Our scene opens in the freezing cold that is Owen Sound, Ontario Canada! Damn I've missed this place! Except it's so freakin cold man. How does T Drake keep so frickin warm round these parts?

    Tommy: ~A spiffy winter coat and the nearest space heater I can find?~

        Always a good answer. We focus our glances upon a nearby motel in the Owen Sound area. The place appears fair in size. It's what you'd expect from a motel. Snack machine, two floors, no elevator and a drained pool. Oh yeah, it also has one of those spiffy bars attached in the lobby with the weird carpeting. Our camera man guides around the outside, past the numerous doors to stop on one particular one that is open. The lights, a bit dim as we slowly creak in, all croc hunta like. On the bed, we slowly shut the door. In this afternoon darkness we can see a young man resting in bed. Tossing, turning. And for the most apparently nude. Or at least his upper half.

        That man is Tommy Drake. Round these parts he's a Northern Star, an INNOVATA of Innovation, and the world's first Certified Badass. He's also T Drake. A lil further south, nearer to Mexico he goes by a different title, that of The Maverick, but that's another story for another company. Our hero, aware of our presence lets out an audible grown as he eyes the camera and says feebly.

    Tommy: "Mmm...time?"

    Camera guy: "About 2 o' clock by Drake standard time."

    Tommy: "..Damn."

        T Drake slowly wakes up. His head appears to be bandaged up. A sweet memory of last night in Texas. His forehead, a ring bell and Derek Steel all collided into one sloppy mess. That and the airplane. Dear god the airplane. T Drake slowly eases out of the sheets. Grimacing in pain. Sore as hell. But that's a day in the life of the certified one. It isn't all grins and such right?

    Tommy: "Mmm..shut up and let me get dressed."

        Fade to Black...Fade back!

        Our scene REopens outside of T Drake's lovely room. Slowly the door opens and out steps THE CERTIFIED BADASS, the bandage off his head displaying a fair cut in his forehead. His hair lightly frizzled but beautiful. Those drop dead sexy baby blue eyes that just made that woman to his left faint.

    Woman: "I'm faaainting..."

        See! I wasn't lying! Tommy gives a small chuckle as we seem in a obscenely large red hoodie, the front saying "Adidas". Adidas? What the hell does that mean? Adam digs into daddy's alcohol stash? Anne delves in dairy and stocks? Maybe All Day I dream About sports? Naaaaaah! T Drake also rockin in some nice white K-swiss shoes and baggy jeans. T Drake yawns as he eyes his watch and then sees the approaching 68' red Chevelle that could eat any car in it's way.

    Man: "Need a lift?"

    Tommy: "Reason I call yah. That and so we could get some certified grub homes."

    Man: "You know the rules Tommy. Don't call me mack, esse, homes and.."

    Tommy: "and Rusty. Yeah, I know Russell. C'mon man! Let's get some food. I'm sick and tired of wasting promo magic here!"

        Indeed. He is wasting precious promo magic. Still trying to figure out what "promo magic" is? Well I know! MAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, the man is obviously pal of T Drake, and former tag partner Russell Morris. T Drake quickly opens the door and slides in as the monstrous muscle car backs up. Seeing a strait away out of the parking lot the sound of a revving engine and screeching tires is heard as Russell slams it into gear, gaining lots of speed that disrupts the quiet Owen Sound area. The machine turns left as we focus into the inside once again.

    Russell: "So, you ready to step back into the Owen Sound arena?'

    Tommy: "Am I jewish?"

    Russell: "You're not jewish but I think I'll take that as "yes, I'm ready."

    Tommy: "Good idea mac.."

        Rusty McRuss Russ's dominating glare stops the certified one dead in his tracks as Tommy snickers, reveling in the anger of his pal. They appears to be driving nowhere. Maybe that's because we're shooting from the inside of a car? Myself? Well I'm not sure. I say Drake and Morris should just get Twister to shoot this. He's a race car driver y'know?

    Tommy: "Man, it's so odd to be back here in Canada. For like nearly a month I've been in Texas and it's such an odd change man. I mean I'm spreading the word about me..THE INNOVATA of INNOVATION, The Certified Badass, a wrestlin book with a right hook and now..."

    Russell: "The Maverick."

    Tommy: "Damn strait man. Being the maverick is being the difference among all those in OCW and anywhere in the WWA! People complaining about "I'm just a rapper". I'm just a northern star, I'm just that one guy. Well, wouldn't you say I'm more than that?'

    Russell: "I can see your point but I can see where they're arguing from. All they see is your notoriety from freestyle rapping."

    Tommy: "Which sucks. Hence y'know, the dummin down on my rapping. Trying to maintain that presence with my fans and all that good stuff. But damn, I'm looking forward to this. First tag match with Crizzle Cross, working against the Mid Card Experiment, I'm frickin pumped. I mean, I'm not saying this will be easy, all I'm sayin is this will be fun. I mean Evan and the penguin or duck whatever he is seem like cool guys but I know I can beat them. I'm sure Cross could beat  them too. I mean, sure they're technique is obscure but I beat them before, I can do it again  homes."

        Tommy gives a small little grin as Russell finally find somewhere to stop. It appears to be a diner or sorts. Y'know, of the truck driver sort. The car hums as it slowly begins to die and Russell looks to Tommy.

    Russell: "I wouldn't sweat your return. Just go out there. I suppose be yourself is the only advice you'd listen to. I could tell you to go out, pull out some snap suplexes and various other moves or focus on Evan's left leg because he walks first with that one but it really doesn't matter I suppose. It's the difference between you and me. And yourself and Rune and Cross. They speak it, they talk it over complicated. You just do it."

    Tommy: "Suppose it's why I'm the maverick?"

        Russell and Tommy slowly exit the car as they look to one another and slowly begin to walk toward the door of the Diner. It appears from the number of cars not to busy. Should be perfect.

    Russell: "Nah. Your just an ego maniac."

    Tommy: "I prefer the term "enlightened" but sure, ego maniac works mack."

        Tommy snickers as they walk in the door and we fade...

        To Black. Faded we did.