Our scene opens with that ever so freaking serene view of Minneapolis! REPRESENTIN!

    Tommy: "Your from Montana dude."

        ...So? Beside the point holmes. In the midst of the hot summer afternoon we focus in on the blazing Tommy Drake two bed room apartment located on floor 18, room 73. Now you old school DnM fans can dig that! Inside the comfortable living room we see ever so recognizable Tommy Drake adorned in a throw back Timber wolves B-ball jersey, light blue jean shorts, and some spiffy sandals? Not only are they spiffy, but they are really cool looking! He calmly whistles a little tune as he pulls his head out from the window showing his high flying, death defying, certifying, sex symbol face to the camera as he rubs his clean shaven chin. He quietly ponders in the midst of the silence which is accentuated by the sound of children playing outside. In an abrupt movement Tommy winks and the camera man falls back in a long collapse

    Tommy: "Damn! I knew I had that effect on women but guys? Now that's just weird."

        Quickly in a NASCAR pit stop fashion a crew of men dressed in "CCW" logo's drag the man away, replacing the camera man with a burly canadian mountie as he mounts it on his shoulders.

    Mountie: "Yeh ready to shoot eh?"

        Tommy shrugs as suddenly he hears a knock on the door. Now who could that be?

    Tommy: "Dude, your the narrator. You know who it is?"

        Oh yeah. I casually flip through my script as I hide who it really is at the door. Tommy sighs at my mild stupid...hey! He casually strides to the door, peering through the peephole as huge grin comes across his face as he opens the door to reveal non other then...

    Russell: "No need for a fancy introduction?"

        Damn strait! It's Russell Morris! T Drake's old strait man tag partner, and quite frankly the only person to do a Dragonrana from the top of a cage even when he weighs 275 plus pounds. Tommy in his abrupt moment grins and jumps Russell in a huge...embrace, Russell grinning a little but a bit taken back.

    Russell: "Damn man. Didn't know I was missed that much."

    Tommy: "Missed? Me, missing you? That's funny."

        Russell cocks an eyebrow up as Tommy steps back and looks at him. Russell's in a gray tank top, cargo shorts and some New Balance running shoes. Tommy shrugs and motions for him to enter the old Drake and Morris apartment as Russell looks about and pops his neck.

    Russell: "Damn good job on that match at Summersault. Been waiting a long time for you to bust out that headbutt reversal."

    Tommy: "Eh, what can I say? Except I'm just that good. Figured I'd pull it out when the crowd would least know it."

    Russell: "They never do. Just like the good old days."

        Tommy goes over to the fridge, searching about as he finds two water bottles, and through promo magic, yes promo magic one appears in Russell's hands as he idly looks to it an opens it up, taking a mild swig in the hot summer weather.

    Tommy: "So how's big bad Russ Daddy doing? Found any work?"

    Russell: "Not really. Life's a bit on the low end. Wedding's off. That bitch cheated on me for some Twoey guy."

        Tommy raises his eyebrows in a pleasant surprise as he responds, sipping his water.

    Tommy: "Damn. He sure gets around."

        Russell merely nods as he takes a seat in the old leather chair of T Dawg's, setting his water on AOL disc promptly used as a coaster. Tommy comes and takes the matching chair beside him.

    Russell: "Looks like you have a plateful of matches this week."

    Tommy: "You mean a plateful of vegetables for the dinner party I'm going to?"

        Russell gives a stern look to Tommy, grounding the rapper like the good old days.

    Russell: "You have the Battle in Seattle, the WWA highlight show against Jones and Rotten, and you as you aforementioned to me on the phone the flyweight title match. Think your overworking yourself?"

    Tommy: "Naah. I'm Tommy Drake. It's not like I'm doing a Cyclone promo or something? Your ever try to not fall asleep and at least understand where he's coming from? But aside the point I think I can manage it holmes."

    Russell: "At least your not calling me mack. Point is I've been watching you Tom. Man, you have something holding you back."

        Tommy glares at his friend as if he's ludicrous. The rapper, not the synonym for outrageous. T Drake's a huuuuuuuuuuge Ludacris fan.

