Our scene opens on what appears to be a rather large and noisy playground at a school. Now this school, has a name. We flash to the front where the glowing neon sign reads "World Wrestling Alliance Upper Elementary School." Back to the play ground, cuz that's where it's at holmes, the kids file out in a mass from their class rooms. Filing off to the slides! The swing sets! The merry go rounds! Hell, where ever they can play! Our camera swings about in the massive hysteria as we focus on a congregation of 4 kids, who are all casually chillin, playing some 4 square. The guy in square #1 is the tallest of this group at roughly 5'3, short brown hair, skinny, and wearing a plain white T-shirt, jean shorts and some Tennis shoes. The guy in square 2 is 5'2, has lightly shaded blue hair, some spiffy trousers, a blue -shirt saying "Pete is cool" on the front in white text and has stunning blue eyes. The holmes in square three is is the same height as the guy in square 2, but with pure light blue hair, some baby blue eyes, a snickering grin on his face, a blue T-shirt, jeans and some tennis shoes. Now the guy serving, this kid is one cool cat.

Tom: "C'mon mister man! Tell them about me!"

    Hold your horses Tom! Now this kid appears the shortest, at roughly 4'9. He has some lightly slicked brown hair, wearing a miniature "Vikings" Moss jersey, some jean shorts and some cool K-Swiss for kids! Rocking! Anyway. They're talking as Tom Drake serves the ball.

Tom: "You guys see that new girl Mack or sometin Two?"

Two: "Hehe, you bet!"

Rusty: "What is it with you and girls Two?'

Pete: "Eh, he likes them!"

Two: "I'm not ashamed! All the girls love me anyways!"

Tom: "Nu uh!"

Two: "Uh huh!"

Tom/Rusty/Pete: "NUH HUH!"

Two: "UH HUH!"

    The arguing children are suddenly interrupted as a whistle is blown as we see a man in a red polo T-shirt, khaki's, and some spiffy dress shoes. His name tag reads "Mr.Winstock."

Mr.Winstock: "We got a problem children?"

Tom/Two/Pete/Rusty: "Nooooope!"

    They all give innocent little grins as Pete dribbles the 4 square ball and Mr.Winstock merely nods.

Mr.Winstock: "Ok, you can keep playing now."

    Mr.Winstock casually walks over to monitor about as they continue to play quietly. Two breaks the silence.

Two: "...uh huh..."

Tom: "..nuh uh."

    Tommy catches the ball and puts it on the ground and shrugs.

Tom: "I'm heading to the swings. I hear Deej and his monkey toy he got from Wal-Mart found dead fish bones over there!"

Two/Pete/Rusty: "COOL!"

    Tommy nodded as he jogged, and jogged on his way over there. Appearing over at the swings as Tommy took a seat by Deej, who had Despise standing next to him. Deej has shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a few scars on his face. His pet plush monkey he got at Wal Mart looks up at Tom with a shriek. Despise has long black hair, and spiffy sunglasses. No need to elaborate clothes! They just have 'em! Tom looks down at the dead fish bone in marvel.

Tom: "Woooooooow."

Deej: "I know! IT RULES!!!"

Despise: "Baah! I'm evil."

    Despise then abruptly grabs the fish skeleton, and hits Deej over the head with it, as he tumbles backward unconscious. The gothy Despise walks off to cause more mayhem. Tom shrugs and jots over to the merry go round, but sees it being occupied by resident love birds, Twisty Terrance and Wendy. They're also the fastest spinners on the merry go round!


Tom: "Man I wish I could spin that fast! I mean that requires like..spinning abilities!"

    Tom moves along the play ground, seeing Steve Rotten, chillin at the monkey bars with that one girl he likes, munching dem Potato chips! Did I mention Steve Rotten's the school's resident 4th grade fat kid? Hehe, yup, he is. But what really catches Tom eyes is not Vinny the Snake pretending to be a tough brooklyn warrior! Nope, it's Stevey Greer with his WWA National Playground thumb wrestling belt! Him and his friend Ty are hassling what most people think is the smartest kid in the CCW hallway of teachers at the school, Runey Arch. He's about 5'0, has short brown hair (gelled) and sunglasses on as he's reading the new Harry Potter book. Steve Greer with his paper belt (with goldenrod crayola colored over it) laughs at Rune.

