Certified Wrestling 'Homes' Prez Tommy Drake.

        Yeah, Yeah, you know the routine. Home boy here is running this joint. He makes sure things are running smoothly. He makes things just overall kick ass. What would Certified Wrestling 'Homes' be without this guy? Probably a better place for all of un-certified mankind.

                                  Prez's Bitch/Commisioner/Interviewer Russell "Charisma" Morris

        Yup, you all remember him. T Drake's ole tag partner in Tee Dubya Eff! Well Prez Drake needed a guy to be his Bitch/Interviewer/Commisioner and Russell reluctantly agreed. Hey, at the least he's get..damn, he doesn't have any benefits does he? Well at least "Charisma" is his middle name despite his very strait faced way of being himself.

                                      CD Player Monkey/Ring Annoucer Bobby Drake Jr.

        16 year old Bobby didn't have anything going on afterschool. T Drake needed someone to hook him up with Entrnace music in any form and announce the matches. Put the fact they are brothers together and presto, you have the young charismatic and underappreciated Bobby Drake Jr. on your hand. Unfortunately like everyone else in the fed he can't get drunk. Rats.

                                                 Nameless male referee in a mask.

        Yeah. You got it. Our ref is a guy in a white shirt labled "Ref" and he's wearing a lucha libre mask. I bet it's Evan Hurley..even though it isn't. He's for the most part fair..except he seems to favor people in long as he likes them.. Screw that he's biased to all hell.

                                                      Timer Keeper/Bell Ringer "The JUDGE!"

        No one knows too much about him. Except this 6'1, 198 lbs actual judge (except with a whig and glasses so he looks like Ben Franklin) rings the bell with his mighty wooden gavel and makes sure that matches have a time limit. Except they really don't. He's really here to pick up a lady. He's 41, and available. ^_~

                                              Play-by-Play annoucer Jimmy the Hockey Mask Man

        This quick mouthed/accued serial murderer/ friendly guy is CWH very own play by play man. Jimmy having appeared many time in Drake and Morris promo's made him a shoe in for something involving the Drake ran company. He figured Play by Play would keep him from doing anything mean. Jimmy is a humble guy who loves puppies, walks in the park, poetry and kicking ass. Y'know, the usual sensitive guy stuff.

                                                      Color commentator guy Drake Charlatan

        Drake Charlatan, the self professed 'Master of Cheating' is taking his seat as the Color Commentator for CWH. No longer are his clever quips meant only for the wrestling ring - now, they're also meant for the backyard!