Treasure Report


Life is way too short to care about the simple things such as what brought about Johnny Hawke's face turn? Or what brought about the current situation of war with Iraq? And why does Logan Treasure now have room to post his thoughts?. I can answer at least one of these. As an injured wrestler your time is doubled. Your days slow down and each day you seem to have less and less to do. Rehab and being in the gym is nothing more then a couple hours a day, a total of maybe nearly a day a week. What am I to do with this sudden gaping amount of time? As I'm injured I no longer have to stay on the road as much seeing I'm reduced to a once a week on air role. I can sleep in but I was never much of a deep sleeper. I'm open to spend time watching after my son James as my wife works hard at the Kansas City Science Museum. But I'm still haunted by boredom. So  I figure I owe a bit of gratitude to my fans and such and aside from being the on screen manager of Tommy Drake and Russell Morris I figure I can inform you on my opinions on everything wrestling. And hence the creation of the Treasure Report.

I've set a goals for this report. To be entertaining, insightful and to transcend all boundaries in which the common wrestling joe knows of. I'm a well educated man and a very devoted wrestling fan albeit a major critic of american booking. So I plan for this report to transcend the wrestling companies around the world. What this means to the average Joe wrestling fan is not only do they see my thoughts on the TWF, but also NEW, Marinez Wrestling Coalition and so on and so forth. But onto the topic at hand, the Titan Wrestling Federation.

The Titan Wrestling Federation has both grown in the department of elevating talent but since my leaving has fallen back on really bad and sudden alignment turns. I mean weren't the fans booing Hawke a few weeks ago?  Aside that everyone is giving 120% every night. Not only that but people are improving in creativity. I mean look at Triple Six. Sure this man was a TWF world champion at one time but he was elevated too fast for it. Through progress by him in which he's changed the gimmick he was given he is so much more entertaining in and out of the ring.

As the new voice of reason or more so me standing on the soap box I rightfully paid for I've noticed we just have way too many stables. It started out nicely...EOD, Untouchables, Establishment. now its EoD, Untouchables, Dynasty, Rebellion and Revolution and unofficially the Sisterhood. Lets get a break down analyzation of what each one tries to represent...

EoD or CEod if you prefer is the corporate heel stable. Heralded as a champions stable it is basically your proverbial big business bad guy. The super group is made up of  President Starr, "Everyone's Favorite Bitch" Summer Kensington, the very heel Brent Nelson, The Cruiserweight champion Snake Eyes and the Simply Thrilling Dudes.

The Untouchables are run down name that's incarnation means lots of things. This one is your uncharacteristic "good guys" Luke Von Eric and Shadowflare. Luke here holds the second highest rated gold in the TWF in the singles category yet he makes his group, the North American title, and himself look bad with his lack of actual title defenses.

The Dynasty is basically the Untouchables "Elite" or a weak way of saying "we need a handle after our stable name to show superiority." It consists of Steve Somers, my good yet absent friend Justin Morris and new comer Tyler Durten and Jenna Ammerson if you want to count her. They function also as badguys and yet they oppose the EoD so they're made out to be heroes. The rest of the Dynasty excluding Somers looks out to be nothing more then well...Somers goons.

The Rebellion in my opinion is my favorite development wise of the stables. The Rebellion is just that, a rebellion massing among the nameless "characters" in the TWF ring who's characters and ideals represent the need for change and destruction of all else that comes in their way. We have Mike Fallwell, your ring leader, and excellent mic man. You have Tyler Wells your cruiserweight,you have Paul Metric your enforcer and you have West Arlington who's their for flare.

Lastly we have the recent re-emergence of the Revolution, consisting of Demise, Hunter, Ruthless Aggression, and K McKormick. From what I gather they are nothing more then a rag tag force without a cause. A purposeless reason to gather men together who were fine by themselves.

And of course we have the "sisterhood" made of Malice in Wonderland, Atayla, and Thorn. Essentially they have no cause but to watch each others back which is not a bad idea. But enough about stables, moving to something else.

Kudos also for the invention of the Cruiserweight title, and what better guys to bring in then Chris Quinn and Snake Eyes. I mean they make a lot of my japanese junior-heavyweight friends cringe with envy. Hell I at times wish I could do half the stuff they come off with their junior weight style. I've met Quinn man and he's a pretty cool guy. We tagged once back in ReV in the match I left after.

Turkey hunting starts soon. I need to call up Gene (Blanchard) and see if he still wants to go on that hunting expedition we've rambled about...

Currently on injury reports. Pretty much everyone is fine. Tony is working through a sore and damaged knee, I'm at 85% with my herniated back disc which is apparently enough to perform a german suplex and Lei-Yu Sying is recovering well from his rib injuries or as much as his body will allow him.

In sad news a legacy ends as ReV has finally closed its doors. The company is said to be bought by another person. The name of the federation is Southern "Hardkore" Wrestling or SHW. The current owner which I don't know who plans add more hardcore in hopes that maybe someone might watch. Oh boy oh boy. I'm jumping with joy. Seriously in my opinion their are plenty of great worker in REV such as Brad Armine, Alan Reed and Emilio Con Brio and those who can actually wrestle have my vote to join TWF.

I'd like to both congratulate the TWF for the creation of The Lowdown but kind of add my comments about it. I personally think The Lowdown should of been more of a shoot approach I guess in similar fashion to the Treasure Report but then again I understand the need for propaganda.

That's all for now...

Logan Treasure