Home. What does it mean holmes? Well I sure know what it means. It's a place you long for even when you want to get away from it all. How I know this? Because I'm from freakin MONTANA! REPRESENTING!

    Familiar Voice: "Save it for the Cheers Reunion holmes!"

        Sorry T..oh wait, mystery man! This folks is a desire video, y'know, those clever marketing ploys to make you excited about a wrestler or person? Now your asking yourself who would this video be about as you hear my voice and read black cards scrolling exactly what I say across your screen? Well let's find out. I bet it's for Natoli Ayn Thorne!


        Strumming guitars begin. Our scene focused upon a slowly rising sun or was it setting? A beginning or was it an ending? The song slowly turning to be the beautiful work known as "Name of the Game" begins, things catching up to speed with the powerful beats as we come to focus in on a shadowy figured man, in a black and white film walking into a sewer entrance to a gym.

"Listen up all you mother fuckers!
Listen up all you mother fuckers!"

    With amazing focus we come to look at non other then Tommy Drake, hard at work in the gym, pumping iron, doing pull ups, crunches, all shirtless and in warm up pants. We cut to Tommy Drake back, in action, hitting the Certifier, landing the T Dawg Drop from his matches of old. We cut back to T Drake, about to run up to his car as a smile spread across his face.

"That's the name of the game!
That's the name of the game!

That's the name of the game!
That's the name of the game!"

    Tommy's voice plays over as it cuts to Tommy, roaming the streets, alone, Tommy chilling with some friends and overall giving it that street thuggin, certifying, death defyin feel that Cee Cee Dub's been missing for so long.

    Tommy: "You don't know how much you miss something till you leave it. It's like putting a fat kid on a diet and then telling him he can eat cake again, you know what I'm saying?"

Top of the crown
Rape the queen
The fatal mistake in your cradle
Can't shake the dreams of
Fire inside of your phonograph
Battered with gas
And give you room to breathe
Through an adequate mask

        Let's all mark hard for footage of Tommy busting out the kip up face buster on Jason Carter! Feel the hard mark and poppage from within and just let it go! More footage of Tommy Drake leaping with amazing agility in what appeasr to be a set up practice ring, wrestling with Joe No Body.

Everybody in front
Let me see ya pumpin' ya fists
If you up in the back room
When you rockin' with this
Come on
Keepin' ya speaker knockin'
Jumpin' bangin' bumpin' blazin

    Tommy: "You sure you understand me?"

        Thanks to promo magic the footage stops since footage never really stops usually, it just keeps going. With the magic power of turn table magic (I learned some new tricks after the Child's Play promo!) The music comes to a shattering halt as we arrive in the dead of night in the middle of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The breeding grounds of the certified badass himself, the sex symbol even guys fall over dead for. He stands high atop a building, a helicopter spotlight high above the only way to see him. Clad in Baggy blue jeans, a deep blue "Drake and Morris" hoodie which was never released in the TWF era of his career, some converse running shoes. His hair a bit shaggy, his face clean shaven as usual and his shimmering blue eyes spanning across your tv set like Beyonce's fine, fine ass.

    Tommy: "I've been sittin at home.
                Thinkin a lil thought.
                All by my lone.
                It's become a plot.

                Now I know what your thinkin.
                Where did T Drake go?
                My daddy did some serious drinkin
                So I hope that'll shut you up Greer you ho.

                Standing in the spotlight!
                I'm missin the squared circle.
                I'm gearing up for my return flight!
                Feeling giddier then Steve Urkel!

                The Blue Thunder's gone!
                And Walkers on top!
                Triple T likes to drive on the auto bon!
                And Steve Rotten's mowing his lawn!

                Am I a bit late in the game?
                Or are we just entering the second half?
                It's time for T Drake to put those imitaters to shame!
                And make you fans cheer and laugh!

                It's all coming back to me now.
                Like some football halfback.
                This isn't my time to take a bow!
                It's time for T DRAKE TO COME BACK!"

        Fade to black. He's coming back soon Holmes! Wait, your not holmes!!