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The camera fades in on The Small Business Partners. Bill Ingram has his two titles draped over either shoulder and "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto is wearing his half of the Tag Team Titles around his waist. The two men are sitting in their locker room, Bill Ingram turns to "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto and begins to ask him a question.


You look a little worried. What's going on?

Tonit I hav fighet The Yure. The Yure ery big m-an. I know not if I win.

Well, I'll admit he's a big man. He's seven foot something and probably weighs over five hundred pounds, but you've got many advantages over him.

Lik what?

Well, think about it Hiroyuki. He's big, but he's slow and clumsy. You can run circles around him. Just attack him, move away, then quickly attack again...

There is a knock on the door. Bill Ingram stops mid sentence and gets up to answer the door. He opens the door revealing Kevin Smelly standing on the other side.


Hey Bill! I'm here to see if I could get a few words with you and also with "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto.

Sure you can.

Thank you

Kevin Smelly enters the room and sits down. Bill Ingram closes the door and sits down as well, Kevin Smelly is now in between the GWA Tag Team Champions.

Bill, at Rage The Monte Brisas Outlaws defeated The Tag Team Supershow to become the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. That means that in one week at Collision you two will step back into the ring to do battle with The Monte Brisas Outlaws. What our your thoughts on how the match unfolded?

Well, Kevin. The Monte Brisas Outlaws once again had to have outside help to win a match. The Corporation are supposed to be soooo great, but the second they get into a little trouble, what do they do? They get one of their friends to help them out. Well, Kevin, I'm tired of it. I've shown DJ I can beat him one on one with no interference. I've shown Raven I can beat him one on one with no interference. I know with "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto fighting along side me, and ????? helping us out if anyone else tries to interfere we can retain the tag team titles.

Now, tonight "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto will step into the ring and give up an almost two foot height advantage and over three hundred pound weight advantage when he steps into the ring against The Yure. Hiroyuki, what are your thoughts on the match?

Kevin. I kno that I can beat The Yure. He has a lot of strent and powar, but I kno that I can come out on the top if I just staa wit the fight. I was worried about th match eawliea, but as th time gains closar I am get ting more to go. Tonigt will be th fist night I wil win a singles match in the GWA. Many people believe tat Bill carries me in th tag match, but I help Bill. I am good, I will show th crowd and the world tonight that I deserve to be in the ring. That Bill and I are a team. That Bill needs me to win tag match as much as I need Bill.

Wow, I believe that is the most I've ever heard you say at one time Hiroyuki, your English skills are really getting better.

Bill get me Ennnnglish lesson. I get betta to show everyone I not dumb. I can learn outside the ring as I do inside. I am young, and I am ready fight in more singles match. I can be great.

Well ladies and gentlemen there you have it. Stay tuned tonight for Impact as "The Dancing Dragon" Hiroyuki Morimoto takes on The Yure to try to prove that he deserves to be a singles competitor. It will be a great one.

The camera fades to black.