Treasure Report


And what a great epic of Rising we've have this week. Of coarse if you can't feel the sarcasm then I obviously didn't italicize it. Enough bickering and onto details as I report from laptop computer at my home.

Rising was fair overall. It gets a 3 stars, mainly for effort. But my one complaint was simply this. What happened to wrestling and politics not mixing? I understand the call to fire the dead weight because TWF is like that, a little slack is bad, so thus their must be none. But you could of let them have their last match. Because frankly in-between Drake and Morris vs Beaumont and Stiener and Triple Six taking on MVP I was bored and overall a bit pissed. And this is my major complaint with an obnoxious federation such as TWF and its american booking style. It feels the need to actually fire its own superstars on live television in which instead they could give them the pink slip backstage and the fans could enjoys some great to mediocre low end card wrestling.

But that's no longer my business seeing as I am a member of the TWF talent and frankly I'm only speaking the only truth I know.

Aside from that Rising was good. Triple Six shows some wrestling progression with his variation of the Spinning Facebuster from Fireman and LVE and Hawke put on a damn good match for the World Title. Of coarse the highlight of the show goes to the Marauders/Somers vs EoD match. Fine workrate so I can't complain. And I'm also a closet Simply Thrilling fan.

Before I go into my main ramble of this report I would like to say god bless the troops heading out to Iraq. I know that they all have that scared glance in their eyes as they begin to head off to war by land, sea and air as they risk their lives in the chance to end a tyrannical government. Frankly I don't like Bush but this problem had to come to ahead sooner or later even if it is the case of "You tried to kill my daddy" and the disarmament. G'luck to the brave Americans. And please, Freedom Fries? Who the hell came up with that?

As you fans and fellow members of the wrestling community ponder to yourself what defines the credibility of a wrestler? I argue its the talent, most will argue its the belts they've carried. So just for them I'm going to go in-depth look at the current champions of the Titan Wrestling Federation and name my two picks as best and worst champion in all of the wrestling community my fingers delve into.

We'll start low. The Cruiserweight belt. Or the "we can do some nifty top rope moves" belt is gaining glory quite quickly for such a new belt. Obviously the way the belt was attained in a classic Snake Eyes beating out Quinn only to lose it to Quinn next week in another good match. Currently its rated overall the lowest, but given time it will develop. The only problem with it like all cruiserweight belt is the weight limit and TWF's roster is low on cruiserweight. I say this belt will become much more "recognized" when Apehead returns.

Next the Television title. Not much to say here that hasn't already been said except that its your essential entry level belt. Its looked up pretty good with McKinney's weekly defenses but personally I'd say reunite it with the Vacant North American belt.

The Generation Belt. A unique belt in it's self that has many differing champions. Its TWF's answer to the UWA/IWF's X Division championship that Reaver Gecko can claim to be the last holder of. Its rules are limited to the imagination or type. My brief run as champion was that of technical epics. A two out of three falls stands out the most. Brujah and most prefer to view it as your standard hardcore belt. Not much in the means of rules, just the battering of weaponry over people's head. Essentially is the Methric/Brujah belt. I see this as source of some future excellent gimmick matches and hell,maybe a shining technical classic.

The North American title has fallen from grace. Does anyone actually remember it existed? It hasn't been defended ever since Valentine's Day where LVE captured it. Yes I completely understand the idea that he needed a vacation but as the champion? While he's gone the belt was loosing credibility as it collected dust in his travel bag. Now to learn that it will finally resurface as Clash is a good semblance of management giving a damn about the belt now a days. I predict the opponents for it will be the finals of the Cronus Cup. My bets being on Quinn and Demise in the finals. Maybe we can see some good booking and show what the these two can really do.

