Our scene opens in vintage Tommy Drake style as the camera awakens in his two bedroom apartment, shared with fellow wrestler Russell Morris of TWF fame. Tommy's quietly munching upon some Corn Pops, dressed in some blue jeans, a black Homestar Runner T-shirt. His hair scruffy as he munches quietly, watching the Original Sin promo and turns his head lightly in his leather chair. The Cheshire cat clock above his entertainment system reads 12 o clock and ten minutes as he sets the cereal down, slowly turning his chair around..hey I just noticed it can spin! That's like so awesome man!

    Tommy: "Damn strait it is."

        Where did you get that at?"

    Tommy: "The chair's a Laz-E-Boy. But I fixed it to spin."

        Cool. Anyways. He faces the camera. The promo of original sin frozen, in the midst of his blood bath as Tommy coughs and peers into the camera.

    Tommy: "You know when I first entered this traveling circus of wrestlers in Canada I was so sure that I could go out and you know make some friends and stuff with some of the people I face. But when I choose to be myself then look what happens. I turn into Rodney Dangerfield. No respect. I mean come on Switch, it wasn't that bad. You gave a hard fight. I just proved to be better then you. Or maybe you were too busy trying to figure out how you planned to spend the earnings you get from the bookie if you actually beat me. No matter, I'll leave a re-match up in the air if you want. You know, redeem yourself and all. Hell man I bet on my bad days like when I didn't get my usual 5 to 6 hours of sleep you could beat me. Now don't take that as a boast or taunt. I'm dead serious here."

        Tommy casually grabs his bowl of Pops and munches on them lightly.  A long minute or two of silence as he loudly munches on them, a little smacking going on as he swallows it down and sets the bowl down. The clock now reads "12:15"

    Tommy: "Now to address this weeks batch of opponents. Or are they crazies? In one corner we have a seductress who is in obvious need of psychiatric and psychological help with the meaning of her dreams and such. Her name is Natoli Ayn Thorne. She almost reminds me of this one girl I faced in Next Generation Wrestling. Now what was her name? Oh yeah! Erica Flagg. Pretty girl, impressive wrestler. But you see like her you not even paying attention to me. I mean I understand family and personal troubles but you should really try to keep those away from your pro wrestling matches. I mean as you sat in your bed and ranted over your nightmares and then over "against two" you didn't make a whole lot of sense hun. And that's your connection to Flagg. You can't talk. Should I suggest to you some speech lessons? Better yet going back to 8th grade english class to understand how to correctly address someone? Listen hun, no matter if you choose to ignore me or like some people do worship me which I don't suggest just do me on thing. Give me your best. Because frankly even if your skills can't match Tee Drake's, at least you knew you gave your best. And that's what really counts now doesn't?"

        Tommy slowly grabs for his bowl of Pops, scrambling to finish it and slurping the milk down in a rush as he chews and gulps it down. He coughs loudly from choking on a little piece of Pop's but gets over it by washing it down with Corn Pop tasting milk from his his bowl. He coughs and checks the clock now, reading 12:23

    Tommy: "But oh now fans. There's more! Not only does Tommy face Natoli, he faces Original Sin, to round out a Flyweight Triple Threat of doom! Ok, it really isn't a Triple Threat of Doom but it would be really cool if it was wouldn't it? Sure I don't know what the "of doom" part of the match would entail but I'd guarantee it would be really cool, especially since a certified badass such as me is competing in it. Moving onto Original Sin. Now sin, you seem like Natoli too except your issue's are worse. You've had this whole mentality of wrestling being your whole life. Now me saying that sounds questionable of my desire doesn't? Go ahead, nod your head, I know your both doing it at your respective hotels our houses."

        Tommy peers into the camera, as if hoping from a response from them.

    Tommy: "Ok. Good job. Now let me elaborate on why my desire isn't in question. Like everyone on this roster minus maybe you O. Sin I have a life outside of wrestling. I've got a girlfriend, great friends and family to turn to. Wrestling's just my passion. I eat it, I breath it, and live it. Simple as that. But I live some much more too. My friend can I suggest you at least you clear with your Psychiatrist if it's ok to wrestle? I mean I hear when you take antidepressants  you can get loopy and when you get knocked out by The Certifier I'm afraid I might cause permanent brain damage. Hell when Natoli needs to head that warning to. I mean when she gets planted with the some Shady Protocol I'm sure she'll be loopy for hours. She might think she can speak Chinese or something. And speaking chinese is only funny when the speaker has a funny accent...or they're loopy."

        Tommy kicks out the recliner on his chair as he grabs a pencil from nearby and throws it up on the ceiling. It pierces through as it stands right next to the other pencils that hang up there as he looks to the camera again.

    Tommy: "My opponents all I ask is that you know, show some respect and at least show up for the match. Since frankly, I couldn't bear it if I ended up pinning both of you, at the same time. In a matter of 3 minutes. That just wouldn't be fun for the crowd despite them getting to see their Innovative Minnesota hero dismantle a head case and a girl who suffers some odd nightmares that no one wants to know about. But since it's late I'm going to wrap this up a little quicker then planned. You see, the world doesn't know it but inside everyone their is a little Tommy Drake. Kind of like a conscience. Does that mean the entire world is Tommy Drake? No, just means they share something with The Original. Wait...The Original was Justin Morris but that's a whole different story. Point is the Tommy Drake within is a cocky, fun loving, entertaining type of person with a will to succeed like non other and some damn spiffy shoes. Anyone could be a Tommy Drake. But no one can be me except for well, me. Sure enough O.Sin and Natoli, the innovator will be stepping it up just for you two. I hope you'll do the same to me. I just somehow doubt it."