Stevey: "HAHA! I cause pain when I thumb wrestle and you will lose to me at the 4th grade School Games! You can not win my National Playground belt! And you can't beat Twisty for the CCW hallway merry go round belt!"

Rune: "..."

    Stevey and Ty look at one another confused, both oddly wearing a T-shirt that on the front says "Team Caution" as they push the book right out of Rune's hands. Tom not liking this waltz's on over standing in-front of Greer.

Tom: "C'mon Stevey! You know your in for a fight when we have the 4 minute mercy match thumb wrestling match at on Tuesday! What if I win! Huh?! Huh?! Then what Stevey!"

    Stevey gives a childish snicker and looks at him.

Stevey: "But I will win! I won't lose to you up and comer! I mean your the music boy! Your the only guy who pays attention in music classes and you sing the loudest! Your a dork! Plus you talk about all that respect and you getting a shot. What did you do to face me? Play 4 square with your dork friends?"

Rune: "His dork friend Pete is the WWA Double Playground champ."

    Stevey mutters some mean cuss word under his mouth as Ty snickers hearing it as Tom looks at him.

Tom: "So? At least I don't get in trouble every week after my matches just because you get mad! Let me do an impression of you Stevey!"

    Tom gives a cough as slowly kids begin to circle around the 4 kids, Rune going back to reading.

Tom: "I'm the King of Playground hurt! Hehe! I made you hurt! I'm sooooooo cool. Oh no, I almost lost! Ty! Quick, come over here! I almost got beaten by Petey! Save me so we can hurt him and schtuff! Blah blah blah, You bore da teacher with that respect thing the counselor talks about, blah blah blah!"

    Tom gives a little grin and bow as they encircling crowd cheers as Stevey grits his teeth, looking at Rune and Tom. He slowly calms down and grins.

Stevey: "You just so stupid Tommy. I'm the King of Playground hurt, and I don't care how I beat you Tuesday! I'll put you in your place, in the infirmary for being so cliché! Team Caution will teach yeh!"

Tom: "Just like you said that one time.
Gee golly I sure hope this rhymes.

Wait! It does!
The people around us are like bee's!
Humming and they buzz!
Snickering with ho ho and hee hees!

Come Tuesday I'll met you at the tar black top!
You can feel my brothers really loud hip hop!

I'm gonna certify yo.."

    Suddenly Pete interrupt, Stevey, Tom, and all others raising an eyebrows.

Pete: "What does certifying someone mean Tom? You've sure said that allot!"

    An aura of silence surrounds the kids as Stevey turns the tables, getting up close to Tom.

Stevey: "Yeah! What the hell does that mean Tom!"

    Tom gulps on the spot, not knowing what to do. Rune pulls out his dictionary and begins to flip through the pages. Suddenly Deej and Jas Owen show up through the crowd.

Deej: "I know!"

Jas: "I know!"

    Suddenly a few others raise their hands, including Twisty, all saying...

Crowd: "WE KNOW!"

    Stevey looks really confused as he stares at them. Tom lets out a sigh of relief. Deej goes back to playing with Fish Bones.


Rune: "Dictionary says Stevey that it either means to make sure that something's genuine or to say you need psychiatric treatment or confinement."

Stevey: "Tom! Are you saying I'm a psychic!"

Tom: "Oh, you mean a psycho! Well of coarse you are Stevey! Your so psycho I'll be the next WWA National Playground Champion!"

Stevey: "In your dream Tom Drake!"

    Stevey snickers as suddenly we begin to blur out of this odd land of fantasy, as Tom fades and we are suddenly in Tommy Drake's living room, our hero suddenly snapping to awake position, looking about a bit confused as he shakes his head.

Tommy: "Man. That is the LAST time I watch The Matrix before I take a nap! Maybe it's prophecy.."

    Naaah. You'll win!

Tommy: "I appreciate the vote of confidence holmes!"

        Fade to Rune Archer! Oh how Canada loves him!