Moving ever upward to the elusive tag team division in which I'm managing instead of beating up the "One Man Blow" or "Was Next Best Thing" Blazer but the tag team needs work. What do we have to work with...? We have the founders, Simply Thrilling Dudes. They are the best team in an overall spectrum including experience, actual wrestling skill and their story telling ability. They transcend alignment as the clown princes of tag. Ruthless Aggression which is on another hiatus to further the career of Brujah. We have the formerly established Malice in Wonderland who I give credit as excellent women's wrestlers but no offense to them there's nothing special about them anymore. They're generic McKinney rip off with the small twist of being high flyers and former Japan-American tag champions. We have the actual tag champions The Carolina Marauders. I'm going to give them credit where its due; they sell like a million bucks. They have some good offense going for them too. Hell they are quality talent. Thing is though they're green and were thrusted the belts in a matter of weeks of their forming of a team with out much time to establish themselves as excellent contenders. Essentially I view them as not ready.

And then there's Tommy Drake and Russell Morris. I'm going to be brutally honest with all of you. If it weren't for lack of experience they would be the tag team champions as you speak. When I brought them in and they saw them begin to work in the ring the fans knew that aside from Aggression and Dudes these gentlemen will be the calling card for the tag ranks. Seriously. Very few people who are getting the proverbial push in the TWF tag ranks against an incredible team such as Malice in Wonderland is just getting pushed "because". Its because the TWF tag team division was never truly alive as its had a revolving door of a team and they want to make use of it by using them as the life line along with all the other teams. They will be the respirator keeping this division alive.

And lastly the TWF World Title. What can't be said but a very brash booking maneuver to get Hawke out of the title picture mid feud with Somers and give it to the returning Luke. The belt has been on an up and down circle ever since it became vacant in later october/early november when they thrust the belt to triple six who was unprepared to be the world champion. But the TWF decided to give a newer face a push. His name was Brent Nelson and he's the best champion to grace TWF in a long while. First off he started off like any face champion. Grateful. Problem was he was aligned with a group of benevolent bastards known as the Eve of Destruction, a very heel faction. And he persevered along as the face champion till he made a great move for the title and his character as he made the heel turn and I realized I had underestimated his acting skills. He was very very convincing heel. He was a real heel. The fan's hated him. He wasn't the anti hero, he was the villain. And for that he gets my applause. Then Hawke got the belt, made a quick face turn and lost it to LVE who faces my favorite wrestler Somers.

In the world title scenario post clash I say you push Shadowflare heavily. He's the one to go for it next and in my opinion against the heel Somer. Shadowflare has always been the dark horse of The Untouchables TWF edition. He gets a lot of slack from management from his stiff style but I really like it. If the guy won't sell make him sell. The man is a TWF veteran and deserves his turn to take the ball and run very far with it. The guy's a class act.

And my favorite champion is across the wide category goes to Shadowflare's North American title run lasting nearly as long as the Simply Thrilling Dudes run.

In injury report. I'm at 89% healing and should be cleared to begin working ring rust off by hopefully sometime next month. Prime isn't as injured as believe, and should only be physically out a month. Lei-Yu Sying is moving steadily along, getting back into tip top form for a possible re-debut at TWF. And a very interesting injury report. You all must remember Gene Blanchard. Currently he's training in some Japan promotions and worked an exhibition match with Masajun Hahn and Jonathan Lecaque in what is considered a 4 and 3/4 star epic battle. Gene suffered a concussion from Jonathan Lecaque's newly modified Superkick variation that planted him right on the head. He kept on fighting in the match. After the heel of the boot cut open a major part of his skin he was forced to get 12 stitches afterwards. Masajun Hahn suffered a laceration from Gene Blanchard's elbow slam combo ducked into "The Last Word". Lecaque twisted his ankle and when attempt to roll through the "True Death" (an indian deathlock STF Hahn uses) as he did so and countered into a Queen Angelito stretch but hurt himself in the process.

Oh yeah. Gene won over Japan crowd getting the most crowd reaction of the night next to the other members of the match. I suggest you go search for it online.

Till next week...

Logan Treasure