Treasure Report


        The anticipation built. The masses bought their tickets. And then they announce that they've pushed their fabled pay per view they spent their hard earned cash on back to Mother's Day. That seems to be the case with TWF. Their is no Hero of the Day for the TWF. We have to sit back and wait. Yes wait. But I'm not going to say that's all bad. Gives time for Firestarter and the bookers to clean up the card. Gives me time to train around my nearly one hundred percent back and play with my son James. The kid for a 3 month year old is well blantantly cute. He has his mother (Ashley Treasure) who in my opinion is the most beautiful woman in the world. But look at me breaking kayfabe. Oh that's right, I can. Not only that but I got some quality time to spend watching XWA. Gene's looking good for a guy coming back from internal injuries. I know how that is. Back when I beginning to tour Europe I met a guy named "Gambit" named after the chess strategy, not the X-man. Guy was a very shoot style wrestler and we don't get along. So he crushed my rookie bones like it was nothing. Guy's not that bad when you get to know him though. Then again he's 46 and retired with a severe knee joint injury.

        This is the last Treasure Report for awhile. The reasoning behind this multiple. I'm going back onto the wrestling scene meaning I have to travel, which in theory means I can't write this in the afternoon while I play with my dog and son while my wife's working at the Science Museum. I also want to end this because I need to get more intense in my training to overcome my freshly healed injury which is going to be haunting me for the rest of my life but especially the next 4 months. The last reason is because some of the TWF staff think I'm exposing the business too much. More so TWF inside business. The workplace, the environment, etc. But I'm somewhat glad. This was the point of the Treasure Report. To let the fans who care know what it's like from the inside. To tell those who aspire to wrestle amongst the greatest or to wrestle in the business period what it's like. Its not pretty, but its a fatal drug of sorts. Cold turkey doesn't work. You just want to get back it even more.

        I'd figure I'd also like to tell you in this last editions of some other recent happenings around the TWF Water cooler. With much work I help sign Jonathan Cross to TWF. The man's got potential, and lots of it. He competed in the WfWA, specifically in Hurricane Wrestling. He's worked with the likes of Demise who works in WfWA and after meeting him hopefully he can help expand upon the TWF wrestling style, despite it being not that much different from what it was as few months ago. Now by TWF style I mean the product its focused more so on a brawling style over a few months ago a pretty diverse group. But that's a personal opinion. Last Saturday I spent my afternoon in Chicago with Lei-Yu Sying of all people playing some chess and chatting up international wrestling. First off, the man can speak some damn good english. Second he's one of the most intelligent members on the roster. I got to work with him briefly at Idle Minds ppv where he was still suffering from severe injuries which if that wasn't a problem we'd be feuding possible still today. In my eyes he's a pioneer amongst us. He's a cruiserweight. He's well known. And most of all he wrestles hardcore yet is still very technically fluent also mixing in Japan shoot fighting. Plus he knows what he's doing. And that always counts.

        Tommy Drake and Russell Morris have signed their expansion contracts which are no longer apart of my clause. Yes the angle was semi true except I was going to let them sign on anyway. This of coarse doesn't actually affect the return angle I'm involved in at all. The right person is still going over at Fire Within. And if you think its those no shows and deadbeats Jack Bladz and Jason Syxx then your sorely wrong.

        In other news Tommy Drake is now going to be working a few dates in the indy fed CCW up in Canada. Now worry, it's only a little training excavation since of the angle TWF is work with D&M and myself. I can't say much of anything about the angle except that if you buy it then you'll enjoy a good amount of Treasure TV Time. Amongst special guest cameo's and appearances. Does that mean I have a partner for the match? Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to chip out the cash.

        In Japan Pro Wrestling news; Masajun Hahn got a call from XWA but declined to show up as a family emergency (his father having a stroke). Ryu Shunagi's Spirit Japan Pro Wrestling acquired rights to tour in Osaka again after losing them to Japan/America Pro Wrestling or more so its remnants. JAPW is low on funds as a minor unmentioned fed with very few members of the roster and Ryu the business man he was capitalized. Osaka will also be the placement of the new Spirit Japan "Sky Lions" dojo which is where future Japan superstars begin their quest to be great.

        Ahh. Logan's going into real estate, sort of. I bought myself a fair amount of empty land in a rural area of Japan. It cost a shit load but it'll be great when TWF finally decides to tour Japan. I've always wanted to take my wife and kid with me to Japan and I figure with a Japan vacation house they can come watch me at work, infront of some of my greatest fans. Of coarse since I'm an american I'm not madly over there as I am in here. They're just rather loyal. Don't know many American fans who went out and came to the arena dressed as my old "Patriot" gimmick.

        As we near the end of my final Treasure Report. You must ask yourself is this the end? Not just for the Treasure Report but everything. But a beginning? Life to me has always been a never ending tale. Bob Seger captured it best in his song "Turn the page" or even the Metallica cover. The Treasure Report was more so the Treasure Diaries. A collection of my thoughts as I sat and watched the other's on the road. Watched as they are far away from their families, who work 260 days a year. Their kids grow up on them so quickly. Yet they wrestle to provide for them. They wrestle to feed an inner hunger. To entertain, to compete in an ever changing screen play that's stories are foretold on the battle field of the squared circle. There are the critic who say "wrestling's fake" and "Wrestling's stupid". Well they're wrong and right. Yes wrestling is real. And it is fake. Fake as the stories your grandfather told you of dungeons and knights. Wrestling is a product directed to the inner child. To those captivated by drama. The things we do in the ring is real. People are hurt. Sure some punches never connect. But then again does your favorite action hero's punches and kicks always connect? No. The stories we tell sometimes are real. Classic hatred exploited for everyone's entertainment. Stories engraved into your mind as beautiful memory as you sit back and recollect the stories of old you can speak of epic battles. Of the romances that blossomed from it. From the groups split apart by it. That's why I wrestle. To tell you all an epic story of a man. A simple american man who seeks to be the be the best by any means. A character who originally started off as simple wrestler who's abilities were so keen and systematic he became the "systematic assassin." He's ever since slowly evolved into a deeper, a slowly rising antagonists from the jealousy of not being able to compete. Showing his weakness of jealousy and greed so easily. Yet he's still good. That my friends is what my character is.

    My name is Logan James Treasure. I'm a husband, a father, and pro wrestler. And I'm glad each and everyone of you got to read the Treasure Report. Even if you hated it.