Our serene opens in all places in the world that are consistently serene esse! Look, I'm hip now. We open in the familiar St. Paul Minnesota Catholic cathedral. The warm heating still can't keep out the notorious cold Minnesota winter. Standing upon the stage in which the large hanging statue of Jesus upon the christ hangs is a group of young men and women. Their apparent ages seem to run an nice gamut. About 14 to 18 is a good estimate from some still looking young and innocent, one in particular a small lil lady with short brown hair, glasses and a sweet lil smile. And we have the grizzly as standing tall in the back is a shaggy haired, unkempt man, his voice showing off such depth as they sing "One Silent Night".

    Choir: "God so loved the world (ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba)
                That he gave his one and only son (ba ba ba ba ba)
                That whosoever believes in him
                Will not perish but have everlasting (sleep in heavenly peace) life
                Sleep in heavenly peace, yeah
                Sleep in heavenly peace (heavenly peace), yeah, oh
                Christ the savior is born..."

        The choir sings in sweet harmony as a lone man sits in the peuxs, watching with a keen interest homes. His nice k-swiss shoes rest upon the next pew, his legs vaulted diagonally up in the air. His hair, a bit unkempt and his frame somewhat hidden in a lovely red hoodie and some baggy blue jeans. With those shimmering certifying eyes it could only be one man. Not Chance Cassius, Tommy Drake! Tommy just watches with this relaxed and calm face upon his face. It's knowing, y'know? More then usual. Like he knows that Brujah referred to him as "almost his bitch", that Kakuma would make sure he can't walk if T Drake took the pin, that Charlatan was as desperate as ever.

    Choir: "Christ the savior is boooorn...."

        But he couldn't care less. The song finished they looked upon Tommy as he abruptly woke up to it all. A huge expression of shock after a dramatic waking up or something. The choir laughs a lil as Drake Tizzle gives a lil smirk.

    Tommy: "Alright esse's, you guys can take a break. That was good shi...stuff you sang right there. Alto's, you need to work on that dynamics stuff  we somewhat discussed since I don't know what I'm talking about, right?"

    Random Girl: "Got it Tommy."

        Tommy turns to the camera, all old school to address his television peeps.

    Tommy: "Well what can I do about Sunday. All that hype, all that build in that jog. All that bit of training to get eliminated. I choked again. But homes, I realize that no matter how much Steel will talk his talk, about how he through me over the rope, about how I hit the brick wall of his and "felt his pain" that in reality, he only did his usual of doing half of what he said man. My life hasn't' changed. Look at me man? Am I cowerin in my boots this coming Sunday because of you? Am I as deranged as Brujah? Am I wondering how to NOT be who I am which is..., Dee, give me a build!"

        Dee, the Piano guy gives a quirky/odd Mr. Rogers grin as he sits at his piano.

    Dee: "Coming right up Terrific Thomas."

        Sigh for lame matching first letters as he builds with beautiful piano chords.

    Tommy: "I'm still the, and check this INNOVATA and check this too.. An Innovata of INNOVATION. Check what that means. Use a dictionary if yeh must homes. I am still the original certified badass. Check the license, ask those fans you don't give a damn about. Most of all, find out when we have a lil outing in the ring again. Oh don't worry man, I'll prove it to you this time. They say they're no second chances but hell, god gave humanity a second chance when he gathered up Noah into his ark. Oh yeah, I am the Crowd Rilin, Hip Hop Rhymin, High Strydin Maverick of Outlaw and Canadian Championship wrestlin! Can I get a hallelujah?!"

    Choir: "HALLELUJAH!"

        Tommy displays his best southern baptist revival priest accent.


    Choir: "HAL-LE-LUJAH!"

        Tommy grins, highly satisfied as he sweeps himself out of his seat and gets to a standing position as he slowly walks toward the podium area, where the rest of the peanut gallery choir resides. He extends his arms out in his flashy, cocky brilliance as he turns to the camera once more, exuding that rival spirit. He keeps talking to me about his opponents.