    Tommy: "Whatchu talkin bout Morris? I'm T Drake! Certified badass, one loss baby!"

    Russell: "You visiting Logan. The confessional. Your scared. Your afraid of the burden you carry. You need to get over it."

        Russell pats the rapping wrestler on the shoulder as Tommy gulps, the word sinking in as truth.

    Russell: "Your T Drake, and your the best damned flyweight. Bout damn time you start beliving it. That or you can keel over and die."

        Tommy smiles to his friend as he grabs his water and takes a sip, looking to the camera.

    Tommy: "Y'know? It feels great man. I'm kicking it like the old days, old school. Back when Russ and I where under dogging like the world's never seen in the house of Titans. Call me a break out superstar, because you know I am. I'll keep my talking brief because I know all of you except for those who can appreciate the certified hero. Rotten, shut up. Now why am I so harsh, why do I so verbally trash you? Simple dude. You can't beat Tommy Drake. You say your the best WWA superstar? Am I high? I thought so. You see while I'm actually taking cracks at stuff that matters like title belts and contendership your eating Frito lays, advertising clothing and working matches no one even bothers to watch as a means of getting some attention. I mean c'mon, who really gives a damn about the ice man? I sure as hell don't."

        Russell grins as he strides out of his seat and yells down to the people out on the street.

    Russell: "DO ANY OF YOU GIVE A DAMN..."

        Tommy's quickly beside him as he pushes Russell aside and grabs a megaphone as he steps out his window onto the fire escape.

    Tommy: "Chc. Ladies and gents! How many think that T Drake's walking out Cee Cee Dub flyweight champion!"

        The woman population collapse upon sight of Tommy, but shortly get back up from staring at his certifiedness. They all yell back.

    People: "WE DOOOOO!"

    Tommy: "How many people know who STEVE ROTTEN is!!!!?"

        Crickets chirp at that question, as they simply don't reply. One massively obese man is readying to respond before he's abruptly carted away by some Canadian mounties. Damn, this is old school Drake and Morris schtic. Morris slides out of the window onto the fire escape as he looks about. Tommy shrugs, turning the megaphone off.

    Tommy: "What can I say Russell? People largely don't like Steve Rotten. And the case of Dragon Jones, well he's a tough cookie to fight. I mean he's coming off a great match with me to face me on WWA Unlimited. Well Jones, I must say, if I must beat you again, I'll gladly do it, with your large trout or not. But onto more pressing issue's."

    Russell: "Damn you gain your confidence back like that don't you?"

    Tommy: "Well the people love me. Now onto Twister."

    Russell: "Terrance Thompson?"

    Tommy: "You betcha!

        Russell merely nods as Tommy grins, posing lightly in his 'Wolves jersey for the camera as he talks to the camera.

    Tommy: "What can I say Twister, that hasn't already been said. I can understand you be distracted an all by The Big Battle up in the flipping Seattle and how you respect me as an opponent. And all I can say is that I think I earned this shot at you. I'll give you a run for you money. If not that I'll make you run...or drive, whatever the hell you did before pro wrestling. Point is in this upcoming week I have only one shot to walk out as the star I'm going to make myself be. One shot that's culminated in the first matches against Switch, Thorne, TTT, Rotten, Owen, Jones, and Carter as I take on the very best cruiser WWA has to offer me except for good ole Wolfy who I got a lil angered. Point is I'm going to bring it fast, and bring it hard to all three of you men. Why you ask yourselves, why would I do such a thing? Because I am Tommy Drake, I am a certified badass. It's as simple as that. As simple as Russell Morris back here being the next Sebastian Black, and how Steve Rotten is a quintessential loser and he knows it so he tries to show he's a wrestler and that he's athletic by doing ads. And how Dragon Jones is next WWA World Champion, I bet on it. And how you, Mr.Thompson are one crazy bird that whirls. We do things because we are those things. All I ask is you all prepare to be certified, deathdfyed, outshowed...efy and established in the world of 1873."

        Tommy lets out a big grin as Russell raises an eyebrow at the mention of "1873".

    Fade to Pink?