise character in the fantasy wrestling game after eight years of playing that persona. It's been fun and I've enjoyed it greatly and gained a lot of positive attention for my version of the character. Who knows, maybe I might do it again sometime, but that doesn't mean I'm done all together.. There's still more to come..

11-1-08 @ 10:22 PM- Hey folks I was doing to minor maintenance to the themes portion of the page. I have corrected the youtube errors for now by finding the latest videos out there. Also I'm searching for more photos and videos of Shane in action. Stay Tuned!

10-26-08 @ 12:48 AM- Hey everyone, thanks for coming by the site and making the relaunch a success. I'm working on gather more photos and more videos as they become avalible. Check the forums for not only the latest RPs and gossip but for the new background image and banner!

10/19/08 @ 6:13 AM- Videos should be functional by now. New role plays and more in the forums. Also there's going to be some upgrades to the site by later today.

10/11/08 @ 11:01 PM- I know some of the videos from youtube are no longer available and I'm working on finding others to replace them, please be patient.

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