    Tommy: "Now Brujah, Derek, and this Damien guy. Ok, just mainly Tony. Tony, how you been? You hadn't received my messages have you? That's right, I don't talk to assholes like you. Now Brujah unlike you I'm a generally a nice guy. Sure I'm a cocky, self absorbed a-hole about my talent but that's only because it's true. I'm still marveled by a man with so little brain power can still re-assure himself that he's so great. I mean just boggles my mind. Must be the ecstasy."

        That stuff's bad for you. Did you know that Tommy? I didn't.

    Tommy: "So you're going to try and beat me into a pulp. Now I know you made some promises man but c'mon, who keeps there promises today? Surely not you. I mean, I'm just saying you shouldn't be so strait forward about it. I mean, what happens when you promise something and just don't deliver? You look dumb Tony, now you wouldn't want to look dumb would you? I mean I know that I don't like to look dumb. And as Kakuma's little rant showed me, he definitely doesn't like to look dumb man. Maybe you should take a clue from him man. You guys have history or something. You guys are like pals....right?"

        T Drake gives that ever so quirky and smug grin as he back up more toward the choir who chat amongst themselves. T Drake looks up above him, eyeing the catwalks and stuff as he rubs his clean shaven chin the only way he knows how. Well there is only one way to do that but still..

    Tommy: "Shut up homes."


    Tommy: "Now onto a partner of mine. Now Kakuma, I can completely see where you're coming from man. You've had some lousy ass partners screw you over man. But that doesn't mean you can't trust me. I trained with Hugo if that's any solace!"

        I don't think it is man.

    Tommy: "Crap. But listen man, maybe we should meet up before hand. Y'know, talk strategy, chat, hell maybe even have crumpets and tea if you fancy that sort of crap. T Drake personally doesn't but he's willin to grow and experience man. But man, I'm no "lack of space". I mean, I see myself in Eric Ramierez's "revolving door" position. I'm not taking up any space so I just arrived here. Who knows where the San Antonio wind's will take me. Maybe back up to Canada where the rest of The Northern Stars are at! REPRESENT!"

    Choir: "HALLELUJAH!"

        Tommy snickers at as he pops his knuckles and looks into the camera again.

    Tommy: "I know that you want the pinfall. That you want everything. You need that thing to make you feel special, important again since you've just lost multiple times because it was someone else's fault. And really, it wasn't your fault. You just need to humble the hell out man. I mean who put you on a high pedestal to berate me like I'm nothing. Sure, you're Kakuma, big time hard core legend, master martial artist and you could probably fuck me up before I could say "TCW". But c'mon man! I'm your partner! Like it or not, you're stuck with me. Or you can walk out because ooh "I'm a waste of oxygen, I'll let him get beaten down by the three oversized oafs." Then Drake N Drake express wins. Then what? Then you look like a coward Kakuma. A big, Fat, coward."

        Tommy glares into the camera as he rubs his chin, pondering what he just said.

    Tommy: "Put the emphasis on the wrong word there. But just let the certified badass clear sometin up with you Chief Sying mmk? I'm going to come out this Sunday. My music will be blaring. The crowd will be going nuts. You and Charlatan will be waiting for me. Or you've already started. And Brujahaha, Steel and Damien will be waiting, scratching their thick skulls wondering about their girlfriends Charity, Trinity and Sorority or something. I'll get on that apron and I'll wrestle to my fullest. I'll give all I've got, just to appease you. In return, when one of us scores the pin, if it me I want some respect. Of coarse big bad Kakuma I'm going ot make sure I show you that I'm worthy of it. Prove it to you just so you know, I'm not like some other punks who boss around. Y'know, T Dubs sort. I'm a good guy Kakuma. My friend further South knows that all to well too. So don't bother carrying that garbage yourself holmes. I'll take care of it..."

        The Maverick sighs as he begins to walk up the aisle as he stops, and raises his right hand.

    Tommy: "One more for the road!"

    Choir: "HALLELUJAH!"

    Tommy: "Thank you!"

        The Innovata, The Certified Badass, The Maverick grins a lil grin as he slowly strides out into the freezing cold.

        Fade to Black