Our scene opens up as the TWF flashes across the screen and we bleed strait into hit TWF show,Titan Talk with Duncan Carter as he grins and begins to speak...

Duncan: "Hello everyone and welcome to a another live edition of Titan Talk. After such an exciting time we had at Idle Minds where titles changed and people debuted we have a very special guest today.  Just recently he was crowned the new TWF Generation Champion in the Raven's Birdcage agianst hardcore legend Lei-Yu Sying and afterwards was thrown into a vending machine by "The Original" Justin Morris. So now please welcome your new Generation Champion "The Systematic Assassin" Logan Treasure."

"Cochise" by Audioslave begins to play over the sound system on the stage as from off stage walks in Logan Treasure, the beautiful and sparkling Generation Belt wrapped around his waist. Adorned in his usual; nice khakis, some nice Dr. Martin boot's, and a black button down T-shirt. His head stiched up but not badly as he takes a seat at a chair facing Duncan,unbuttoning his belt and resting it on his shoulder,his solemn mood dampening the "excited" atmosphere Duncan attempted to make.

Logan: "It's nice to be on the show Carter..."

Duncan coughs and nods to the new Generation champion as he begins to speak.

Duncan: "Now Logan, you entered this TWF around late November of 2002 and made an impact nearly beating Matt Keith for the Television Title. A month later and into the New Year as the new Generation Champion how do you feel you've progressed since your arrival?"

Logan: "Well Duncan to be honest I've only made a dent in the wall known as the TWF. People just don't seem to realize what lies infront of their jaded eyes. Sure I came in as headstrong asshole strait out of a dieing company but they just don't understand a better man when they see it. I came here to the TWF to not make an impact on TWF or the world,but upon the best competition in the world. Here resides the disgraced hardcore legend Kakuma, a multi world heavy weight champion Prime,and some of the best technicians this side of the world including myself and Gene Blanchard. I've barely scratched the surface of what "impact" I can bring upon this company and what will ensue in it's wake."

Duncan: "Now Logan, it seems you and Justin Morris has some issue's to work out considering "who's" belt the Generation title belongs to. And with him throwing you head first into a vending machine just puts a exclamation mark upon this confusing sentence. Would you care to elaborate on your recent attack by Morris and your thoughts on him?"

Logan pops his knuckles,his slicked backed hair shining in the camera light as he rubs his hand along the Generation Title plates and looks to Duncan with an ever angered and solemn face.

Logan: "Morris is a man who's think's of himself as an a the only man worthy of holding a belt. Yet as I see it he abandoned the company in a match of the belt he feel is his. You don't leave a company for a month and come back and expect to still have that title especially when you walked out of the company just because you lost some damn matches. What kind of man are you? You ramble on and on about how it's your belt and how your such a great man you can't suck it up when you've gone through 85 tables and lost a match for TWF World Title Shot. Sure its a World Title shot but you leave the fans and give them such a slap in the face by your leaving. I don't get how the fans can still cheer you even when you left them."

Logan grunts lightly as he polishes his Generation Belt,Duncan begins to speak

Duncan: "Now Logan you'll be..."

Logan rudely interjects..

Logan: "I'm not done yet...tool."

Duncan sits back and nods and lets Logan continue.

Logan: "It must kill you deep down inside to know that a belt you help make famous is on the waist of a man you barely even know. Sure you rant about your great battles with Mark Wilder over the title yet you can't see your stuck in the past. You seek the title that I earned and you abadoned just because you didn't get some respect. Now which one weighs more in importance to you? A title you help create or the respect of the fans and our boss,an asshole. I'm sure the fans hate me for a lot of reasons, but atleast they know I'm not going to abadon them just because I lost a match."

Logan coughs and points to Duncan,indicating for him to go ahead with his comment.

Duncan: "As I was saying before,Logan you'll be commentating at the Number One contender match for the Generation Title. Do you have any thoughts on what Steve Somers said about you commentating and any preference?"

Logan gives a little sinister chuckles at the mention of the word "Steve Somers" and resumes his more non chalant demeanor.

Logan: "First, I didn't want to commentate. I was got a memo from the boss when he booked Rising. I was hoping to maybe have some damn ring action, internal injuries or not. Second on the subject of Somers who is an imcompitent reject from the United Wrestling Alliance I have one thing to say to him..."

Logan takes a pause to build up suspence...

Logan: "Dream on."

Logan takes a sip of a nearby water bottle.

Logan: "I don't give a damn who I face weither it is Somers or Stryder, either way they are both going fail to even beat me at my own game. You see their is a certain beauty to the Generation Title. It provides that wonderful rule that allows the champeign to decide what stipulations go into his title matches. I've studied the entire TWF roster down to the last foot movement. I love to know my prey. Somers,Stryder, and even Morris can't hold their own agianst me in the match I have in mind or even agianst me in your standard wrestling match. They have not the brains, talent or preparation to take out the Assassin."

Logan takes another sip of his water,his eyes methodically focused upon Duncan and his belt.

Duncan: "Well thank you stopping by Logan for the very candid interview."

Logan: "Whatever."

Duncan turns to face the camera and smiles.

Duncan: "We'll be right back after a commercial message folks with highlights from Idle Minds including the hellacious Tag Team cage match."

Fade to Black