Our scene opens in Tommy Drake fashion with a wide screen shot of downtown Minneapolis. The kids are out chillin on their stoops, the school year over as from ahead surmounts a jumping pink caddie. In mint condition it hops its way along the street, all the kids and various groupings of people stare as the license plate glitters "DRKERLZ" and blaring out the windows is the "Shaft" theme song composed and performed by Isaac Hayes. The man bouncing his head ever so cleverly with the bounce of his front wheels is non other then CCW's own, Tommy Drake. One hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on the inside of the car along the back rest of the passenger seat. Tommy singss along with the words.

    Tommy: "Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brotha man? SHAFT! Can you dig it?"

        Tommy slowly turns the shock drops off as his car resumes level as he notices all those looking at him strangely. He turns down his music and slowly stops, looking out the window and asking in general to the various people, a few appear to be some local gangs...

    Tommy: "C'mon. Don't tell you don't like the Shaft theme song? Isaac Hayes is the man!"

        The kids look on as they get back to playing and talking. The various older members look at Tommy Drake. A majority of them appear to be African American and Latino, a few white guys as they all reach into their back pockets, drawing out baseball bats, clubs and guns. Tommy's face is filled with fear.

    Tommy: "Well I guess it isn't that great of a song. I mean I think Dr. Dre's bett.."

        The gangs loaded their guns and pointed it at Tommy and his ride. Guys why are you so mean to Tommy? He aint disturbin the peace.

    Random Gang Member: "I don't know. It's just what we do."

        Oh ok. TOMMY! RUN!"

    Tommy: "No shit!"

        Tommy slams his foot on the gas pedal as his caddie zooms off, the gang barely missing his vintage ride as he speeds off down the street, the sweat dripping off his fore head. Oh yeah! Tommy Drake's in a "Jonothan Cross" t-shirt mainly because he doesn't have his own yet, some blue jean shorts and his new spiffy white k-swiss shoes. Tommy continues his quick drive, diving through traffic in awesome fashion. Two highway patrollmen who watch him pass through traffic continue eating their donuts. One squatty and wearing sunglasses, glomping down his donut, the other non descript.

    Patrollman #1: "Should we go after him?"

    Patrollman #2: "Nah, the guy seems to know what he's doing. Lets build a ramp in the middle of the highway instead."

    Patrollman #1: "Why?"

    Patrollman #2: "My Doctor says I need exercise."

        Through promo magic and with the usage of high quality forks, wood and a nearby truck loaded with old christmas lights they create a ramp leading off the highway and onto another section/bridge of Minneapolis. They grinned, admiring their work. Meanwhile, Tommy continues his hasty Dukes of Hazard Esque drive through traffic, turning his music back on and changing to Track 8 on his cd. Suddenly Waylon Jennings "Good Ole Boys" (Dukes of Hazard Theme) blares over his speaker as the pink caddilac dives left. It dives right. TOUCHDOWN!!!

    Other Drivers: "YAAAAAAAAAY!"

        Tommy grin as he see's the ramp. He drives his car into the way of it and goes flying, suddenly freeze frame! Will Tommy escape this daring jump? Let's see...and Tommy goes flying off the bridge as he screams for dear life...

        See? Told you he was screaming  for dear life. He closes his eyes as suddenly his caddilac lands right on a bridge, slamming grill first into a wall as Tommy flys forward, his head hitting the emerging airbag as oncoming cars swerve out of the way. Slowly smokes comes out of the hood as Tommy unbuckles his seat belt and steps out of the car.  He sighs as he looks at his wrecked car and places his hands in his pocket, looking at the damage as he moves to the side of the low ground bridge.

    Tommy: "Could be worse. Could be dead..car could be totaled or something."

        Not one of Tommy's greatest moments.

    Tommy: "You can say that again."

        Not one of Tommy's greatest moments.

    Tommy: "You can say that again."

        Naaah. Tommy shrugs and quietly walks away from the crash, whistling a little tune as car's pass him by as he looks around at the world and focuses on the camera. Speaking directly to it, a little grin as he tries to stay amidst the stupid stunt.

    Tommy: "I must say its not easy being Tommy Drake. Hell its not easy being anyone. I mean you try walking a mile in a person's shoes. Mainly because you'll be a mile away from them and have their shoes. Cute joke aside, what you saw there is just another moment in the life of T. Drake. I mean I was sure I'd land ok from that ramp but I just totaled my tricked out car. But that point aside lets focus on the real topics you guy kind of want to hear about. You know for about two weeks I've been work free concearning booking in CCW. Sure it's nice but I know you guys miss Tommy in action. Don't worry, you'll be seeing me soon though. But aside that I've got a few bones to pick. Or more so I just need to talk to her."

        Tommy rolls his wrist out a little, his standard $5 wallmart watch showing off to the camera as he leans against the railing of the highway he's on, watching cars go by.

    Tommy: "Natoli, I can't say I didn't enjoy facing you in that triple threat a few weeks back. You can no longer deny that I am the victor and can beat you again, and again if you don't believe it hun. You talked to big, talked with such false conviction of the men holding you down, the sexual glass ceiling. What you fail to realize is that these "men" you speak of are the one's that don't want you to go into the ring week in and week out. And frankly you need to realize that. You also need to realize that Tommy Drake is a certified badass. I became one by wrestling my ass off in Mexico, simple as that. Some become members, and others are merely certified, in example you when my foot connected with your face. But enough of that kind of trash hun. You see your blinded by a false image of you having the need to prove more. Yes you do have a very nice body, we all know that. Yes we know you can hang with guys in the ring. Their's no need to build yourself up as some kind of underdog, some brave hero when we all know you aren't one."

        Tommy rolls his neck out a bit as he jumps out, stretching his arms a bit as he keeps talking.

    Tommy: "I could rant about our little match some more if you want. Doesn't matter to me. Their is hundred of peole I could talk about, my friend Jonothan Cross, Switch, Dragon Jones, hell maybe even Lei-Yu Sying. Who really cares? All I know is that as my song is titled, which I whole heartedly agree, I hate to say I told you so. Seriously, I am. You gave it your best shot just like Sin did, but in the end I triumphed. Its life. You get what you put in. I gave all I had and frankly all your might, all your effort just wasn't enough. Let me echo this thought again to you. Walking into that match I didn't care if you were a man or woman. You were my opponent and my goal was to beat you. So I pinned Sin, you still lost. It's the way the game works."

        Suddenly pulling up on the highway in a Red 79' vintage Chevelle is Russell Morris, wearing an "Assassins Inc." t-shirt and some jeans, he opens the door as Tommy looks in.

    Russell: "Nice little stunt you pulled there."

    Tommy: "Thanks. How's finding work?'

    Russell: "Un-eventful."

        Tommy steps inside of the Chevelle as he closes the door, clicking his seat belt as he leaned back on the seat.

    Tommy: "I should see if I can get you into CCW."

    Russell: "I'm think PNW, can wrestle with Cross."

    Tommy: "You watch my match with Natoli?'

        Russell puts some gas on the car as they get on the highway, turning up his stereo as System of a Down "Sugar" plays through the custom stereo system. Russell focues on the road and responds.

    Russell: "Yeah, have to give you credit. Never knew you could hit the Shady Protocol out of a sleeper."

    Tommy: "Well I try."

        Fade to Black